How Aiman Khan Deals With Haters

Aiman Khan is one of the most popular actresses with a massive fan following of  6.1 million followers on Instagram.

How Aiman Khan Deals With Haters 10

During a live session, Aiman Khan shared how she deals with her haters. She said:

“You know in those thousands of comments, 99% comments are nice and I don’t care about those 1% comments. I believe there are people who encourage you and discourage you. Everyone is not happy with your life and not everybody knows how I am living my life. We have our problems and issues too. People are so rude they don’t think that we have a family too.”

How Aiman Khan Deals With Haters 1

“However, the nice people are more and bad people are less in number. If they are writing bad comments I don’t care.”

How Aiman Khan Deals With Haters 2

Earlier, somebody leaked pictures from Aiman Khan’s baby shower and she got super angry.

How Aiman Khan Deals With Haters 3

Aiman Khan talked about baby shower event and said, “Once my baby shower’s pictures were leaked and I still don’t know who did it. On that day, I was hurt and people were commenting ‘she is so vulgar that she posted pregnancy pictures’. I didn’t upload it by my choice. We have a private life too and let us remain private too sometimes.”

How Aiman Khan Deals With Haters 4

She gave a message to her haters and said, “The time you spend hating others its better if you spend it by loving others. If you think bad about others then there is a heaviness on your heart. Your one bad comment can ruin someone’s day so don’t do it. Spread love!

How Aiman Khan Deals With Haters 8

Here is Aiman Khan’s video clip from the live session:


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