Here’s What Fahad Mustafa Has To Say About The Mohsin Abbas Haider Controversy

Mohsin Abbas Haider and his wife embroiled themselves in a hefty controversy when Fatima Sohail alleged that the actor had beaten her and abused her during the time they were married.

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Although Mohsin’s issue has been resolved now, things remain a little ugly for the actor cum singer within the industry as a number of other actors vouched that they had seem him misbehave with his wife.

However, in a recent interview, Fahad Mustafa, who happens to be a friend of Mohsin’s having worked in two films with him and produced a number of drama projects with Mohsin in it, claimed that he had never seen Mohsin do such a thing.

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“Its his personal matter and issue and I don’t want to discuss his personal issue. I’ve heard people vouched against him but I never saw him do any such thing. I spent two months with him at a time, went to his house for dinners but didn’t see any such thing,” Fahad said.

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Adding further, the Load Wedding star stated, “Nobody knows for sure what happens and when it does but I’d say one thing, not to let anybody’s job suffer. You go ahead and judge the person but don’t kick off his means of earning.”

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