Hoorain Taimoor’s Birthday Party – Professional Pictures Are Out

Aiza Khan and Danish Taimoor celebrated the birthday of their beautiful daughter, Hoorain with great enthusiasm. A few days back, we shared the pictures but they were not very clear. Now, the professional pictures are out. As always, the star couple hired Kashif Qadri for the special occasion.


IMG_20160717_004332 IMG_20160717_215008 IMG_20160717_115412 IMG_20160717_004310 IMG_20160717_214910 IMG_20160717_215134 IMG_20160717_215112 IMG_20160716_234650 IMG_20160716_193057 IMG_20160716_193211 IMG_20160717_214848

And here’s the creative team that planned the grand affair:


Here is the couple with their go-to photographer, Kashif Qadri. 


Aiza Khan with her stylist and designer.




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