Hareem Shah Harassed At An Event

Hareem Shah is  famous for making TikTok videos in the office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Recently, she posted a video with #MeToo, claiming that she was mobbed and touched inappropriately at a public event.

Hareem Shah Harassed At An Event

“I attended an event where hundreds of my fans mobbed me. One of them touched me inappropriately,” Hareem Shah said.

Hareem Shah Harassed At An EventShe was attending an event where a group of men surrounded her to take a selfie with her. One of them tried to touch her inappropriately several times.

People shared mix reviews on her tweet. Some people judged her for wearing a revealing outfit while others asked her to stay home and do not attend such an event.

Hareem Shah Harassed At An EventHere are some of the reactions of people:

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  • This field is all about relaxing and recreating, how do you define besharmi when you have already crossed the limitations set by Allah Subhana hu wa taala.

  • Well if your gonna make sexy videos this is likely to happen😁.. it’s not a big deal hareem.. men will be men😂

    • Seriously? Are men being men when they abduct and do whatever with children? What sexy videos were they making when they are grabbed of off the street? Or were they wearing western clothes?

      Stop making excuses for these men, and put blame where it is meant to be put and do not blame the victim.

      I’ve traveled a lot of Asia as a single woman on her own and the only place I got groped was in Pakistan. I was with a male cousin and wearing salwar kameez. So what’s your excuse for the guy? It’s my own fault for being out in public?

      I won;t wish it on anyone but on day if it happens to you, lets see who you choose to blame….

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