Hina Altaf’s Father Threatened Her When She Decided To Move Out

Right now, everyone wants to find out more about Hina Altaf and she is very willing to share every little detail about her life. Hina Altaf moved out of her parents’ house when her guru and mentor Dr.Alam told her that she needed to step away from that house in order to get better. Hina said that for her this decision was not difficult to make since she too could feel that her condition will only get worse if she continued living with her parents. In Pakistan, when a girl decides to move out of her parents’ house, this decision is never welcomed because the society does not accept it. hinaa Hina shared that when she moved out of the house, her brother supported her but her father was not at all happy. She shared that her father threatened to call the police. Her father tried to pressurize her in every way possible but Hina did what she needed to do. When Hina left the house she got a lot of support from Dr. Alam which is why her journey was smooth. Hina said that even when her father was threatening her of dire consequences, she did not fight with him and quietly moved out.   hinaaa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=695elLqBSh8&feature=youtu.be&t=962

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