Here Is All You Need To Know About Colonel’s Wife Incident


Yesterday a video went viral on social media. The content of the video bought everyone in the state of shock. The video showcased the wife of a colonel misbehaving with the police officers at Hazara Highway. There was a long queue of cars waiting for the police to remove the barrier but this woman who claimed to be the wife of a colonel but were nothing more than a hubristic and impertinent started abusing police officers. When the officers denied to remove the barrier as rules were equal for everyone, she went onto removing the barricade her self. When the officers tried to stop her she asked the boy in the car (probably her son) to drive the car over the police officer, because why not? She is wife of a colonel and no force in this world can stop her from doing whatever she wants to do. She even threatened the officer that she would slap him, but kudos to the brave man who instead of being afraid stood there firmly and asked her to slap him if she can.


The video has been circulating all over the social media. People all over the media are furious over this attitude of colonel’s wife toward civilians. They are raising their voices that why army families are this much privileged? Who gave them right to do whatever they want? Why they always look down towards civilians. #کرنل_کی_بیویی and#کرنل_کی_بیوی_کو_پڑھانا_ہے are the top trends of twitter right now and people want privileged class to learn a lesson this time so next time they think thousand time before doing such a detritus act.


COAS however, took prompt action against this debris act of colonel’s wife. Senior Journalist Gharidah Farooqi took Instagram to share the news that COAS has taken the acting against the Mr. Colonel himself

Senator Rehman Malik also confirmed the news


Colonel’s wife showed her audacious frame of mind for minutes to the police officers but she would be trolled on social media for GOD known how much time. There are a lot of hilarious memes circulating on social media regarding the incident. Here we are sharing a few with you guys. Hold back to your seats because we are sure you will be getting some serious laughter fits.

Well jokes apart, we must understand that all the people cannot be the same. Good and bad people are everyone not everyone is alike. This rouge woman who claimed to be colonel’s wife cannot showcase whole army. There are our Jawans on borders who protects their country putting their own lives on stake. There are wives of army officers who lost their beloved husband for country. We must not forget the sacrifices made by the army families as well. And we also hope that justice would prevail and we all will enjoy equal rights one day.

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