Hiba Qadir’s Humorous Statement About Dania Aamir’s Viral Video

Aamir Liaquat And his third wife Dania Aamir had a whirlwind wedding and romance. Though the relationship has ended on a very sour note, the couple did put out a lot of content together in the form of TikToks, interviews and Instagram posts. So, Dania sang a song for Aamir Liaquat during initial interviews post marriage. Here it is:

Hiba Qadir and Arez Ahmed were guests at Mazaaq Raat this Eid and Hiba shared that she saw Aamir Liaquat’s wife singing the song and had to search for it. She said she loved the way the song is originally but refused to sing it for Arez as she was laughing. This is how Dania inspired Hiba to first listen to the song and then put a little humor into it:

This is the original song that has everyone impressed:

Pakeeza Dar