Hassan Noman And Madiha Rizvi Celebrated Birthday Of Their Daughter

Birthdays, now more than ever are given extra importance due to the social media family. It’s your birthday so every single one of the pictures that is of pre surprises, birthday celebrations with family, than celebrations with friends and at workplace has to goes up on your social media wall. Otherwise the celebration won’t get completed. It kind of has become a mandatory ritual.

When it comes to birthday celebrations of celebrities or their kids, a great deal is made out of it by fans and followers. Recently a celebrity couple Hasan Noman and Madiha Rizva, two brilliant actors who come from a family of artists, celebrated the birthday of their daughter Hooria along with the family. Hasan Noman’s father the legendary Rasheed Naz was also there at the grand daughter’s birthday occasion.

Here are the pictures and video of Hooria celebrating her day with loved ones.







Birthdays are very special occasions in general. Be it your childhood or adulthood celebrating a birthday with loved ones is always something to look forward to. Birthday Celebrations of childhood serve as great memories which stay with a person forever. They are a way of showing the love for the person whose birthday has been celebrated.