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Heartwarming Pictures Of Hadiqa Kiani With Her Son And Mother

Hadiqa Kiani is a beautiful person inside out who time and again keeps on giving her fans a lot to look up to. Recently, she spoke about the stereotypes attached to divorced women and asked people to stop feeling sorry for such women. Hadiqa adopted her son Naad-e-Ali 13 years back when he was an infant. He was a miracle baby who survived a massive earthquake and was given to Hadiqa Kiyani by Bilquees Edhi because she wanted to adopt a baby for the longest time.

Since that day Hadiqa Kiyani has been really emotional about her miracle baby. She keeps on posting pictures with Naad-e-Ali on her instagram page and the captions clearly suggest that this little boy is her lifeline. Her latest post was,

“13 years ago I was blessed by God with this Ray of light. I live every day for him. #LuckiestMomEver”

They travel the world together and they also socialize together. Hadiqa’s relationship with her mother is also very special. She feels blessed to have her in her life and never takes her mother’s presence for granted.

These pictures of Hadiqa Kiyani with her mother and son are so heartwarming.