The Most Impactful Statements By Pakistani Actors In Recent Interviews

Pakistani actors are known for their powerful performances and versatility all around the globe. While giving interviews however, there are very few actors who are not calculated and even if some of these actors are spontaneous, their personalities and stances don’t always impress you. So, while someone can be a great actor on screen, their personalities may or may not impress the viewers when they are their actual self while giving interviews. There are some Pakistani actors who intentionally hold themselves back while giving interviews and then there are those who are not only eloquent but also inspiring. Their personal stories and their outlook on life makes their interviews so special that you can’t help watching them again and again.

I must add that the person who is taking the interview also has a big role to play. Asking relevant and intelligent questions and giving the guests the time and space to say whatever they want to, makes a huge difference. I love watching celebrity interviews, Haroon Rashid and Samina Peerzada are two of my favorite hosts since they genuinely want to know more about their guests and listen to them calmly, giving them the level of comfort they need in order to open up.

Imran Ashraf Redefines The Term “Hero”

Imran Ashraf has worked hard to get where he is today, he always comes across as an extremely grounded and honest person in all of his interviews. His statement regarding the definition of a hero and how he looked at his ‘work’ clearly is the reason why he managed to get this far. Whether you are in showbiz or you are doing any other work, the right approach can do wonders and through his statement Imran Ashraf proved just that. The honesty with which Imran Ashraf accepted the fact that he had been struggling for 10 years and the fame he was enjoying today was nothing short of a dream come true is also rare. Imran Ashraf surely has redefined the term ‘hero’ in more ways than one, not only by giving this statement in the interview he gave to Haroon Rashid but also by actually playing a character which in no way fit into the more accepted definition of a hero and winning everyone over completely.

Imran Abbas’ Take On Life

Everything Imran Abbas said on Samina Peerzada’s show reintroduced me to an actor who I have been watching on screen for years. For the first time, Imran Abbas revealed who he truly was and I must say that every little detail about his life, his losses and the lessons he had learnt over the years completely changed Imran Abbas’ image in my mind. This was the kind of interview which truly was an eye-opener. Although, this entire interview is a must watch but one of my favorite parts was the one in which Imran Abbas talked about the constant struggle he faced in his daily life, what he wanted from life and how he could now see how superfluous this world was. Imran Abbas lost his sister to Cancer two years before he gave this interview and it seems like that tragic loss greatly influenced his thought process. His choice of words and the way he expressed himself was also another reason why this interview left a lasting impression.


Nadia Jamil Exposes Her Vulnerabilities & Strengths

Nadia Jamil is not just a great actress but she is an even greater human being. Anyone who follows her on twitter, would know what kind of an individual she is in real life but her interview with Samina Peerzada was hands down one of the most impactful interviews in recent times. She opened up so comfortably, there is/was never any fakeness about her and I especially loved the honesty with which she shared every little detail about her life. This entire interview is full of statements and stories which sadden and inspire you at the same time. Nadia Jamil is one of those very few celebrities who actually talked more about her own shortcomings and coping mechanisms than about other people or the society. Her positive and practical approach coupled with her strength, makes her not only a survivor but also a fighter.

I am sharing this entire interview here because I feel all of it is worth watching. The genuity with which Nadia Jamil shared all these details was the highlight of her interview. A mature, sensitive and loving soul – Nadia Jamil definitely deserves to be heard.


Hira Mani Choosing To Converse In Urdu 

Pakistani celebrities have very often spoken English in interviews even when they were clearly not comfortable doing so. I have personally witnessed stars struggling to speak the language even when they had the choice to speak Urdu. There is also this general impression in our society that people who can converse in English are more polished and educated. Hira Mani is one of those few celebrities who openly admitted that she would much rather give the interview in Urdu because she wasn’t comfortable speaking English. Although, the host Haroon Rashid’s Urdu isn’t impressive and he himself prefers to ask questions in English but Hira very confidently told him that she wouldn’t even have come to his show if she didn’t have the option of answering these questions in Urdu. Choosing to opt for the language of preference and saying all this openly are two different things. I think Hira Mani set a really good precedent there which I hope will be followed by other celebrities who are more eloquent when they speak Urdu. Hira Mani also mentioned that she has no complexes and she learned to accept herself and show who she actually is to the world a long time back. I hope all those celebrities out there who are very often seen speaking wrong English in fake accents in interviews will follow suit.

Zara Noor Abbas Talks About Body Shaming

Zara Noor Abbas’ statements about body shaming and the honesty with which she expressed her true feelings regarding all those comments she got when she was overweight were a breath of fresh air. Hearing Zara Noor Abbas talked so confidently about an issue most actresses shy away from and most importantly her approach towards how the criticism affects the celebrities or people in general was right on point. Her perspective that using ways which were problematic or desperate was wrong. I especially liked what she said about not letting people determine what you choose to wear. The best part was when she admitted that when someone body shames you, it isn’t motivating but it hurts. Admitting that the criticism made her cry and it was difficult to handle it, is something which most celebrities would not admit publicly. This I believe people need to hear, body shaming is bad, it hurts people even those people who appear to be confident and are famous. Zara Noor Abbas’ take on body shaming was my favorite part of this interview.

Which one of these interviews and statements are your favorite? Don’t you just love the honesty with which all these wonderful actors gave these interviews? Do share your thoughts and feel free to add more names.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


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