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How Gul Panra Failed At Her First Attempt To Sing

Gul Panra a beautiful yet talented and well known Pashto singer who now sings Urdu tunes as well started off as a very shy person. First time for everything is difficult and especially in showbiz industry overcoming stage fear takes a huge effort and courage.

Gul Panra has recently shared in Farrah’s morning show about how shy and nervous she used to be. She shared her experience of the first time she was going to sing, when she was so confused that she couldn’t sing. Gul Panra said that she didn’t even know where to see, how to face and handle the camera and how to stand even. She said that when her screen tests came her feet weren’t even aligned.

Gul Panra further said that there were so many people there at her first time, her teacher and her composer that she couldn’t sing even a single line and to that the composer said that she would never be able to sing but she said that his negativity encouraged her and she took it as a challenge. She than sang the same song composed by him at some other place and it turned out to be great.

She also said that now she has gotten used to everything with the passage of  time..

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