Hira Mani Without Any Make-up On A Morning Show

Hira Mani started her career with hosting but has gradually got herself recognized as an actress as well. She has been part of many big projects and has won the hearts of fans. Hira Mani recently was invited to Farah Sadia’s morning show on Aplus. The host Farah asked her to wear absolutely no make-up and Hira did just that!

Farah Sadia was surprised to see Hira because she said that even when she tells the female celebrities to come without make-up, they always wear at least foundation. Farah was really happy to see that Hira was so comfortable in her own skin. Later on, Hira shared that just a few months back she knew very little about make-up but then when she worked on a project with the famous celebrity make-up artist Babar Zaheer, he educated her a little about make-up. Hira also showed some basic tricks and tips which she follows in order to get an everyday make-up look.

Here are some pictures of Hira from the show with absolutely no make-up on.



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