Ho Mann Jahan Makes It To Netflix

When it comes to Pakistani movies, you can get stuck in kind of a situation where you have missed the movie in the cinema and it is not available anywhere else and there are no DVD s yet. Sometimes, there DVDs but for those living abroad, you cannot find a way for them to be brought to you.

The best and cheapest option for watching movies is Netflix but there are very few Pakistani movies who make it there and the newest addition to the list is Ho Mann Jahan.

You can now watch the emotional love story, whenever you have a weekend to chill out. With Mahira Khan’s sensational looks, lovely songs, the very famous Shakar Wandan and two very handsome heroes colliding head on for the same girl, alongwith a feminist side to the story, it is a good watch and can be safely watched with family.

Ho Mann Jahan Makes It To Netflix

Mehwish Mansoor