Dr.Amir Liauqat with his Wife Syeda Tuba Amir in Farah’s Morning Show

Amir Liaquat and his wife Tuba Amir has been the talk of the town ever since they got married. They meet on the set of Ramzan transmission and ended up getting married. Their fans are always looking for something new to talk about. The lovebirds, post their pictures with romantic captions on their social accounts. Amir Liaquat’s first wife is silent about his second marriage but his family was clearly hurt given his daughter’s emotional tweets. As long as Tuba and Amir are happy nothing else matters. 

Amir and Tuba have appeared on morning shows of different channels as guests where they share their love stories and happy moments with their fans. Amir Liaquat has set an example that love has no age limit. All you need is a good understanding and a supportive partner to live a happy life. 

Here are some pictures of Amir and Tuba Amir on the set of ’Ek nayee subha with Farah’ where they entered on a horse-cart as a newly wedded couple, did some marriage rituals and had a lot of fun. Both wore a green color dress as it is independence month and looked perfect together. Have a look and tell us what you guys think about them. 

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