Hassan Ali and Samiya Aarzoo Wedding Pictures in HD

Hassan Ali and Samiya Aarzoo have tied the knot yesterday and became one. The couple looked extremely beautiful on their big day in traditional attire. 

They had their Nikah ceremony in Dubai where all their close friends and family members were there to bless the couple. Day Artist Wedding Photography posed the couple shoot on their official account in which they both looked perfect. They looked like Mughal bride and groom in traditional dresses and jewelry. 

Here are some beautiful wedding pictures in HD of Hassan Ali and Samiya Aarzoo. Have a look and tell us what you guys think of this newly married couple.  

Hassan Ali Wedding 1

Hassan Ali Wedding 2

Hassan Ali Wedding 3

Hassan Ali Wedding 4

Hassan Ali Wedding 5

Hassan Ali Wedding 6

Hassan Ali Wedding 7


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  • May Allah bless you both with abundant love, joy, laughter and happiness! May you both prosper in life with great health and wealth! May the glow in both your eyes shine more brighter for each other with each and every sunrise! Have patience with one another, trust each other and IF a moment rises you have no ideas left to turn to, Gaze deep into the floor and think that in the end You will end up 10ft below so is/was it worth it to lose anything?
    Stay blissful, stay strong and fulfill your Deen TOGETHER!!
    Ameen x

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