Food is the only reason people have depression-said Hocane sisters

Mental health is no joke but still celebrities are making ignorant comments about it.

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Hocane sisters are famous for their work in industry and they have pretty good following on their social media accounts but recently, the Hocane sisters appeared on a morning show to launch their clothing brand, things were going pretty well until the host started talking about mental health and depression. Urwa and Mawra made ignorant statements about mental health.

‘We keep hearing people have depression or some mental disease and its all because of food, no other reason’- said Urwa

“It’s what you put in your body”, added Mawra, nodding in agreement.

Aaj kal kitne maslay hain, ke yar depression hogaya, mental ‘disease’ hogai, it’s all because of food! Aur koi reason hi nahi hai.  Mental health pe farq ‘diet’ se parhta hai ke hum log kya khaa pee rahe hain-Urwa can be heard saying in this viral clip.

Many called out the two for their ‘uneducated’ statement.



And Pakistanis hit back with their memes



Mawra defended her statement through her Instagram by posting a Google screenshot which says: “If you eat lots of processed meat, fried food, refined cereals, candies, pastries, and high fats products, you are more likely to be anxious and depressed.”


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We can only hope our celebrities take charge of their mistakes because mental health is no joke!
Mental health is a serious issue and we hope people educate themselves about this issue. It’s responsibility of influencers to spread right knowledge and aware people.

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