Hina Altaf Takes Off Her Make-up In A Live Video In Response To Criticism

Hina Altaf has been giving her instagram followers tons to look at it and talk about as well. Her confidence is without any doubt at an all time high which is why she is doing everything which most celebrities never do. This time after a photo shoot in which she was wearing a lot of make-up, she decided to take off all her make-up and showed a real absolutely no make-up face to everyone watching.

Hina said that she gets so many comments in which people criticize her for wearing too much make-up and dare her to show her face with no make-up on. This video in which Hina first took off her make-up with make-up removers and wipes was basically to quiet down such critics and to show them that she was confident enough to show her face to people even when she had no make-up on.


While washing her face after removing her make-up Hina even said that there are some critics who will not be satisfied even now and might have a problem with the way I wash the face.

Like everything else Hina does, she also enjoyed this experience. Her make-up artist made this cute and daring video and the outcome is superb.

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