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Hina Altaf Talks About How Her Mother Abused Her


Whenever celebrities come to Samina Peerzada’s show they share such details of their lives which they have never shared on any other platform. The promos of Hina Altaf’s interview are actually disturbing. In these promos she shares the abuse she faced at the hands of her mother. Now we can’t be sure if she is talking about her real mother or her step-mother but it surely sounds like it was her real mother. Whatever she said was not easy to share but lately Hina Altaf is being more open about the challenges she has been facing in her personal life.

41580187_327730021311840_3617776302041333760_n Hina Altaf shared that her mother used to call her “prostitute” when she started working. She also hinted that she had to start working so that she could bring some money to the house because there was no one else who would do that. Hina said that there were days when her mother used to beat her up so bad that there were marks on her face and her make-up artist used to question her about them but she never told anyone the truth. Hina Altaf’s story is upsetting. We will only know the whole story once the entire interview is available.

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