How Did Rabia Butt start Her Career In Modeling

Rabia Butt is one of the top models of our showbiz industry. She is very beautiful, tall, gorgeous and she lits the ramp when she walks on it. She has done modeling photo shoots for a lot of brands as well. Turns out that Rabia has a very calm, deep and composed personality. She talks remarkably. She has very impressive and elegant personality traits.

Recently Rabia Butt came on Speak Your Heart With Samina Peerzada and as the show is famous for Samina making a person so comfortable that they want to pour their heart out. This was one of those shows.

Samina asked Rabia about her mother’s strictness to which Rabia said that her mother was very strict, and Rabia used to fear her so much that she knew her mother would never allow her to do modeling as a profession. Rabia said that she started her career without telling her mother, at the time when her mother had gone for Hajj.


She added that she was so young that she couldn’t work out the fact that one day her mother will come back and Rabia would have to face the consequences of the decision that she had made.