Here’s What Neelam Munir Has To Say About Her Leaked Video!

A video featuring Neelam Munir Khan went viral on the internet. In the video, Neelam is seen dancing to a Bollywood song, having fun and enjoying while she is sitting in the car.

The video has been going viral and people on social media have been bashing her. Neelam Munir has now shared her side of story which clearly reveals that she was dancing in her private space in front of her friends with whom she was comfortable to enjoy but one of her friends leaked it online and that’s when the whole thing got ugly.

“I’m so upset. I was dancing and having fun with my girlfriends in my car and one of the girls leaked the video,” wrote Neelam in her public post on Facebook.

Showing generosity, the actress concluded her message with the prayer. “May Allah bless them” Neelam said with an emoji of broken heart.

The Lahore Se Agey actress, Saba Qamar supports the girl.

Rimsha Butt