Hina Altaf’s Latest Pictures

Hina Altaf is one of the most talented newcomers, best known for her acting in drama serials, Ek Thi Mishal and Abroo, both on HUM TV. She also hosts a show called, Breaking Weekend on ARY Zindagi. She has a very innocent face and she totally owned her character in drama serial Abroo. Hina Altaf is very active on her instagram account. Here are a few pictures, most of them are from the set of her show Breaking Weekend on ARY Zindagi. IMG_20160610_221810 IMG_20160610_221926 IMG_20160610_222052 IMG_20160610_222147 IMG_20160610_222024 IMG_20160610_222004 IMG_20160610_221615 IMG_20160610_221833 IMG_20160610_221747 IMG_20160610_221547


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