Hareem Farooq wants people to support Pakistani cinema unconditionally.

Hareem Farooq is coming with her new movie, ‘Heer Maan Ja.’ It seems like she wants unconditional support from audience whether the movie is good or bad because Pakistan’s film industy is still in infancy.

Hareem Farooq is a Pakistani theatre, film and television actress and a film producer, known for her work in the serial Diyar-e-Dil and Pawnay 14 August. She co-produced Janaan followed by her 2018 blockbuster Parchi

She spoke about how audience should support Pakistani cinema in her recent interview with Haroon Rashid on BBC Asian Network.

She continued “I’d say that’s true. You need to own everything right now,” she shared. “Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamilwood, they’re centuries old, while Pakistani cinema is probably just six years old. We talk about making something out of our country, and we want to take our cinema abroad.”

Farooq further added, “We want to tell people that what you get to see in the news is not Pakistan or the one you get to hear about from people who don’t even know what Pakistan is, right? You need to tell people that this is Pakistan; it is beautiful, it has colours, it has talent, it has everything.”



So, even if there is a bad film, you need to understand and our audiences need to understand, that we don’t have the technicians, the writers, or even the actors for films. Everyone is learning and the only reason why people are doing films is passion and it’s just purely passion, trust me on this.”

Every Pakistani wants to support their own industry but we urgently need to generate good content and stop making low-grade movies with poor script.

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Safina Jatoi is a content creator and editor at Reviewit. She loves to explore latest themes related to Pakistani Showbiz and Latest Happenings.