How to Unblock PTA Block Mobile

How to Unblock Mobile Phone from PTA


The smartphones that are not in Pakistan through proper channel so why not approved by PTA or get blocked after some time of usage.PTA allows registering one device free of cost but if you are carrying more than one device with you from abroad.

You should have to register other devices and also pay relevant tax for that device in order to use it in Pakistan for a long time.

Steps To Follow If Your Phone Is Blocked By PTA

1. Sign up

Firstly you have to go to PTA official website and get your phone registered, by clicking on the tab “Online Mobile Registration” after clicking on the option so that a new form will open.

In the start, you have to create a new account by signing up as a new user and login to that account.


Fill in the important details including your Name, Surname, City, Phone number, email, address, CNIC, Passport number, password to log in, and do not forget this password at all.



Step 2: Login and Submit

After completion of the sign up process, you will get an activation link in your email address, so in this way, you can log in to your account. After logging in you have to select the option to register your phone and keep in mind that you can register one free mobile in one year, and for others, you will have to pay tax for that.

You will also add the IMEI number of your device, if you are using a dual-sim phone then you will have to add 2 IMEI numbers. IMEI number is the 15-digit unique (International Mobile Equipment Identification) number which can be found on from the phone box

Step 3: Wait And Pay The Taxes

After submitting the form, the window will display the information for your device and you will also get an SMS on your phone in which you have you PSID number and COC ID. The amount to pay for your device would also be mentioned in the details.


Finally, you have to pay the taxes against your PSID, you can pay the tax in major banks including National bank, MCB, Allied Bank and others as well. You can also pay these taxes through ATM or online banking against your PSID number.

Once you pay the tax, you will receive the message via SMS that your device is now PTA approved and you can continue using your device.


  • Misleading news… This link is telling us how to pay tax so where is free registration???
    This is not free registration!!!

  • How to register Pixel 2 XL? I tried but couldn’t. I received an SMS from 8483 that said *GSMA records 2 IMEIs given IMEIs 1* Pixel has one physical IMEI and the other one is esim. Please guide how to register phones with esim? And how much tax is for Pixel 2 XL?

  • The phone that I have is 2nd ha d worth less than 3000, but the tax on it is 7000. and paying that tax requires spending more 2000, then why should people pay tax, when prime Minister don’t pay any tax.

  • This is the worst govt, I’ve seen ever. They don’t know how to generate taxes to fed up the bellies of their one’s. They’re looting their public through different tactics.
    I’ve a used mobile for a year and when arrived into Pakistan and tried to register my phone then I got a message to pay 40390 rupees tax. I’m wondering why should I pay such a huge tax on my cellphone though I’m sending money to my country, helping in increasing revenue etc. Better to buy simple 2-3000 mobile for calls and internet device just in 2800 rupees and enjoy your miserable lifestyle in Pakistan

  • There is no free phone. You have to pay tax for every phone which u buy or bring other than local dealers .

  • there is no tax free phone alow in is must on every ph.this is not true that we can get 1 tax free phone in every year.

  • November 7, 2020
    There is some change in FBR Policy so now you cannot register any mobile phone free.

  • your rocket science is not sold for even a taddy pasa.

    What made you think your brain generates smart idea?

    Let us know How not to register mobile and How to avoid paying dam mobile tax.

    If thats not possible then let other keep shouting you you just shut your mouth for good.

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