Hania Amir Is Trending No. 1 On Twitter

Yesterday Asim Azhar’s song Tum Tum featuring Areeqa Haq as the leading lady was released but wait there was a staggering entrance of Hania Amir as well.

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And one scene of Hania Amir blew up the internet. #haniaamir is trending number one on twitter today.

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Hania Amir making a surprise entrance in beau Asim Azhar’s song made their fans happy at the same time there are people who are badly criticizing Hania Amir for her dressing.

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Some people believes that Hania Amir scene is the only good part of the song.

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Some people are trolling Hania for being so useless in the song.

Hania Aamir

some people are bashing Hania for her shameful dressing in the song.

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Do you guys also think Hania’s dressing in the song was vulgar? Share your views with us in comments section!


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