Hum Network’s Talent Hunt!

Hum Network is one of the biggest networks in Pakistan. They have made a name with their successful dramas, films and fashion shows. The network is venturing into a new project and that will hopefully result in bringing up new faces in different creative fields.

Hum Network's Talent Hunt!

Sultana Siddiqui with the collaboration of Nabila has launched an initiative named Hum S. Talent. It will focus on getting new faces and polishing them for performing in the industry. As for now acting and modeling are the main fortes but the initiative will progressively work on bringing in new talent for other creative fields too. Hum is providing a platform for fresh faces so they can groom their talent and they have termed it as a small effort to help people get in and polish their skills to make a place in the growing industry. Is the initiative going to bring in new people or not? Only time will tell but its a good effort for starters!



Pakeeza Dar

  • Hi there
    I am very much interesting in acting or modelling right now i am in Uk student and inshaAllahwill be there on 13 December.
    Plz let me know when and where can you guys take an audition for new comers

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