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Indian content is permanently banned says Assistant to PM

Special Assistant of Broadcasting to Prime Minister Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan has said to ban all indian content on tv and the previous ban is going to be continued permanently. She said this way we are being able to stand in solidarity with kashmiri people. She also said we will make sure to see all the programming containing indian culture to be banned and public is nothing but happy, some are saying that the ban should be permanent and the songs and Indian youtubers too need to be banned as they are earning through Pakistan and then they name call Pakistan badly.
Its high time the public is ready to value everything that belongs to us we love our industry, our drama industry is massive which produces hundreds of top class dramas in just the period of 3 months and it has largely grabbed international audiences. It’s time to raise the bar up, its time to rise and shine its time to kick indian content out. Public is happy and giving suggestions on banning every type of content. Screenshot 20190809 160121 Screenshot 20190809 155825 Screenshot 20190809 155912 Screenshot 20190809 155935

  • Indian drama aur films per temperory pabandi nhe bulke permanent pabandi honi to koi indian drama onair ho aur na he koi film Pakistan mein release ho..

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