Nimra Khan Sings Her Favorite Childhood Song

The 90s in Pakistan were ruled by two women in particular Nazia Hassan and Hadiqa Kiani. The 90s generation still hasn’t gotten over them and you’d often find the millennials still listening to playlists that include songs like Dum Dum Dee Dee, Disco Deewanay, Teri Meri Aesi Dosti, Man Di Moj and Buhay Bariyan. Nimra Khan being a millennial is no different, she recently took to her instagram and sang her favorite song from her school years. To add more to the vibe of the song she was also dressed in a typical kashmiri dress and here’s the video.

With this Nimra Khan just proved that she isn’t just another pretty face in the entertainment industry she is a good actor and a good singer and god knows what else. Looks like she is the jack of all trades and can pretty much do anything she puts her mind to.

In the video she also said that she is a huge Hadiqa Kiani fan and she has sang this song even in her school competitions. She sure did a good job and it would be perfect if the queen herself listened to this song and appreciated Nimra Khan. What a huge fan girl moment would that be!


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Mariya Haider