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Mor Mahal – Episode 11!

Mor Mahal is a story that exemplifies how things roll & get ruined just on the basis of communication gap. Ever since the drama has begun, there’s everything that happens between the characters except communication & this is what happened in this episode too. I hate to say but this drama is turning out to be a disappointment with each passing episode because there’s no substance in the characters nor the situations.

I actually giggled when I saw Asif Jahan dressed appropriate for a fancy dress competition, it showed that he put in a lot of effort & a lot of thought went into his looks & appearance whereas he forgot that he had a stolen baby to take care of too. I think the kidnapping of Jamshed hasn’t been tackled properly because Asif Jahan made a promise to Surraiya that he would do everything to find him & ever since, he has worried about everything but Jamshed. It was only Surraiya who took things in her hands & protested, blaming Badshah Begum & Farrukh Zaad for the kidnapping of her son. Chalo, at least there was someone who was worried about that little fellow otherwise, the one who should actually be worried for him is too busy dressing up!!!

Dilawar Khan died, boo hoo, but are we supposed to feel for him as much as Asif Jahan felt because he was just introduced as an adviser to him, but seeing how the entire episode got dedicated to him left me confused. All I know is that no one in Asif Jahan’s family held a high opinion of Dilawar Khan, so not really sure if he deserved this much coverage. Also, I didn’t feel much for him because all this while, seeing Asif Jahan crying buckets for Dilawar seemed distasteful, especially because there were no efforts being made by him to find Jamshed, his new born that was kidnapped probably weeks ago, which should’ve been his priority but seems like Asif Jahan suffers from short term memory loss! I feel the chronology of the events isn’t right in Mor Mahal!!!

Taimur returned victorious, where Farrukh Zaad was ecstatic, Badshah Begum felt defeated. I hated the way Badshah Begum spoke about Taimur’s death, just because Akhtari reminded her that if Taimur becomes the ruler, Farrukh Zaad will have an upper hand over her. I guess Badshah Begum needs to understand that everything has a certain time limit & a date of expiry, it’s not like she is going to live forever, that she wishes to maintain her status by wishing to eliminate Taimur from everyone’s life. Also, being a mother of Asif Jahan, she has been a mother of the ruler for quite some time now, so, she should back out & let Farrukh Zaad taste her son’s success, what’s the point of waging a war against her own flesh & blood & hating him so much only because of the fact that she’s not on good terms with her daughter in law.

I actually find it funny that a man of Asif Jahan’s stature turns into bheegi billi in front of the ladies of his house & gets treated worse. Asif Jahan said that the ladies have no say in the matters of the state but it doesn’t seem to be that case, because when Taimur was fighting a battle with Shujat, both Badshah Begum & Farrukh Zaad played their part too where the former told Dilawar to kill Taimur & the latter told her brother to swoop in to protect her son. Also, Asif Jahan vigilantly pays heed to Shahista’s advises too, so when does his brain work or when does he put it to good use because seems like he forgets that he’s the ruler & he has the authority over everything!

Like I said in the last review, I will say that again, the communication gap forced Asif Jahan to get Taimur arrested because he assumed that it was Taimur who killed Dilawar Khan & then the same communication gap created a rift between him & his wife too. I actually didn’t think that Asif Jahan will be so insecure & will be such a coward that just one win by his son will make him dubious of his intentions & will force him to question his son’s loyalty. Just because Asif Jahan heard a few guys say that Taimur might end up killing him for the sake of throne, he got him arrested & smirked at his decision thinking that he scored a big win against his wife & his son!?!?! LOL!

Anyways, not sure what to expect because the preview of the next episode once again told that the communication gap will be stronger & will once again play a part in this drama. Looks like Akhtari will finally find out that Banki is posing to be Meher Bano, I actually would like to see how Badshah Begum will realize that it was her laziness that allowed all that to happen right under her nose as she didn’t bother visiting her favorite bahu once in all these months! Also, I must say that even though I like all the sets, I feel they needed more variety for filming this drama as it looks like all the characters keep to & froing within 2 – 3 rooms which makes everything looks tedious & yes, I do understand that they have tried to keep things realistic by showing us the natural & dull lighting to give feel of that era but please, bright karain isay, bright karainnnn!!!! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Mor Mahal.

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