Hassan Ali Can’t Wait For Shadab’s Wedding

Hassan Ali wants Shadab khan to get married as he has just tweeted, now I am married and you’ve said that I will marry after you, so now its your turn along with a hashtag #waitingforshadabwedding, on which Shadab appreciated the hashtag. We all know Shadab Khan and Hassan Ali are true best friends as they alot of time shared their instagram stories together in PSL and other series.

We pray that their friendship to get stronger and stronger and their game to get perfect and they together rise and shine.

It seems that now he can’t wait to be part of his best friends wedding celebrations and thats why created a perfect hashtag.

Here is the tweet of Hassan Ali.

Screenshot 20190823 034413

Screenshot 20190823 034252

Screenshot 20190823 034315

Screenshot 20190823 034339

Screenshot 20190823 034356

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