How Sarah Khan Is Spending Quarantine

Coronavirus has locked everyone inside their homes. People are requested to stay in isolation for some days until the situation gets better. China has controlled the death rate, and people are recovering from the disease. 

Sarah khan

Pakistani celebrities are in quarantine. They keep on posting their pictures and videos on social media about how they are spending their time in isolation. Sarwat Gilani is keeping her kids busy with art and craft activities, Hira Mani and Maya Ali are busy packing rations for the needy families, Saba Faisal is doing the home chores to keep herself busy. 

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Sarah Khan recently gave a quick interview to Subah Sa Agay over Skype. The host asked about her daily schedule these days to which she replied that she is actually enjoying the time with her family. Being an artist, it’s not possible to spend a lot of time at home, so, it’s a good chance to enjoy some quality time. She further added that she is keeping herself busy with all the home chores: cleaning every corner, washing dishes to washing clothes, and cooking delicious food for all the family members. In the end, she gave an important message to all her fans and followers that in this difficult time we should thank Allah Almighty. Coronavirus can be cured only if we keep ourselves clean and maintain social distance. 

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That’s how Sarah Khan is spending her quarantine. What do you think about this? Tell us in the comments section below. 


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