Hate Comments Under Feroze Khan’s Picture With His Wife

Ever since Feroze Khan got married, he has hardly ever posted a picture with his wife on his instagram page. Very often he either posts his own pictures on his page or he posts pictures with his co-stars. When Feroze posted a picture with his wife Alizey Feroze, people passed all kinds of negative comments. Some people said that now that Ahad and Sajal were getting so much attention and their new photo shoot had come out, Feroze posted a picture with his wife because he is still so interested in Sajal. The promos of Sajal and Ahad’s upcoming play went viral on internet few days back so some people are assuming that Feroze feels left out.



There were others who said that these two looked like siblings more than a married couple. Some of the people went as far as commenting on Alizey face and one person even said that her teeth were not clean since the caption of this pictures was, “that smile that gets it all done.”

There were many fans which were surprised to read the hate comments and they told these people off. Most people are of the opinion that Feroze posted this picture to get attention because otherwise normally he hardly ever posts pictures with his wife.

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