Honey Singh Lauds Sajjad Ali’s ‘Lagaya Dil’

Sajjad Ali is probably the only singer who could sing a restaurant’s menu to you that too without any music and you’d still listen, such is the magic of maestro Sajjad. No one is immune to his magic not even the Indian rapper Honey Singh.

Honey Singh listened to Sajjad Ali’s latest track ‘Lagaya Dil’ and the rapper just couldn’t help but laud it on social media. He took to his twitter and wrote,

“One more classic by Sajjad Ali ji
Simple but deep poetry n Fabulous Vox”

He continued,

“Zindagi mein fir hasa nai” (2:48 to 3:05)
Brilliant line

He ended the tweet with asking everyone to please give this song a listen.

Sajjad Ali responded to Yo Yo’s tweet by saying that “Zindgi mein phir hasa nahi” is his favorite line too. He wrote,

“My favourite line too :) love to you, YO YO !”

The song was released earlier this month and has been lauded by many ever since.



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Mariya Haider