How Neelum Munir Manages To Stay Fit Even After Eating A lot

For a celebrity staying fit is a must so they work hard in gyms, diet properly and everything but when one in a hundred celebrities who is always fit and has a perfect figure shares how they eat a lot and eat whatever they want to, we become all ears to know that secret which would save us from starving.

Neelum Munir a beautiful and talented actress who has always maintained her figure shared on a recent interview with Nida Yasir that she eats Desi foods like Paaye. She shared that she doesn’t do gym but she does running three days a week. Neelum is of the opinion that running is one of the most effective exercises and you get to see results soon but you need to find the right motivation.

Staying fit and maintaining a figure has grown extremely important now a days. People go on heavy diets, where they can’t eat even a little bit but for the perfect figure they sacrifice eating which along with being a necessity is something that we do everything for. Why we keep on struggling so much throughout our lives so that we can afford a healthy living and food is the basic part of living.

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