Hareem Farooq’s Fitness Mantra

Being a celebrity looks easy but what it takes to be in the spot light all the time is something only a celebrity understands. From being physically fit to looking flawlessly gorgeous it takes literally your sweat to achieve that. One of the celebrities who has had a major transformation in recent years is Hareem Farooq. When Hareem first started working she didn’t belong to the zero size club which would normally be okay but her profession being that of an actress she had to look her best. So her transformation journey began and in almost no time she achieved what she set out to achieve which is minimum fat.

She definitely went through a strict diet, hours and hours of work out, Pilate classes and yoga. Here are some of her work out routines to motivate everyone who thinks that their tummy can’t be tucked back in.

Hareem’s fitness journey is definitely the material for some hardcore motivational talk. We wish the starlet more and more health and happiness.


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Mariya Haider