Hum TV Award Function – Why All The Indian Influence?

Mahira Khan explained the eight years of Hum TV in the following words, “khawateen o hazrat aj se aath saal pehle Hum TV nay apne aik aise khandan ka aghaz kiya jis ki bunyadei hamari saqafat, ikhlaqiat aur qadron pur rakhi gayee” …kash ke in qadron ka khayal yeh function organize karwate huve bhi rakha jata. To be honest Hum Tv really is one of my most favorite channels because they provide their viewers with quality entertainemnt but it would have been so much better if all the ikhlaqiat and qadrein were kept in mind while organizing the award show as well. The award show undoubtedly was a very grand affair and it was very well planned too. The only problem with the show was that all the naacha gaana on the Bollywood tunes seemed entirely out of place in a function that was meant to celebrate eight years of a Pakistani channel. I gladly fast forwarded the scenes with all the dances and still found the function equally entertaining. Why are our functions incomplete unless we dance on a few (very cheap) Bollywood tunes? Pakistani music has a lot of variety and we have some great tracks and live performers who can entertain the audience and the viewers just as much so why do we blindly follow India? When Mahira Khan came on the stage it almost felt like she had left half of her dress at home. Mahira is such a pretty lady; she would look just as prettier without showing so much skin. The good part was that she had learned her lines well and so had Meekaal but the jokes were very bland and mostly failed to make me laugh. The Joke about Sarmad Khoosat and Umera Ahmed facebook wars was the most funny of all the jokes.

hum awardshum awards1

Mehwish Khan and Ahsan Hayat’s dance performance was very shocking; I used to be a big fan but not anymore. It seemed like these people who were trying so hard to look like the actors and actresses from across the border appeared to be a bunch of wannabes and utterly disappointed me. Humaima’s dance performance seemed like an item number. I only watched it for two minutes and very soon realized that it was not worth wasting time on. What was even more disappointing and upsetting was that so much effort had been put into this awards function and overall the categories, hosting and editing was wonderful but the actors dancing to Bollywood tunes turned this award function into anything else but a family affair. I could see the embarrassment on the faces of some of the old actors who are more conservative while these vulgar dance performances were going on. What are we trying to show to the world? Maybe that we are very modern but in showing that we forget to represent the Pakistani people, the real people. I am sure many people from across the border watched this function and laughed and probably thought Pakistanis had no identity of their own because it did look like an Indian style function with Pakistani faces. This function did not represent the viewers at all who are the ones who were going to watch the show and watch the plays that air on the channel.

ah mehwishahs mehiwshahsan mehwishhumaima

Watching such awards makes me wonder that is there a dearth of good singers or songs in Pakistan or we have made up our mind that if we do not follow in the footsteps of India we will not be cool enough. So what if we appear like total fools in the process. Watching this award function should have left me with a feeling of pride but it didn’t because I can only feel proud if I see my own talent and culture being promoted. It wasn’t a surprise that Anwar Maqsood made a shot appearance and left, he probably could not take it all just like any loyal Pakistani who has invested his whole life to promoting what truly represents Pakistan.

Fahad Mustafa, besides Hamayun Saeed was the only person who performed on Pakistani songs other than that all the other actors and actress appeared to be crazy Bollywood buffs. Why do Katrina Kaif or Kareena Kapoor and other Indian actress have to be part of jokes in our shows? We make fun of our own actors and actresses and show just how much we are impressed by Indian actresses. Did you watch the awards? Do you think they looked more like Indian awards rather than Pakistani ones? Would you have enjoyed the function just as much if there were no dances on Indian songs but some live performances from our own artists? Please share your views.


  • Thanks for writing this Saud.. I havent been able to get over Mahwish Hayat's cheap gesture on the lines "Latt lag gyi" it was pretty annoying. A bunch of wannabes I swear. I couldnt help wondering why Mahira Khan had to wear a backless dress, at all!! Let it be a little different from Lux Style Awards.. Utter disappointment!

  • Typical Indian script and content was delivered. At least, this should always in one's mind that we are Muslims and this nanga pan and this culture does not match our values. It is the same as when Musa went to koh e toor and his follower in his absence started to worship the cow gold statue and Musa was shocked to see them the same again. Don't HUM tv owners feel that they are the ones who tempted the followers of Musa to worship cow as it has existence?
    Please don't convey others that we are the followers of today and has no values.Thanks.

    • Yes this nanga pan is to be blamed for the downfall of all Muslims. Not killing in the name of religion, not disunity, not sectarian violence…. Only the woman who dresses in a certain way, shes to be blamed for defaming Islam… Nice thinking.

      • everything has to be blamed… reason of our downfall is that we dont follow Islam at all and everything u mentioned comes in it including vulgarity

  • First define what our culture is?? Broadcasting Indian and Turkish Programs on our channels,, Indian movies in our houses and cinemas, Indian songs playing everwhere from our houses to public places,, then why this all FUSS??

    • a very well thought point being raised, but you know we love to have double standards and follow hypocrite practices we love to watch indian movies, indian award shows, indian music running in our cars, we are fan of lata kishore, the list goes on, infact almost every weekend geo onairs an indian award show and largest published Daily newspaper Jang advertise it with great excitement, that on the massive appeal of viewers this or that award is being onaired. the indian content is being watched and cherished by families and to be honest these are from every class of life. if anyone has objection on indian content that is mostly undone by saying these are non muslims its there culture. question is fine its there culture if its not part of our culture why it gets so much viewership and ratings.

      but all this is changed when the same or a even less than that of indian content is being done by a pakistani actor, it becomes controversial and most of us suddenly realize that it is against our religion our culture our values.

      so your point is highly thought provoking why this all FUSS

      • Firstly we are watching these shows and award functions because 1. Our own film industry is non existent. 2. We are watching keeping in mind that these shows are not of our country neither these indians try to depict themself as Pakistanis like we do. 3. Who says we want to see the same thing in our programs? In addition what other choice we have. But the choice which is being given to us in such awards make me wonder if i have to watch all of this on our channels then its better to watch original. 4. Who says we have to follow their lead? Can't we come up with a way which is original and can be related to. 5. If we justify the content of these programs then we have no right to criticise the content display in Turkish dramas!

        • BM1, you have raised many interesting points, i try to respond each point one by one
          1- Indian shows, and indian films popularity is not a new thing, its not due non-existence of our film industry. even in 70's when film industry was on full swing giving one after another quality flicks like aaina, bandish, salakhain, zindagi and many more the craze of indian content was still much more, i still remember how general public including my father die to see a movie on doordarshan lahore, we used to revolve our antena, put silver plates in it so we can view indian movie and this trend was in most areas of lahore. so the reason of non-existent film industry is perhaps not right.
          2- If these indian shows are not made for pakistan why these are onaired on pakistani channels especially GEO, when ask GEO they said these shows get high TRP public wants to view these shows, the proof is their high rating. So lets be brave its right indian shows are not for our country but we love to watch indian content and its nothing new, even our earlier generations love to watch indian content whereever available like the case of watching chitarhaar and indian films doordarshan in 70's, 80's and 90's.
          3- High rating of indian shows is a proof public wants to watch them, now what is showed in these award shows, these award shows are glamorous and also there are many performances on indian songs. In this corporate world the formula of success is followed by everyone as in the end it is business. So TV owner make their programs by adding the content which is in demand, same is the case due to demand of perfomance on indian songs, such performances were added in the award show. And most of us already view indian award shows even with family, even student in colleges discuss like how was dressing of Shahrukh, how katreena perform blah blah. And you should not be wondering as we are already viewing these award shows from past ten years (from 2004 to be precise) on pakistani channels when geo onaired ZEE awards with much publicity and it also received high viewership and its become a norm now, on eid and every major occasion the main highlight program is an indian award show.
          4- Well who said to follow their lead? its the ratings, its the trend of public viewership that guides channels to also make the program which are in demand. Cant we come with a original idea, yes we do have original idea which was once successful that is an old styled PTV award show, which has some comedy skits, some music and dance performances on mostly old pakistani songs as nowadays not many new songs are composed in pakistan and also some folk songs. PTV award is still held every year, five ceremonies of PTV award are arranged from five different centres. i.e. lahore, karachi, islamabad, quetta and peshawar are organized and onaired on PTV every year from October to December, but their rating and viewership is extremely poor when compared to indian award shows, which proves public demand has changed and public is no more satisfied with the original idea i.e. the PTV styled award show. The days when PTV awards show the original pakistani styled award show was popular we must remember PTV was the only channel available we dont have choice, now popularity of such shows is a forbidden tale, the proof is every year PTV awards are arranged and onaired and hardly anyone notice or discuss them.
          5- There shouldnot be any "If", content of these programs are already justified when one watches the rating of such programs, and its not an overnight thing, its almost from past ten years that our channels are onairing indian shows, indian reality show, even the indian shows onaired on STAR plus or SONY like voice of india, indian idol, nach baliye are watched and followed with much craze and interest in our society. Regarding turkish drama it has already justified its existence as Ishqe-Mamnu has achieved highest rating in the history of our television history even more than famous drama hamsafar. Our media persons who are criticizing the turkish dramas are solely due to economic reasons it has nothing to do with the content of turkish drama.

          So lets be realistic and admit there is demand and viewership of such content like performance on indian songs that is why it is being onaired and also part of our award shows, channels will onair the content which will grab viewerships and commercials. The original pakistani styled PTV award is being onaired every year since musharraf days but it hardly gets any viewership which is a proof that public wants to see content other than the PTV styled award show.

  • With the fall of film industry where there was always an annual Nigar award function which is now vanished, we use to have many high performance musical shows during basant days, which also stopped with a ban on basant and due to pathetic law and order situation

    we have marvelous dramas being produced and on-aired on various channels. but when it comes to a magazine show there is seriously need of some award and musical shows in our country on regular basis. though indian film awards are regularly onaired on geo, ary and express (hum has never onaired any indian award show) but pakistani award show has been a rarity.

    award and musical shows carry their own entertainment value, and these are almost disappeared from our screens. there is only one award show lux style award for the whole year. While the one government sponsored PTV award show is mostly below par filled with praises of PTV chairman and prime minister whereas in past PTV award show was an event which was cherished every year. so there is a serious need for award shows and also music concert shows on our screens,

    Talking of HUM TV awards, to me these were an extravagant and splendid effort by HUM TV, it should be continued in the future and will be awaited every year. The overall production quality, editing, lighting was superb and maintained the hallmark quality of HUM TV.

    One can criticize the content being presented in these awards, but we should cherish this award ceremony and I hope other channels like ARY and GEO will comeup with their own award show too after seeing the popularity and viewership which this award show has recieved.

  • Totally Agree wid u … it was embarrasing .. Dun knw , what they are going to do more .. One more thing ,, Dress of Komal Rizvi ws .. just ridiculous .. I wonder how they can do that ??? Are they Muslims ??? still ?? Em confused .. seriously .. Being a Pakistani .. or Indian , is another thing ,, but how can 1 show her body like these ladies???? I mean , where the hell is Haya ??? n so called , Tehzeeb .. ???

    • In which world are you living?? I m not in favour of skin show but rather than discussing on these actors/actresses whose profession is showbiz i think we should be worried about such dressing in so called elite parties, elite restaurants…

    • totally agree…..i was stuck while watching show… it Muslim people??????????dressing…style…songs….wt they represented….n wt v transferring our new generation… in these days only media is plying strong role , so i think there should good things….that will helpful for our new generation to become good people and help to know about their culture…..otherwise Indian channels km nhi hy….unk apny culture ko present krny k laye….

  • Totally agree…. although they put in a lot of effort but it was worthless… i started watching the show but randomly i was suppose to switch to another channel due to its vulgarity… actually it wasn`t a family programme also…
    Mahira, Bushra… i wanted to watch the programme but their dressing was not up to the mark..

    Aik Islamic Country mein aisa hoga to Allah ka azaab tu Nazil ho ga na..

    • Bhai, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey wughaira hum se kafi ziyada liberal hain. Unn per toh abhi nahin azaab nazil houa… Hamaray ooper kyun ho raha hai? :S

      I agree with most of the points mentioned. Indeed, we dont know what our own culture is. But its not right to blame the way a woman dresses solely on any azaab that could potentially be nazil on us. Aur bhi buhat barray barray gunah hotay hain yahan peh. Aap sab pehle khud Indian movies/dramas wughaira dekhna bandh karein, phir you have the right to criticize. Indian award functions toh saaray buhat shoq se dekhte hain, jabh humara koi show mein is tarah ki cheezein dekhate hain toh sabh eik dam se achay Musalman ban jaate hain. The fact is, Hum TV's not only to be blamed for hypocrisy, we are as well.

      • woh mulk Islam k naam pay nahin banay .. wasay bhi humain dunya ko nahin follow karna Islam ko follow karna hai

        • Wo mulk Islam ke naam per nahin banay toh iss ka matlab yeh nahin hai keh woh Islamic nahin hai. Indonesia is the most populous muslim nation in the world. Alot of other countries have huge muslim populations. I’m sorry I refuse to get people who say keh hum chunke Islam ke naam per banne hain isliye Islam na follow karna hamarey ooper azaab ka baayes hai. Abh mujhe batao, Afghanistan is way more conservative than us, in other words, a beacon of Islam according to conservative logic, why is it so messed up then? Turkey, Azerbaijan etc are WAY more secular, yet theyre doing so well. And theyre 99% Muslim, phir bhi why arent they suffering because of their “dressing”? The Palestinians, Syrians, Afghanis etc arent suffering because of their women dressing up like sluts, or are they? Her cheez religion se related nahin hoti. Duniyawi maslaay bhi hotay hain buhat.

          • want to say only one thing .. Islam se hi duniya chal rahi hai , duniya se na Islam phelye chalta tha aur na kabhi kisi zamney mein chaley ga..
            I dont understand when Islam it self is a liberal religion then why blame Islam all the time.. Muslims are hypocrites they use Islam and Quran for their own benefits ..
            so yah award function except few things was good enough..
            also I dont watch indian movies or dramas so I can say that Pakistani industry should encourage their own talent .. I feel all the time what an irony is this India is promoting Pakistani talent and singers and we have no time to promote them ..
            I deeply respect Abida Parveen, Humyaun saeed and Fahad Mustafa .. keep rocking guys !!
            lastly I want to strongly criticize Mehwish Hayat's dressing what on earth she was thinking ?? I have no idea ,few day back saw her vulgar pics in "dawn images" and it was hard for me to accept them but I ignored it .. but seriously shame on her ,I loved her but no more sorry !!

          • I am sure you know that most of the actresses that appear on tv shows and dramas are models

          • kis ne kaha they arnt suffering ! palestine to dunya ki sab se bari jang suffer ker raha hai ! syrian per air raidng ho rai hai ! islamic heritage cosmology tabah ki ja rahi hai ! un becharoon k to pyaray goli se nahin seedha rpg missile se mar rahay hain ! mujhay kese pata ?? i was there previous month ! i am follower of abraham, isaac, mosa, eesa, muhammed ! apnay saray nabi to yaad rakho! palestine is the land of prophets ! muhatrama ja k lar loo bait ul maqdas k lye jung! pata chal jayega azzab ka ! woh apnay americans ko nahin bakhstay aap kya cheez hain ! and afghanistan ! every one have seen already whats is going on there and will b! i agree k dunyawi maslay hotay hain ! per DUNYA MAIN AZAAB ANAY K TAREEQAY BHI HOTAY HAIN! woh khuda ki marzi k kis tarhan bhejay !bcuz he is infinite! aap nahin keh sktay k woh azaab kis tarahan bhejay ga! syria is a french colony wahan to tabahi honi hi hai sab kuch theek honay k lye! chahay woh jung ki surat main ho ya azaab ki surat main

      • yar tu khatam kero na yeh sabb…soch badlo logoun ke…
        i think it isnt "backward" ager koi aisay channels na dekho tu…
        dont let u move urself according to the world…let the world n the people move according to u

      • u r rite dear
        yehan yeh hi masla hai k
        dusroo ko nasihat
        kudh ko faseehat
        bus foran dusroo pay ungli utha doo
        chahy kudh nacked hoo k nachoo

      • ma'am sarah u are saying that we watch indian movies and award shows but if the same appearances are copied in ours we start criticising…
        yess we criticise because we are muslims..
        accepted dat we watch them too….
        but this doesn't mean if you are watching ITEM NUMBER of some indian movie u'll allow the same for your sister..
        they are not muslims..this singing dancing is their culture not ours..
        we are not muslims of the level v ought to be but WE WILL CONDEMN all this bullshit if its going on inside PAKISTAN…

        • yeah totally agrre with u Ahmad….v accept tht v wtch all such indian apperances b8 tht doesnt mean tht v shud also strt such thngs……….
          v r muslims v hv our own identity….
          n chalo in sb cheeson ko chor b do buttttttttt the dresing wsssssssssssssss huhhhhhhhhhh…….
          in short these thngsssssss dont suit on us…..cox weeeee r MUSLIMZZZZZZZZZZZ…..

    • yess,I am totally agree with u..award as a tis indian the kuch bhi nayaa nae tha is main i am totally disappointed..:( dressing tou bss chor hee de kyaa thee

      • kyun bhai aap ne khuda se ja kar poocha hai? zaroori hai ke zalzala isi waja se aya ho?

        kiya pakistan main is se zyaada koi burai nahi? socho phir boolo

    • not sure why we always try to link islam and domestic culture with entertainment , the show was superb, excellent cherograpghy , well managed . i enjoyed it a lot and feel proud to have such good superhit live programs in Pakistan. We are growing now……..why we are commenting on dress and costumes, just talk about ideas , coordination and over all impact. the show was big hit

    • kahan ka islam?? In baaton main sab ko islam yaad ajata hai.. jab itni corruption, chori aur itna khatle aam hoga tou azaab nahi aye ga?
      seriously think about it

      • yeh sab azzab hee ke aqsaaam hein…..buraeaan hein jo ab azaab mein tabdeel ho chuky hein….

        soch badaleyay apni

  • I completely agree! I was disgusted with promo of this show that I did not even see the awards. But I fail to understand what were we trying to achieve from such performances and make overs? That we were cool, liberal people?
    If I have to watch such nudity, I would prefer watching of those countries to whom it is a way of life and can still carry it with grace.
    It was really disgusting!

  • I m really happy to know that there are still such people besides me who didnt like this vulgarity shown in the name of awards. Performance on the songs by Mehwish Hayat and Humaima khana was quite shamefull. When will we have our own identity and stop following the cheap indian media??
    I am even veru much disappointed with our old actoress Bushra Ansari. What is she trying to prove by wearing this kind of dress?? Everyone knows how old she is , so what is the point in losing your dignity by wearing such dresses??

    • i agree wid u but i just want to say tht every body knws tht there were some mistakes which thy shouldnt be doin bt atleast ve must appreciate their positive points as well………..thnx nd i hope u wont mind!!!

    • dear it is not only the matter of one award show. most of the entertainment shown on HUM is vulgure or cheap. did u forget the intimate scenes of mehwish hayat and shamoon abbasi????????

    • exactly…i agree with your point…Bushra ansari never wore such exposing clothes even when she was why is she doing that stuff now???? these hum awards were simply shamefull

  • too much disopointng.. i cant see the whole show only bcz of vulgarity ,, they were showing that they can follow indian culture ,, the dressing as they wear on their show.. same styl coping.. i thnk they shud represent pakistani culture ….

  • i am very happy to read this and to see that we have people like you who really think. i am agreed to you why we are so crazy about Indian television although we have better and good projects. and i don't know why these cheep wording songs are always influence our nation. we have so many other things to instead of parsing these Indians

  • Pakistan main gaaney banen gey toh un pr dance hoga naa, aur aap logg toh aisey kehre hain jese khud tohindian ganey aur filmein dekhten hee nahi.. Har cheez main masley hain isi liye pakistan main kuch nahi hota.

    • bilkul dekhte hain but apne actors se ye aspect ni krte as Indians ka culture hai ye gana or naachna unpe suit bhi krta hai but jb wohi chz hamare actors krte hain to seems more like copy

      • Toh hum awards per kya kiya karein? Other than presenting awards. Crowd ko entertain to karna hota hai na, warna toh saray Fawad Khan jaisay moon latkaye houay bethay honge… Abh baaqi ka sara show cannot be dedicated to Abida Parveen or singers of that sort. Agree, that Humaima and Ahsan Mehwish's dancing was in bad taste… Lekin, what other options do we have? Abh qawaliyan to karne se rahay.

        • Fawad mun katka kar nahi betha tha, agar kisi ke baarey main pata naa h o toh bola mat karo, he is really shy and he does no like to do all that chichorapan i can say that coz his attitude and my attitude is kinda similar.

          • Exactly,,he is a very decent person ,,can't believe u think wo moon latka Kay Betha tha,,

          • Ooh rabid fan alert!
            Chichorapan na kare, lekin apna distaste itna openly toh naa zahir kare. Aap ko jaisa buhat patah hai na uss ke baare mein. I mean, he's usually alot more friendlier from whatever Ive seen and heard behind the scenes.

          • Oof please, didnt want him to dance! Lekin woh itna saroo betha tha, thora sa awards ko acknowledge kar leta toh acha na hota?
            He later said himself in an interview that the award didnt matter. Why the long face then buddy?
            Dont get me wrong, I'm a fan. But really, he was totally saroo. Admit it. I was disappointed.

        • very well said, if award show would not have entertainment items, then whats the purpose of arranging them. Those who do want to see a plain and pakistani styled show, please tune into PTV awards, which are regularly arranged and onaired in the last quarter of the year.

      • Toh kiya karen bas chup chaap awards main bethey rahen , pata kiya agar aap ko nahi pasand aaye na awards toh next time naa dekhen.. Aap jese logon ka masla heh hota hai ke har cheez dekhni bhi hai aur burayan bhi karni hain.l GET A LIFE.

        • haha..kal is mulk mai XXX movies banne lagengi tb b ap jaise log yehi baat kahenge….dikhawon pe na jao apni aqal lagao…

        • hamesha double standards nahin hotay. if it could be in my hands i didn't switch on the TV even to get myself away from such satanic program. but even after so much disagreement, the program was watched at my own home by other family members of mine.
          what one could do in such a situation?

  • thanks jo apne itni ache bate kahe hamne apne saqafat pehchan kho di hai hame kyu indian movies ka and programs and functions ko itni tarjeeh dete hai ham as a muslim ye nahe sochte k hamari pehchan is tarah k gandey libas and gandhe dances se hoga saadgee ikhtiar karle to ache bat hoge bajaye dusre k naqal k think it as a muslim for alll pakistani channels…….

  • Well! organising such an event is big task and I admire HUM TV to atleast take the first step. but the thing which disapoint me that many of the dramas and actors’ performance were ignore which are aired previously like MANCHALAY, PERFUME CHOWK, DUR-e-SHAWAR and many other. these content must be considered for awards. HUMSAFAR was a real block buster in all drama industry of Pakistan as this drama draw of male viewers as well but the introduction and award distribution for its team was poor as they havent called the name of Quratulain Baloch in her absence. the drama was 70% attracted by her voice in song “WOH HUMSAFAR THA” and even now nobody even watch or remember the drama story but still listen the song. at the end as all said indian stuff must not be included. anyways hats off to HUM TVl

    • well the award was for orignial sound track (OST) was for sound tracks which were totally newly composed, "WOH HAMSAFAR THA" was not the new song, it was already sung by abida parveen many years ago, and now again sung as OST of humsafar, so it did not qualified for the award of original sound track

      • QB rendition of woh humsafar tha was delightful. But I agree with Rashid Ali. Thankfully there are some pple like him out there that actually remember that the original singer of this song is the one and only Abida Parveen. So to give an award for the song would not be right, considering it is not an original sound track. Let us be very clear about this.
        Other than that – I applaud Hum Tv for organising such a big event. Show biz needs these sort of grand events not only to promote the channel and shows, but also for pure entertainment purposes. But I do agree that it seemed heavily influenced by Indian content. Why can't we promote our own music for a start? And let us be orginal.

        As for the awards, I don't care how big a blockbuster humsafar was, a lot of quality shows and actors were ignored and snubbed of awards. Duur-e–shahwar being one of them. If this was based on audience voting then I am quite taken aback by their choices.

      • you are right QB ka naam liyaa gaya thaa, but not for WOH HUMSAFAR THAA, her name was announced for the OST of Roshan Sitara

  • Couldnt agree more…this was hardly the sort of show one could watch with one's children. What has happened to Pakistan's renowned concept of family entertainment?

  • agree I was feeling the same after watching all this shitty stuff,we Pakistanis are really a complexed nation,we rv not even able to present are own ideas in sch ceremonies,it was too mch embarracing watching that,after watching ths I started hating some actors I used to like

  • Fawad Khan was the only celebrity who didn't seem to be enjoying the show while the other actors and celebrities could be seen whistling and applauding the performances.

  • u guys are forgeting bushra ansari's cheap dressing. i am a big fan of her but not any more look at her age and than the way she was dressing up, it was rediculous, i must say!

  • Assalamualaekum Mr. Saud,
    great effort by putting this column from ur side
    im happy to see that im not the only one left with the patriotic feeling for our culture..
    They all are Pakistani too, i don't understand why do they feel they could only b recognized if they do such cheao things, wasn't our old actors n actresses famous before? did they all danced and dressed so cheap before to become famous??
    it was our actors that has been showed for guidance in acting in same india like Tauqeer nasir, Abid Ali and much more.. then why do we feel so helpless now?
    have so much to say.. but it feels hopeless..
    As for the award show it wasn't even worth of watching when we already seen what's gonna be in it.

  • WHAT A HUGE & BIG SHAME IT IS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







  • how can our actors be so cheap and secondly lines yaad karne se pehle apni dressing theek kar ley that wud be amazing kindly ye sab na ho to behter hai ye fahashi humare mulk to tabah kar rai hai kon kar raha hai humaray dushman khush ho rahe hain isi bat pe k modernization ki jaga behayayi aur behudgi ne jaga ley li hai

  • I did not get the whole point of the article? The writer was just trying to criticize it in every way possible. I feel that Hum Tv has to be praised for holding a well organised ceremony. I will agree that there were a few examples of women in exposing clothes but most of them were decent. Secondly the writer has not mentioned that 1 out of 2 singing performances (Abida Parveen) were Pakistani and 2 out of 4 (Fahad Mustafa and Humayun Saeed) dance performances were on Pakistani songs. Ahsan, Mehwish and Humaima danced on Indian songs but you also have to give credit to Fahad and Humayun rather than just talk about them in the end. I hope that next time the few ladies wear decent clothes but overall for a first time Hum Tv has done a commendable job.

  • Nice article!!Do not know where can we find that "Pakistani" culture in Pakistan. Some acts of dancing and jokes were inappropriate. what happened to "AIMA"..:) Cheap dressing at least show your own culture and values. Pakistanis are very talented in all areas but need proper grooming and self esteem.

    • I only have to say one thing hum logon ney apni pehchan khodi hai apni sakhafat aur values bhi. kehtey hain ki kisi quam ko agar barbaad karna hai tou unmein fahashi aam kardo hai. hamari qaum very much is going in that direction. We are following either Bollywood or west pretty much in everything. jo quomein apni pehchaan khoti hain unka naam o nishaan khatam ho jaata hai.

      • Correct! Pakistani culture has deep roots and has rich history…Its very unfortunate that these peoples markets their products in Pakistan and same people living around the world but show (some time) culture which has no resemblance to our culture and values, it may have changed in some areas but overall Pakistanis are very cultured people.

        • tune into to PTV awards, to see a award show without any indian content, the PTV awards are onaired in the last quarter of every year

          • thanks Rahid sahab , will definetly going to watch PTV awards.. I hope Bushra Ansari better dress well this time ..because it would be on PTV chanel.. right !! wht a hypocrisy..
            arent we talking abt Pakistan and discussing Pakistani tv .. ..

          • Mohtarma, i m glad someone will watch the PTV awards, as it is onaired and went un-noticed every year. I do watch PTV award every year and it is as enjoyable as HUM TV award, but dont know why it is neglected by most of the viewers in pakistan. Bushra Ansari has been a regular part of PTV award and her presence is always enjoyed in PTV award show. Cant comment on bushra dress in PTV award as in PTV show celebrities are also dressed like in HUM TV award show, but anything which is not per PTV policy it is being censored and some other scene is telecasted instead. Also actors nowaday in any award show never bother to dress themself according to censor policy of the channel, they dress the way they feel right.

            Just take the example of Lux Style awards, it is onaired on PTV and ARY at same time but on ARY it is onaired as per their policy, but on PTV many scenes against their policy are censored. No actor ever bothers to change appearance for PTV, its the job of TV channel to cut the program as per their censor policy.

            We are all talking about pakistan and pakistan tv, some routine programs of famous pakistani TV channels onaired for pakistani audience are like geo regularly onairs indian awards and dramas in prime time, ARY onairs indian drama in prime time and also entire season of big boss, indian celebrities are in every other commercial, a complete pakistani channel film world is dedicated to 24 hours transmission of indian films. there are also pakistani TV music channels like oxygen, play tv, 8XM, who play non stop indian songs for entire day or night. Watch regional pakistani tv channels, like apna, rohi, kook, punjab tv, these are filled with indian dramas and films too. watch pakistani news channels, every news bulletin has a news item related to indian celebrities. With so much indian content onaired on pakistani TV, how come a discussion on pakistani TV be put in to equation without considering this indian content.

          • No one asking for advise…people have right to watch what ever they like and post comments about contents..It was aired for Pakistani Market..should have Pakistani content..its as simple is that….it was awkward to watch westernized and Indian show on Pakistani channel..bythe way if some one wants to watch western or indian songs etc..their "products" have no comparison to that performances shoud tuned in to that channels…We watch Pakistani progrem because its "Pakistani" not Indian or western….You copy others and forget who you are, what you can do and what is the difference between you and others…

          • @salv9861, Asad: i am not advising to anyone and why should i advise, you are utterly right every one has and should have the liberty and freedom to watch what ever they like and post comments on the content of any show.

            on this forum after reading many comments it is obvious that most of the persons posting here do not want to watch a HUM TV styled award show, instead they want to watch an award show which were once played on PTV. i just informed on this forum that for our pleasure there is still an award show in our country that follows the same old style and principals which used to be once part of our award shows and which is being remembered and praised in the comments of most of fellows on this forum.

            In this glamorized media, only PTV is following the same old routine in its award shows, but the fact is the PTV award show receives such poor ratings, and it strives for viewership. but with so many of our fellows who are condemning the style and pattern of HUM TV awards, it seems this year PTV award show will receive a much much higher rating and viewership. It is indeed a very encouraging sign for PTV.

            also if someone wants to watch indian content there is no more any need to tune into any indian channel it is already onaired regularly in abundance on our major channels like GEO onairs indian award shows, films and dramas in prime time. ARY also onairs every season of big boss and indian dramas, the indian content is so much in demand by pakistani audience and channels that even regional channels like apna tv, punjab tv, rohi tv onairs indian content on regular basis. indian celebrities are appearing in most of the commercials. Also every news headline of our news channels is not completed without adding a news related to indian actors. A pakistani channel film world is totally dedicated to bollywood movies, pakistani music channels like oxygen, play, 8xmusic onairs indian music almost nonstop.

            All the channels mentioned above are onaired for pakistani market ideally these should have only pakistani content, but reality is totally opposite to it.

          • Rashid: I shall disagree that most people do not wanted to watch hum awards so they should tune in to PTV…What I have said is only about "influence". PTV is under the influence of "Government" so people stop watching it. Private channels represents true color of society but they need to improve and NOT to follow or copy others. We should support our people and artist. Pakistan media and people working there should focus to work on their "own" do not show influenced /copied performances…In my opinion, Pakistanis are very talented and can offer alot more..and we should not underestimate them. if they would have performed in Atif Aslam or Hadiqa songs in a "decent" not "Vulgar" way no one would have any issue. Saud article raised legitimate questions about indian influence. Its so unfortunate to know that Pakistani channels are marketing "Made in India" products, I completely understand that Indian industry is huge and dominate the region..however it does not mean we stop producing "home made" products. What do you think If people demand "TVMA" programs do you think media start airing them…I can't speak for others but we watch Pakistani programs because it is within "limits" of our values and raised social issues within our society. If Pakistani channels start portraying American society related issues no one wanted to watch'em.

  • bro you are very right ,i was not expecting good comp 4m mahira bt she did well bt dressing…?I skip all dance performances.they are not worth watching ed family.

  • i agree with ur points of view Saud.In this award they only show the indian culture not ours.No one follow others but i dont know why our showbiz people follow indians culture.They all were my fans but now they all are despised by par laanat hai

    • well ambz, just where did you see "indian culture" in the show. does indian song mean indian culture or indian dress means indian culture.

      there were two dance performances on indian songs one by humaima and other by ahsan khan and mehwish hayat. while one indian singer also performed in the show he also sang kalam of bullay shah which belongs to pakistani part of punjab. the rest of performances were totally pakistani content. In performance on indian dances the dressing of actors was not indian it was western. Also the dance sequence were not indian traditional dances like bharat natym, the dance moves were general dance moves not specific to india.

      So how can there was indian culture in the show. No man or women inthe show has wear any dress that was part of indian culture, no female artist has put upon a bindiya or sandoor or mangal sutra or indian styled saree, also no male actor was in indian style dhoti or with tilak.

      most of the female and male participants were dressed in western dresses (long maxis, long gowns, or two-three piece suites with neckties ) or pakistani dresses (shalwar qameez aur saree) there was not a single participant dressed as per indian culture apart from the indian performer who was dressed in traditional sikkh clothes which is even worn by pakistani sikkhs so it is specific to sikkhs religion across the world not to india or pakistan.

      • Point is two performances was "indian inspired" performences..they could have performed more "Pakistani origin"….Have you seen indian performance on " famous Pakistani" songs…?

        • @salv9861, yes there were two performances on indian songs which were of almost 12 minutes duration, plus some indian songs sung by the indian singer also account for five more minutes, which makes a total of 17-18 minutes in almost a 2hr30min show. in the rest of the show there was nothing related to indian culture, there was no indian culture outfit like bindiya, mangal sutra, indian styled saree

          i try my utmost to never follow indian films, music or dramas, but you are absolutely right i have never ever heard of any indian performance on any famous pakistani song but the obvious reason is our pakistani content is not viewed, cherished or demanded by indian viewers so once a thing is not in demand it could not be sold. But unfortunately its not true on our pakistani side, here indian content is viewed, cherished, welcomed by masses, it gets high ratings. the trend of loving indian content is nothing new it is passed on to us from our previous generations, who use to watch indian content in every possible available medium either its on doordarshan by antenna or on VCR, or listening to all india radio or radio ceylon.

          see indian celebrities are there in every other commercial, on our billboards, the advertisement companies book a celebrity after properly surveying the popularity trends so definitely these indian celebrities are appearing in our media bcoz these are followed and are popular in our society.

  • V right we r blindly following Indian culture and our actress become so bold vulgar they just wanted to expose their body and thats all

    • han je agar yeh sirf apney songs per decent perform kren. to bohut acha lagey ga hamein. indians to kabhe hamarey songs per perform nahe kertey humein unke pare rehte hai. why?

  • Nice things you have pointed out in your article , one thing which is above all dissapointed me , as a woman from muslim country , its shame that only "one woman " appeared with her head covered , and modest clothes, according to our culture and nearest to faith . and i salute to her from my heart , she was the writer of block buster drama humsafar, writer Farhat Ishtiaq. and sadly not a single man stands even in this catagory , all of them just shadows of hollywood, bollywood Pakistani dress is really value less for men as compare to women in general and in speciall occassions,.shalwar qameez is just a dress for poor men and religious ulamaas and mullas or may be for going on eid prayers and yes on so called mehndi celebrations. it is time to change the dress code of Pakistani nation in syllabus by which they are confusing young kids, and teaching them a lie.

    I wish all sensable producers like momina duraid and etc , and all chairmen of such Tv channels can read my comment and know that there is nothing wrong in Tv and entertainment , but the way you people want to "copy cat " other cultures , is really pathetic .

    • aur agar yeh kaha jaye k hamaray gharo'n pe lagaya jata hai bawujood extreme disagreement kay… phir? It happens literally and since i usually surf internet and TV is just beside my computer so i can't tear my gaze away from it.

  • I still remember how entertaining
    ptv awards used to be in the times of people like
    moin Akhtar and by the way who gave these channels the impression that we want vulgarity, immodesty and indian stuff on our tv or we can easily watch their channels instead!

    • well u have reminded us of our glorious past, but let me tell interesting facts, PTV awards are still onaired every year, during october till december five ceremonies of PTV awards are arranged, four regional centres (lahore, karachi, quetta and peshawar) and one central headquarter i.e. islamabad. The award shows are same like used to be these have all pakistani stuff, same skits played by our comedian, and performance/dance is also part of the show which is being done on old songs as nowadays there are no new filmi/pop songs being composed over here.

      Now the important question, who watches PTV award shows, have you ever seen any social media website, or forum or even a group of young or even old people discussing the PTV award ceremony despite it is conducted and onaired every year. Nobody especially youth bothers to tune into PTV for their old styled award show with all pakistani content. mostly dont even knew there is something like PTV award.

      instead the indian award shows and indian stuff is always in discussion and people from all age groups are always eager to know when indian award will be onair, we die to see performance of indian actors on indian songs. GEO tv constantly onairs indian award citing that is done on the demand of public, means public want to see such content and the proof is high TRP of such shows. So in this corporate world whatever that is in demand being followed. Same is in the case of HUM TV awards, they have included the things/items which are public demand, and public wants to see this. If it is wrong then PTV award must be a hit as compared to indian award show which is not the case.

    • i agree , awards ceremony is not new subject to work in our media , we have been working on it past 20 to 25 yers and without all vulgarities then how they could say that 'hum' took initiative to launch it , yeah ofcourse in vulgarity u can say a furious initiative that i really dont appreciate .

  • hum kabhi khush nahi ho sakty q k hum hamesha nuktachee bany hoty hn kabhi appriciate nahi karty………….we should be happy that PAKISTAN has arranged such a good thing to appriciate our talent of dramas,acting and much more instead to pointing!!! ar dosri baat ya k shakhsiyat sirf ganon par perform kar k nahi banti….ar INDIA b to humary songs use karta hai apny reality shows ma to agr hum kar lain to konsi bari baat hai! thats not abig deal….ar jahn kapron ki baat hai to koi b show arrange karnay wala kisi par pabandi nahi laga sakta k aap is type k dresses q pehanti hn and much more.After all it was a good show and was too good efforts from hum tv……

    • bhai gud ki aarh main acha kyun ban rahi ho ! aur jese gud keh raee ho woh kyya gud hai ??? khud kerlogi ye sab ?? is dafa apnay dil se nahin apnay zameer se pocho! and for the gud things! i tell u what i been through some villages i found some gems out there ! even a 12 yr boy who rescued many boys from a factory ! i felt what this boy did was heroic deed and portraying our nation as marvel ! but what they are doing on tv programs?? !! in sab ko manzar e aam pe laya is lye nahin jata q k in ko samjha kuch nai jata ! jo ye kartay hain is main dunya ki chamak nahin hai ! dunya ki chamak to suit woot coat pant shirt wirt iphone lamborghini gallardo megan fox main hai !! naee?? hamari awwam dekhna hi yahi chati hai hai bhai ! aur khuda dekha raha hai aur dekhata rahega jo woh chahega ! mangloo duaain kitni mangoon k bhuraan zalzalun k khatam honay ki ! kadu khatam hongay ye sab! is dafa khud nai sudro ! pehlay apni soch sudharo k kya sahi hai kya ghalat

    • I don't think you understand. Hum tv have given 8 years of FAMILY entertainment which means the awards should also reflect that!

      You cannot put a show which does not mirror viewers choice.

      Hum tv boost about the fact that they are a family channel so we should be able to watch an awards show with our family but unfortunately this wasn't the case.

  • Most of the people who are complaining about not being able to watch the awards with their family here.. You people still went ahead and saw the awards alone didnt you? Isnt that as big a "sin" than watching with your families something so cheap and vulgar?
    I reiterate, this country is full of hypocrites. Alot of you still watch bollywood and enjoy it. Before telling people off about what they ought and ought not to do, PLEASE FIX YOURSELVES FIRST.
    Jabh aap apne aap ko fix karein ge, to mashara khudhi fix ho jaye ga, phir we wont get to see something like this.

    • u girl do make a point ……
      we do enjoy bollywood n watch alot of vulgarity tu kya huwa agar yae bhi unhi se impress hain n cant stand out

      • hahhaha @happy apki baat apni jagah thik hai wo kiya hai naaa k vulgarity b kisi k saath achi lgti hai apno k saath achi nhi lgti :D
        q k hum musalman hain to isi nazar se musalmano ko dekhtay hain or yehi chahtay hain k musalman wo herkat na kre jo non-muslims krty hain :P

    • har kisi ko apni tarha na samjhei'n. kabhi kabhi majboori b hoti hai k na chahtay huwe bawujood full disagreement k something satanic is so open in front of you that you can't tear your gaze away from it.

  • Women showing skin In Pakistan, is becoming popular trend among TV artists and society ladies. They just want to prove " HUM Kisi say Kam Naheen " It is non-stop. Akbar Allahbadi, the famous Urdu Poet was shocked looking at some "Bay-Parda " Muslim women in a mixed gathering during his time. His reaction was " Poocha Jo meinay aapka parda woh kya huaa—Kehnay Lageen K aql pay Madon ki par gaya'' Our reaction means nothing to them. just wait and see, " Aagay aagay dekhiye hota hai kya " ? Please don't mind I love Urdu Poetry. :)))

    • you have quotted a very famous "shair" of akbar allah abadi. glad to know someone has quoted urdu poetry over here. Akbar Allah Abadi was famous for constantly criticizing the English rulers ( the angrez sarkar to be precise). He wrote poems and many rubayiyat against the practices of Englishmen, he criticized the colleges and english's way of education. But interestingly he also accepted a job with the Angrez Sarkar and worked as a magistrate with full devotion and loyalty and his next generation also got educated from english school instead of bycotting it. It was a perfect example of double standard being followed in our society

      • Rashid you are right, I don't know what was his problem, even he sent his son Ishrat to Uk for higher education and didn't like the change in his life style. I forgot some thing he wrote , " Sivayon ka Maza bhool gaye " like Sir Syed Khan was very unhappy and embarrassed about his son when he returned from U.K.

  • True we are out of our track and the more i was excited to watch after seeing the dress i did not even bother to waste my time on such type of award function. My favorite actors and actresses now became worst just because of the way they represented themselves.. I feel so bad for them this is why we are having earthquake shocks in karachi, we all should be sorry because we are doing sins in our every day life.

  • disapoointment
    was looking forward to a decent n upto mark awards by HUM TV
    other ppl doing better job in nachna gaana n skin show :)

    • Media is replaced by Pimps, bitches and Whores with Writers, directors and actors now a days.

  • I agreed with the writer's assessment but the way HUM TV did it was commandable . they have invested money in return they got the good reputation in the TV industry. there is no doubt that HUMSAFAR was out of the world but we cannot compete with the Old Pakistani dramas as those dramas had their own grace.
    Ahsan Khan and MEhwish hayat's dance were not upto our cultural trend it was clearly seen they were closely influenced by Bollywood.
    Mahira was awsome as ever and her dressing was exceptable because she represents our new female out look and amazing no one noticed about our old ladies dressing as they forgot to bring their duppatta on the show like Bushra Ansari, Badar Khalil, Rubina Ashraf … the honor given to late Moin Akhter was remarkable.

  • Hum tv has played da most important role in the revival of pak TELLY INDUSTRY.I agree that HUM TV has taken a good step to appreciate the talent. Bt we cannot watch this show only bcoz of vulgar dressing&dance prformnces.Dance on bollywood songs wo bhi "laat lg gayi"jaise ghtia song pe!! Here the point is we do not have concrn to indians,whatever they do or whatever they wear.WE do keep concern to our country&artists.Some are good aspects in this show like hosting,categories of awards,lighting,hallmarking,editing& some jokes are good bt some seemed like chihchorapan..We believe in modernaism bt not vulgarity.And seriously i do not watch indian movies,dramas and award show…they all are vulgar.And we donot want to see this vulgarity in our show

  • Pakistani dramas makes me feel proud of our actors, directors, cinematographers, writers, we have such a talented bunch of people, my Indian friends admire and love our dramas which are written , presented and acted very well. The awards are to celebrate the success of our TV freternity ….we should be proud of our heritage and take pride in what we offer to the world on OUR OWN …. I remember one PTV award long time ago I think it was hosted by Moin Akhter and Zia Mohiuddin was part of it , and I remember literally laughing and falling off my chair on the kind of skits were done by our actors, the kind of songs were performed live…It made me really sad and I didn't watch the whole award…I guess better off sticking with our dramas, and I am very dissapointed to read some of the comments here…very sad indeed :(

    • you reminded us about our golden days, these PTV award shows hosted by moin akhtar, anwar maqsood skits by khalid abbas daar, moin akhtar and many more talented artists. These shows were a treat to watch in past.

      Problem is the same styled show are also made and onaired today on PTV as PTV award every year in last quarter of the year. But viewership, rating and TRP of pTV award show is much much lower, now what does that prove, public is no more interested in watching the same old styled PTV award show, they want to see some change in the format.

  • I put single glance on this show. I got anxious. Is it show and channel of Islamic state? I think . There is no immodest. Who can watch this vulgar show with Family.

  • Toba hy…sab ny buraian he ke hain show ke :( theek hy kuch
    logo ke dressing sae ni the or aik performnce ni the achy song
    Py lykin overall show was superrrb..sab ko chaiy tha k nuqs
    Nikaalny k sath thora appreciate b kr dyty ta k jinho ny is
    Award ceremony ko organise kia wo next year b isse enthusiasm
    K sath arrange krty…

  • Okay !! listen dear pakistanis !! mulk sab ko theek karne ki pari wi he….. tabdeeli sab lana cahte hein par apne aap ko koi theek nai karta !! kiya aap apne mulk ko kabhi appreciate nai kr skte ? Indian drame to bare shok se sab dekh lete hein indian awards dekhne ke liye sub bare excited hote hein unme bhi aisi hi cheeze dikhate hein !! jin logo ne jo kia he wo unka or unke ALLAH ka mamla he nake apka !! agar apne nahi dekhna hota to mat dekha krein par koi buraya na kiya krein !! apne aap ke amal ko bhi dekha krein !!

      • Not agree at all with yours point. The thing is we watch english movies, we all, then shall we allow our girls to live life like them? or we also should show "RAM JI KI POOJA" on our channels. Change achi honi chahiye or change ka nam "PASTI" nahi hona chahiye. jo indian program dekhte hain zaruri nahi wo apne ghar k logo ko bhi waisa hi dekhna chahen. is liye apna culture hi hmari pehchan ha or hame us ko hi follow krna chahiye.

    • Syeda Shehbano
      bohat acha naam hai mere khyal me app k walden ne BIBI SHERBANO S.A ki shaksiyat se mutasir ho kar ye naam rkha hoga meri khoaish hai k app in BIBI ki shaksiyat ka mutala zaror kren thanks

    • i only say that "dil se bora janana iman ka sub se kamzoor darja ha" agar hm dil se bhe bora na janain tu hmara ALLAH he hafiz.phir roaz zalzale ayein ge jaise ke ab roha ha .shame on u all people.phir ALLAH se gila kaisa zalzale aur bomb blasts honey par

      • well said sara, aur dosra drja hae munh se burae ko bura kehna, rok nahi sakte to kah to sakte hain. but all us must avoid these award shows unke TRP banta hae jabhi wo lagate hain aur dekhate hain.

    • Kyamat ki nishaniyon men se aik nishani ye bhi he k burai ko burai ni smjha jae ga.. Sayeda shehrbano , doosron ka mun laal dsekh k apnay mun pe thapar ni maar liya jata. Burai ko burai kehna pukhta iman ki nishani he pr shyed ap ko ye bt yad nahin.

      • burai ko burai kaho..par us burai se bacho bhi

        everybody who is giving negative comments about the awards have watched it fully so the damage is done. Burai dekhna bhi gunah hai.. khud dekha tou gunah nahi but jis ne gunah kiya woh bura…I don't get this pakistani logic

  • The effort put in by Hum TV was of course commendable but there were so many glitches with this award function.
    And when will people stop criticizing Mahira Khan for what she wears, how she acts and onwards. The amount of bad criticism she gets no other actress does. I'm pretty sure she's not the only one wearing something inappropriate. And it was not backless. What Bushra Ansari, Zhalay, Urwa, etc were wearing was much worse. I hope next year Hum puts out fair nominations unlike this year, with better performances and the deserving people win.
    I will not call Mahira Khan a bitch for winning best actress because people voted for her and she herself said my family and friends didn't and nor did I deserve the award. She is the most honest actress we have out there.
    And her hosting is so good. I hope to see her in a light hearted comedy, she'll do a great job.
    She has so much talent in her and works very hard as well so good luck to her. Much better than how other actresses started out.

    • i 100% agree with u………….i really dont understand why do people only have to criticize her………she is so lovely…and pretty………..and please mind your language whoever called her a bitch i believe that person was in the extreme level of jealousy that ppl voted for her to be the best actress………agar kisi ko mahira nahi pasnd to barae meherbani uske bare me rubbish comment na kia karien…………..

  • To all those idiots who are complaining about the criticism. When you put up a show and present it to the larger masses of course this will have all kind of criticisms. Good or bad. D you think nobody criticizes the Hollywood movies. There are channels dedicated on you tube to criticize these huge names and talking about all the conspiracy theories. I totally agree with the writer here. Even though I haven't watched the show as for me it's such a waste of time when I know how it is. But for the sake of argument the wy these wannabes behave is pathetic. Howcome we are only imitating indian garbage why not the more sophisticated stuff from India. We know the consequences and portray in our dramas like nanhi. But I guess this is really stupid. The culture of the kh khawateen digest is wide spread now. And people coming here are also looking for B class entertainment to get the mind off our daily lives. So enjoy this cheap B even C class actors and shows. That's how we as Pakistanis are raised anyways.

  • Dear all, please do not involve islam in these shows or dramas etc because this all is already out of context from islamic culture and has no place at all in islam. Lets be practical at present and it was a very nice show instead 90% of people watch indian movies, dramas, shows etc. The race is now to come closer to indian film industry and dramas.I wish instead of getting more deep into indian industry for films and dramas, lets concentrate on pakistani channels. HUM tv dramas are quite amazing and has no competitor at present.

    • the race is to compete with indian culture but with our own identity hum apni pehchan hi barqarar nai rakh pain gay to muqabla kesay kren gay ok talk practically nach gana hi krna hai to kam az kam apne songs pe hi kr lo itna hi indian film industry se ishq hai to ali zafar ya atif k songs pe krlo at least hum kuch apna kehnay walein to hongay :(

    • coming closer does not mean you get naked… Its not only about Islam Mr. Raees its about our culture as well!

  • I agree with u said. We should take these things into consideration when presenting something internationally..

  • i personally feel that none of the channel represent pakistani culture. these channel want commercial success which they are striving to attain by any means. we can only express our is time we realize what we stand for. is naach gana and display of skin such vital things without without which our existence will be at stake?

  • i read the article. its well written and all the points that were raised by the writer are 100% correct. i respect. well it has to be done no matter who are the sources or what. its all written! so dont bring islam between the hollow head! its a religion. its not something to be compare with. its been a long but it looks like the people here didnt accept islam as what it is and thats true! i am sorry but its true! neither mordernism! the word Modernism is a huge word. if a person says he is so modern or a modernist, 99 % awaam will or can beleive he is, just because of his akcent look or style and the way of living. i am sorry its not modernism. its a life with a big underline____! those who bring modernism to world are related to wars, truth and justice not fashion, or living standards. these things ran through life whether we see any of the movement or not. modernism is about "soch" to order the world. we are not modernist or modern ladies and gentlemen. we call ourselve just because we wear cool addidas or armani and having iphone within our lower left pocket. simply we born in an modern era thats y we call ourselves a modern but we arnt. u cant even follow the rules of it. we are not fuly followers of islam (religion) we arnt modern! so who we are?? ! so we get an answer coming "" we are HYPOCRITES"congratulations ! and as the matter of fact we be havings hints consecutively through a natural order.. see those politicians who are ruling this nation! and other several things that i am sure we are very greatly aware of…

  • i read the article. its well written and all the points that were raised by the writer are 100% correct. i respect. well it has to be done no matter who are the sources or what. its all written! so dont bring islam between the hollow head! its a religion. its not something to be compare with. its been a long but it looks like the people here didnt accept islam as what it is and thats true! i am sorry but its true! neither mordernism! the word Modernism is a huge word. if a person says he is so modern or a modernist, 99 % awaam will or can beleive he is, just because of his akcent look or style and the way of living. i am sorry its not modernism. its a life with a big underline____! those who bring modernism to world are related to wars, truth and justice not fashion, or living standards. these things ran through life whether we see any of the movement or not. modernism is about "soch" to order the world. we are not modernist or modern ladies and gentlemen. we call ourselve just because we wear cool addidas or armani and having iphone within our lower left pocket. simply we born in an modern era thats y we call ourselves a modern but we arnt. u cant even follow the rules of it. we are not fuly followers of islam (religion) we arnt modern! so who we are?? ! so we get an answer coming "" we are HYPOCRITES"congratulations ! and as the matter of fact we be havings hints consecutively through a natural order.. see those politicians who are ruling this nation! and other several things that i am sure we are very greatly aware of…

    • well the article was really very well written but it is always confusing for me when people say that we are trying to follow Indian culture, do any one from you every visited India and studied their culture.and if you guys think that the indian dramas or films are representing indian culture then you must go through your own Pashtu and panjabi films and stage shows.I personally found it very unfortunate that we have been taught through every medium since the birth of this country that whatever happens and we do not like it ,so it is because of India Guys please grow up now leave this hate attitude towards india or indian people. we have religious obligations to perform, preach the deen like our holy Prophet to non muslims the way HE preached it not the way these mullahs say. As far as our actors and actresses follow indian film stars yes they do try to be presentable like them but if you put little weight on you brain you would recognise that the indian actors and actresses also do not follw their own culture but they try look like hollywood stars. So please do not blame india for all the wrong things that are happening to us

      • yeah ! truly we arent modern ! we dont know what is modernism but just a piece fantasize clothng and heavy accesories! even namaz before 1400yrs back was introduced even that was a modern period for the followers of islam cuz they had all the new rules and ways to standard your life ! the righteous standard! eve we follow gym now in 21st century to b reamin fit ! and namaz has the movements that remain the body fit and sharp ! and its proved by scientific laws! really i am amazed with what AAA has return ! we arnt modern neither muslims ! and we are hypocrites ! hats off mr AAA! we realy dont know what is modernism! respect from lahore !

    • i am totally agree with you i also like alldrama and programmmes of hum tv but award show is totally beyond our thoughts but actullaly we people make contribution to it because we like indian and turkish like this but y not our. So our producers and directors dont promote our culture and made a comparison with other countries like india…so need of promotion of our culture is equally importan fromboth sides our media and our public..

      • 100% right ! we arnt modern nor muslim completely ! and now i guess i am able to solve an unmaze quiz for the earthquakes and several severe problems

    • 100% right ! but who to claim what to claim! this people is totally be freaking out rather than just 2 know their religion and cultural sensibilities

  • Thanks saud for writing this really i am living in outside of pakistan and always telling my kids that pakistan ma asa dress pehanta han pakistan ka culture asa hota ha but now tell me is show ko dekh kar mera kids na jub bola so mama yeh ha pakistan to ma kia bolo.

  • To all those who have supported or admired the show (read vulgarity). Answer two questions: 1) can you watch this show with your family, I mean parents, brothers, sisters and children…? 2) Would you like your wife or sister or mother to dance with your friend…?. Let me say can't we have entertainment without going nude or vulgar. Instead we should feel proud of what we are. Pakistan is all what we have and we must strive to protect our identity

      • i m wd u…its true v cant see that show wd brother..or father…..its not us….shame ………..yahan log ghalat ko ghalat nahin samajhty…bulky or akkar jaty hennnn…

    • I always liked Bushra Ansari but was dissappointed to see her vulgar dress.I dont understand what made her wear such dress .She is now nani perhaps does she not felt ashamed to come on stage like that .Shame on you Bushra you lost all izzat we had for you.You looked disgusting.Now the other vulgar Mehwash hiyat she always wore such vulgar and naked dress and she thinks her self Ashwaryia ray.Akh tthoo.Then this Mahira khan i dont thinkshe is asal pathan.bai hayai ttera asra.

    • Ya u r right but on other hand Bollywood songs. Like muni Sheila jalebi…aEct…….. Pakistani loves every guy. Would like to have Katherina kareena,..and every girl would like them .what's that can u tell me pls abusing Europe culture …..but Pakistan valgerty is underground !!! I was. Sooooooo disappointed when stupid bushra sang proudly MA TUJHE SALAM I HATEEEEEEEE HER

  • I am an Indian who loves watching Pakistani dramas. I am up to date with all the dramas and quite a fan of some of the actors and actresses. I love your culture and the clean and meaningful content in all the shows.
    When I saw the Hum Tv awards I was happy that you all like Bollywood but truly I felt sad at the same time that your wonderful clean culture is getting influenced by our culture with is quite the opposite these days.
    I totally understand how you all in Pakistan may be feeling but trust me whatever happens your drama serials are the best and some of your actors' performances are unmatched and unbeatable.
    I love Pakistani dramas no matter what…
    Regards to all my Pakistani brothers and sisters.

    • THANK U! Urvashi i have craze of pakistani dramas beacause it have true stories of our society but we shame on all this

      • I know how you feel maya but nowadays the whole world is become like that going towards the lower things in life. Hope that a new world will come soon where only purity will prevail inshallah.

    • Thankyou urvashi for your lovely comment admiring Pakistani dramas….I wanna know whats going on with your movies,feels like your watching western crap.

    • urvashi i dont think ..u r a indian..bcoz none of the pakistani channels r broadcasted in india…incase u r a NRI and watch pakistan soaps @ foreign country and u r big fan of pakistani actors..then god save u

    • i really appreciate your thinking.
      i will give you just one suggestion kindly study our religion ISLAM also.
      i am not asking you to become a muslim but please study it then you will come to know that what i actually want to say.

  • please dont include indian stuff it seriously gives a bad impression like we dont have own industry .it could give a score if we dint have our own drama and entertainment i appreciate all our seniour actors their effort to give an aspect of dignity to an average person .

  • I don't understand why these people copy and try to make them as Indians and Always copy them. There is no creativity, culture and limit.
    Just remember, Any country who ignore their culture and language is no more.
    This was very Cheap award and if anyone is planning Awards for Cheapest award program, please consider this and rate it #1.

  • Mehwish and ahsan performed on disco deewane which is sung by a Pakistani singer NaziaHassan.
    And if India did not like Pakistani stuff why would an Indian music director remix disco deewane.
    And we all love Nazia and zoheib Hassan. When their songs were released I had them all by heart…..
    And zoheib's songs were also used in a movie called star which had kumar gaurav as a hero directed by biddu.
    The music was a super duper hit then. So how can you all think India doesn't appreciate Pakistan talent?

  • i have no objection with any content of the show but i have objection with the dresses of actresses

  • Very Well Said Mr. Saud!
    Looks like it wasn't only me who has observed such things. Honestly speaking, I watched the dances only for a second. I was shocked to see Mahvish Hayat, especially when I thought of her as a nice, decent, educated lady after watching her in Miraat-ul-Uroos. Aik taraf aisi acting kartay hain that gives a good lesson to the audience……….aur doosri taraf khud bhi uss achi cheez ko nahi apnaatay! I don't know if fahad mustafa was singing on a pakistani song, all I know is that none of the actors performed well. Infact the idea of having these stupid, weird dances was a total crap.

    I also agree with Mr. Saud about the dressing of Pakistani women. And when Mikail introduced Mahira Khan: "Every man wants to have a wife like Mahira." So it was a very cheap dialogue, and secondly, if it's true then why the male actors prefer to marry women who do not belong to showbiz.

    Apart from cheap dances and vulgar dressing, the show was great. I still enjoyed the conversations between Mikail and Mahira, and especially that lahori guy was hilarious. I'm so much in luv with that person, especially after watching the pakistani drama Silvatein.

    Servis Hum TV awards was worth-watching on You Tube so that you can skip those "cheap item dances." But I fail to understand one thing: why is it Servis Hum TV awards? It should have been known as "Sultana aapa's awards" or "Duraid Award Show" Saara apna khandaan bhar liya……….writer Fasih bari ko appreciate kiya b/c he's a writer at HUM TV. Shehryaar Munawar won the award b/c he's related to sultana aapa. Fahad Mustafa won an award b/c he has a sindhi background just like sultana aapa!

  • ABSOLUTLY RIGHT MR SAUD, i dont know 4 wht reason not only hum channel but rest of the media has started following the international trends that are not at all the reoresentation of muslim culture n values n as it is said that if showing off ur body is modrenism than animals are the most modren of all, so are we tring to get in the race with those people who are trying to win 4rm animals in being modren? Forgod sake stop being sooooooooooooooo blind.

  • thumps up for saud such a fantabulous article……why pakistan was seperated from india because our culture,religion,tehzeebs is way more different than them. i think that now our entertainment channels have been a puppet of india on weekends we only see cheap despicable indian films why?? we can promote old movies of pakistan instead of vulgar indian films and on prime times their stupid dramas which have no story,their dance shows such vulgarity they have and all the abusive words are in indian films that`s why in pakistan they are so common..nowadays i have seen from my own eyes that parents seems to be proud from their kids that their,seeing indian films,shows or dramas parents have to think about it that what we are showing to our kids that what is item number,what is vulgarity and what is indian culture!!! indians did not show their kids our dramas,shows and films….and their channels even promote our dramas,films,actresses/actors or shows.India don`t have to give so much money to our channels to promote their films they know that Pakistani channels will be head over heels to promote their films!! I`M in 8 and i think what i have seen so far that we have complexes from India and it`s a shameful thing for us

  • very well said. while watching awards when mahira talked about the saqafat and ikhlakiat stuff i actually let out a laugh!! bushra ansaari, mehwish hayat, mahira, humaima and many more… quite regretful! really??
    why the heck are we copying the indians… the ceremony would have been outclass even without those indian inspired dance performances.!

  • Forgive them and pray for them that they may realize their true culture. As in sher e zaat once Mahira realizes her trueself she transforms.
    Instead of abusing the celebs pray for them that may do only good work.


  • i did the watch the awards with my father…not much sure about showing the skin part
    but yes

    100% agreed about dancing and jumping on indian songs, that was awfully off, why even play indian stuff when what we have is all the legendary Pakistani lot there…

    we are running out of songs or what?

    such a shame

  • Instead of performing and promoting his own upcoming film 'Ishq Khuda' , Ehsan Khan is dancing on dated Bollywood tunes!! BRAVO!!!
    I think this is from organizers because host said something regarding 'india' during the commencement speech.
    But I must say that established actors should say 'NO' to such kind of Cheep/Cheap Performances and Should try their best to encourage and support at least their own upcoming projects! – Khurram Aleem.

  • the award show was no doubt very disappointing , i too used to be a big fan oh mehwish hayat because of her role in miratuluroos but now literally she is one the actresses on my most hated list. only fawad mustapha looked good .

  • Dancing has never been our feat, we Pakistanis entertain like no one else does but when it comes to dancing leave it to our neighbors, it was a foolish attempt to put dances.

    Don't know what the criteria of awards was. Mahira Khan is excellent to win the best actress award but Amna Sheikh or Saba Qamar were more deserving .

  • It was like kawwa chala hans ki chaal… You all are wise enough to fathom what I'm trying to say… The show was organised by a group of badly Bollywood influenced imbeciles… Crappy crappy crappy!!!

  • i dont know wether u people agree or not the dramas being played now a days r`nt family dramas… atleast i cant watch them with the other family members especially in front of the elders of the family…not just talking about hum-tv, its even about other pakistani channels.
    badly our neighbour`s culture is being followed in our country..

  • Hum T.V k dramas ne hmary mulak ki thori boht bachi saakh b khtm kr di hy.. hmara mulak ik islami mulak hy. hmy kisi se koi srokar nhi na india se na angrezon se. lakin km z km libas to thek hona chahye,, itny gandy libas kya ik musalman aurat ko zeb dety hain.???????? kya koi bnda b ye like kry ga k uski sister ya mother ya beti bilkul kapry utar kr t.v pe aey jis trha hm tv ki actoress a ri hain aj kal?? ,???????? yaqeenan koi ni kry ga, to jb ap khud ki behn, b.v, maa, ya beti ko aisy libas m ni dekhna psnd krty tp kisi ki behn, beti ya maa ko b ni dekhna chahye… aisi gandy actorss ko shoot kr dena chahye jo fahashi phelati

  • why we comment veena malik so much .she do so bcz she get a chance for doing all this staff .by watching ham tv awards it seem look like that all the actress and actor are same doing like veena so what makes diffrence /?cheap

    • blkul thek kaha hmari actresses or actors veena malik pe bht criticize krte hy ab khud kya bagyrati ki inho ne??????????????????????? ab pakistan ki tehzeb kaha pe hy soooo saaaaDDDDDD.. SHAME YAR

  • Pehle india wale hamari filmoon ko copy kar ke un ka ganda(Cheap) version banatain hain phir hum un films ko dekh kar khush hotain hain aur is tarha ki begariti phelatain hain.

    • jis islami ko mulk or kya ho ga k naam main yeh kam ho rahy hun ge zalzale nai aye ge tu Allah pak hum sub ko mafi magnay or guna say bachnay ki tofeq aata farmaye

  • TO THE OWNER OF HUM TV………. awards daikh ker boht dukh hua hum apna culture ko bhol rha ha so called actreses na society ma indian culture ko apna ker bigadh paida ke hui ha …kindly show organize kertay hua apna culture ko zarur daikhain

  • we all are TALIBAANS we want everybody to follow our principles our rights and wrongs we want yhe channels to only show us what we want irrespective of what others want to see. Instead of switching on to channels of your own choice we want the channels to change their programs. this is what talibaans say. to follow the Islam of their choice irrespective of what we think o Islam. THINK ABOUT IT

    • gd to hear this, kal se ao mahwish aur mahira jese kaprae pehan kar apnae abu ko salam kejeye ga.

    • I am sorry but that remark is totally out of context …Taliban or no Taliban ..Islam does not in any way promote this dance culture that we have become so fond of …so If we are Muslims, are we not suppose to follow what our religion tells us … Im sorry but your remark implies as if you think of Islam as something that it is not …and we definitely need to revise our Knowledge of our religion!!!! As for channels …arnt we still the Islamic Republic of Pakistan …?? so shuldnt the channels follow a policy that reflects what we are, what we should be doing ..and also what we should be as citizens of Pakistan …?? Iam actually thinking about it …and finding myself totally ashamed of ourselves as a Nation…we are so confused!!

    • thake we soch hay apki.. media ap ki qadron ka numainda hota hay.. agar wohe ap ki ikhlaqi qadren promote nahe karega to kon karega.. foreigners ap k mulk ka impression ap k tv programs slete hn… agar wo ye sub paish karen gay to unpe kia ta'asur jayega.. ?? taliban ki behas ko to aik taraf rakhen ham pakistani channels dekhte hn ham unhe kun na dekhen? un channels ko chahye k aisy cheexen dikhayen jo un k shehre pure family k sath beth k dekhen.. ksi or mulk k channel ki bat hote tio ham unhe programs change krne ko n kehte… magar apne channel ko ham kun na kahen.. please change ur thoughts and try to be a good representative of ur country

  • you watch happily if its indian function but if its happen in Pakistan everybody have objection if you don;t like it don;t watch it because of u Pakistan media industry is so backward they are showing indian and turkish materials because you watch it happily and raise objection if same thing made in Pakistan

    • nops.. we will promote our channels if they reprsent our cultures.. people dont raise voice on indian channels because their culture is what they represent but pakistani media is not representing their own culture.. people will definitely like this if they promote their own culture./. try to promote ur culture

    • well I only watch our content on our channels, I've never watched any other so I have the right to raise objection about out Pakistani channels showing other's culture

    • That is the whole point. It was planned by Pakistanis for a Pakistani audience so why not show our culture and celebrate it and if u call showing skin and dancing to bollywood numbers as the way to go forward then u are sadly mistaken.

      People are just saying that it should been have of standard as there excellent dramas are.

  • to be very honest parh kr khushi hoe k abhe bhe boht sary log hain jo en sb k against hain…. or en sb cheezo ko bora smjhty hian….
    cuz media ka es mai koe fault nahi cuz usko esi batk tu paisy melty hain k hamary nation ko begaro …
    hum log apni values ko bhollty ja rahy hian or dosro k culture and custom adopt krty ja rahy hian or eska humko andaza bhe nahi ho raha k hum log ks hd tk dosro ka culture adopt kr chuky hian….

  • i totally agree wid u,..,. i was shocked after the awards that pakistani culture? this is culture.. maheera said ikhlaqi qadron ki buniyad.. ikhlaqi qadron ki buniyad kia un ki aik jhalakj bhe naxar nahe arahe the.. mostlt celebrities k dresses slieve less thay ye then ikhlaqi qadren? and the most disappointed thing was ahsan khan and mehwish hayat's dance.. intehai cheap and vulgur dressing or faxool steps// really really dislike.. ham sub ko is ko propmote krne k bajaye mukhalfat karne chahye takje next time wo in IKHLAQI QADRON ka khyal rakhen

  • completely agree to 100%. It should have been a nice family show, but sad to say i couldnt even watch it on my own without feeling embarrassed. Why do we have to copy others???? urghhH!!!

  • channels are for entertainment and yes we need to revise our knowledge for religion (to all those people who are bringing religion to this). I am reading everybody's comments and getting sick of it because everyone sounds like a hypocrite. Think for a second about what we are saying before we say something to others. Am I as an individual following my religion? We don't need TV shows to teach us our culture or religion, we have all the sources that we need to fix ourselves. Everyone knows what they are doing (what they are watching) but nobody wants to accept that they are wrong in the first place.

  • I agreed hai toh sab na munaasab but in our new drama industry they believe jo dikhta hai woh bikta hai

  • award show ka idea tou bht acha ta pr isse jis tarah s present kia gya hai is very disappointing :/
    they shud remember tht wo kis society or culture se belong krte he
    even fashion pakistan week m b jis tarah k clothes models ko pehnaye jatay hai is shameless……

  • Well by all accounts it was a well coordinated show with exception to some pitfalls interms of editing and Hosting , nowhere did I see before hosts changing without proper planning and the jokes were totally tasteless , indeed , the Indian songs made the party dull at the same time the performance of our actors was too poor to entertain the viewership … Got bored and left the show halfway …. think benefit of doubt gotta be given as it was a first experience looking forward next time would be a more modified function

  • badi dadi amma bushra ansari apko is waqt qabar ka sochna chahyea na ke pakistani society ko kharab kerna ka…is age ma ya libas apko zaib nhi daita…………………..shame on u BUSHRA ANSARI just shame on u

    • sirf itna kehna chahta hun k in fimli or drama k logo ko apna role model mat banao khuda k waste ye loug sirf actor hain ye acting karna jaante hainpese lete hain camera k samne kitni be hayai hai peechay us se kahin zyada hai Bushra ansari buddhi beghairat aurat ko deekho or soocho k ye media hai jis ne ye shaoor dya hai us aurat ko k tum jitni boorhi hojao utni nangi hojao…kehne ko buht kuch hai but apna role model parhey likhay dhung k profession wale logo ko bnaoo mirasion ko nahi .. filmoo dramao main kam karne walo ko nahi parhe likhay loug chahe wo leader ho bureucrat ho ya technocrat ho wahi loug mulk ko le kar chalte hain ye loug nahi

    • well pemra should first take action on the indian content that is constantly onaired on every channel, from entertainment, music , regional and news channels. Just take the example of popular program of Khabarnaak on geo news, every week they invite a person specially who is an expert on indian filmi music, the audience of this show proudly sing indian songs and the rest of the audience listen to indian song with extreme joy, then the indian filmi song expert tells about the film, year of release, singers, music director and poet of that song and audience claps and cherish that moment.

    • great bilkul sahi baat hai in kanjar jo screen pe aisa kar rhe hain pata nahi peechay kya kya karte honge in se kya expect krega insan khuda ra apne ideal dhung k logon ko banao ksi film ya drama k hero heroins ko nahi . banao bureucrat banao , technocrat ko banao apna ideal ksi ache leader ko banao lekin in acting karne waloon ko apna ideal or apna role model mat banao anay wali naslain mazeed tabah hojayengi

  • i m completely agreed with the SAUD. HUM TV awards se bohat expectation thi n it was a real shock 4 me when i saw our very talented actors performing on bollywood tunes in very awkward way. why cant we represent our own material, our own artist. it was very disappointing. we promote our own culture. besides this im not agreed with nominations and award winners. why mahira khan is awarded for shehrezat. and at the same time fawad khan for the same cattegry was ignored. sanam baloch is far better actress than mahira khan. she has given many blockbuster serials to hum tv but she was also ignored. all ican say that hum tv awards were quite disappointing and could be better.

  • i wanna ask a question, dont you think the entire HUM entertainment is crossing limits of our culture. most of the dramas dipict a picture that doesnt relate to us and the award show was the front page of the entire HUM book.

  • i ddnt watch this humtv award ………..i just saw promos…………which already conclude abt the show…… wud b vulgar obviously… this article wen i saw this pic …..simply shameful..:( ….i want to say that they shud promote there culture not otherzzz………..nd if they think tht it vil giv this impression that they r bold……so this thought is like "kawa chala hans ki chal apni chal bhool gaya" aur i think,,,,, jo qoomein dosri qoumo key nakshe qadam per chal ti hai woh barbad ho jati hai,,,,,,

  • I totally agree. we should represent ourselves that we r Pakistanis in the front of whole world wid our dressing nd behavior. We have our own identity, moral values. We must know our values nd show them in front of world wid dignity instead of showing others culture. I am quite disappointed frm our media they show nd focus on western media wid proud. WE R MUSLIMS ND PAKISTANIS ND WE SHOULD B PROUD OF OUR OWN CULTURE. Nd teach our values culture to others also. Plz it is my request that plz youngsters do something that make our country proud of us…….

  • itx nt new yaha yai huta hai .. bt i enjoyed the xhow n yai indian xongx hamare yaha xhadi functionx n all pe lagte hai tb to koi nae khta k hum india ko follow kar re hai bulke hm to un pe hi dancex b krte hai to agr awardx mai inho ne indian xongx pe danx kia to wotx new in it .. n agr hm kahe k xhadio pe hm krte hai indian xongx pe danx to khyr hai bt tv pe q lagaye to phr hm fake huge nothn elxe .. phr to hume indian xongx n dramax daikne b nae chahye bt daikte hai hm ..

  • kiya sach may hum muslman hain itni wahiyad dressing kiya ye sub sekhaya hai humay ku jahalat me ji rhy ho sb loh why kya jawab dogy Allah ko fully indians ko copy kr rhy hain bina dupaty k mardo k samny ajty hain esy hm apny bacho ki tarbiyAT karengy ye dekhngy humary gharo bachy q hum jahalat me ji rhy hain ye duniay hamesha k lye to nai hy khatam ho jana hy ek din sb ne janat may uncha mukam chahty ho to dunia me mehman ki terhn raho or Allah ko razi kro thats all bull shit jahallat sy bahr niklo

  • islam itna light religion hai jisay sirf ek banda hadle kerskta hai usay history main "khalifa" kehtay thay aur ye hi itna heavy religion ahi jise democracy jesi cheez sambhal nai payyee ! waqai ye dunya aur qainaat ka azeem tareen religion hai

    • bhai khilafat ajayegi toh dunya main yaheedion k liye bhi masla hojayega aur unka kya hoga jin ko dunya main hi jannat dedi ! zara halkkay ajao :D

  • doob marne ka muqam hai, sharam se doob marne ka…. wah wah krne ki adat ne humen aj yahan tak pohncha dia h.

    • sahi baat hai buht sahi kaha.. ye sab is hi wajah se hai her baat pe yeh kehdena asaan hai k pakistan main talent hai..lanat hai in logon per ye nahi deekh rhe k ye talent kese use ho rha hai.. us burhia ko deekho yaaar aap Buhra ansari ghatia aurat ko us ki dressing deekho aap

  • Totally agree with this review.

    I fell in love with Hum Tv after watching Humsafar now every evening is a catch up of the daily dramas that I adore. The fact that they constantly remind me that I am a Pakistani Muslim and I can watch them with my kids without covering their eyes unlike the Indian dramas is the best part.

    I hope Hum Tv take the reviews on board and change things for next year, drastically!

  • I don't understand why everybody is bringing religion to this. If you care so much then you should not be watching TV in the first place because if you are a woman then you see "na mehram" on tv, and if you are a man then you are seeing a "na mehram woman" stop judging others cause there are a lot more things that we can change. All the actresses on tv are usually models, so wearing sleeveless shirts or dresses in normal for them. And I am not sure if most of you guys are from karachi but dupattas are disappearing from the normal people anyways. So if there is anything that you don't like, first change yourself and your famiy
    pehle apne garebaan main jhanko.

  • grow up people…stop having double standards..i bet most of u dont even pray five times a day..pehley apney aaap ko sudharo then talk about changing the society…..ban indian channels, movies etc …dont blame the channels bcoz they want to make money and this is the what people want to see..glamour

      • i think saying prayer five times is every1s personal matter…… whats going on here z the matter ov our values, our society z not only abt saying prayers ,, it do relate with dressing, attitude, culture values etc…………… r khas kr jb ap ak public entertainment dy rahy ho to ye sab bht akward hy…. n as far as dancing on indian songs r oncern, jb ak cheez hi haram hy to phr kiya indian kiya pakistani

    • You can show glamour very well without loosing your identity. Vulgarity, cheap makeup and this kind of dressing is not glamor. Watching other than your channels doesn't mean that to copy everything without using your brain.

  • Even you dont involve religion here but still we have a descent culture and great values that make us different and better than the others.The point to think is if we loose that individuality where will we stand …no where and what will be our identity…nothing.
    Another thing so many people said we are already not good muslims , not even praying regularly so we should not talk about religion.What does this mean if you are doing one thing wrong you should go for second without any shame. its really good to see that people dont want to see all this vulgarity. If we are muslim we should talk about our religion at every point in life and try to correct ourselves according to its guide lines.
    We need to understand the defination of `MODERNISM` , whoever understands knows and belief Islam is the most BALANCED and MODERN religion.
    If this glamour world is really balanced and modern then why they are failed in their personal relationships, why the biggest stars in the world had mysterious deaths and why mostly showbiz people want to marry out of it because they know its reality.

  • yahan sub ko in awards per bolna araha hai jab kahan hotey hain jab cinema mien indian movies dekhne jatey hain bycott karen pak chaneels per turkish n indian drama dekhtey hain media walon per to buhat boltey hain apni parties mien dekhen kia kia hota hai dance n dance yeh to phir bhi media hai

  • I totally agree, even if I wouldn’t have agreed with EVERYTHING that you’ve said, the point about “us representing our won identity” is absolutely above everything else.
    I was honestly thinking the same thing when I was listening to the songs in the background. We’ve got own homeland but sadly and foolishly, we’re not able to let go of our inferiority-complex and extreme ‘maroobiat’ from the other side of the border, provided the fact that their hits are a material any sane parent would keep away from their children considering all the filth they’re full of, from their jokes to the “hit songs/item numbers.
    It was a breath of fresh air to read this and a relief that not everyone thinks “when in Rome do what Romans do” or in our case “When you’re a Pakistani, you ought to do what the Bollywood chicks do”
    Great to know we’re still holding the thoughts that yeah we have our own ground to stand on!

  • Allah Miya What's wrong with all of you.
    don't watch the awards if its not to your taste that's it.

  • just keep momena duraid away she is the one who is using our stars(fawad) like ATM machine. Why humsafar was not nominated just giving them special applause was clear that they want to compensate the idiots they have in the same category hero and Villon (ahsan khan and adnan siddqui) nothing was our own it was landa bazar i wish they would have given the amount as charity.Its all about money making .Hum is heading towards Zawal because urdu 1 has taken its place .Last but not the least Firdous of ISHQ-E- MAMNOO must be banging her head on wall the way bushra and co are presenting themselves

  • yes u r right v should never 4get our values…………. whatever the world do but v r muslims and as a muslim it doesn't suit us……. Pakistan hm ne islam k naam pe liya tha agr yehi sub kuch hona tha to hmen itni sacrifices dene ki zarurat kya thi………. hosh k nakhun len Pakistanis…………ye sub kuch hmen zeb nahee deta..

  • i think that k aj kal k environment se, koi pecha hata nahi sakta, and by the way ap sab log jo is per finger otha rahe ho, ap ne bhi kabhi isi tareeka ki harqatien ki hon ghi,mera matlab hain kay ap log afford nahi ker sakte to is ka matlab ye nahi k ap sub ka dil nahi chahta sleeve less clothes pahne ko.
    And u know what this show was the best show i ever watched.

  • sb comments parhne k bad ma sirf itna he kehna chahon gi k chalo islam (religion) ki hum bat is waqt na b karein to atleast apni rawayat rasmon rivaj ki to qadar karni chahiya. . agr TV par se he ye sab hata diya jae ga to hamari ane wali naslon ko to hamari riwayaton k bare ma kuch b nai pata chal sake ga. . Award show HUMTV ka tha jo k ek Pakistani channel ha to atleast inko Pakistani culture ko promote karna chahiya tha. .

  • You can show glamour very well without loosing your identity. Vulgarity, cheap makeup and this kind of dressing is not glamor. Watching other than your channels doesn't mean that to copy everything without using your brain.

  • Hmary actors aur actress ne bht hi acha perfom kia hay hmen to kbhi andaza bhi nhi tha k itna acha show ho ga i appriciate to all the team esspacially to Madam Mahira khan because she is my favourite fan

    • well, i guess u never wants to see the talent we have in Pakistan. performing on bollywood songs and trying to copy the same dance steps looked a little funny, or may i say "Weird". also there were so much effort in almost all the dances especially in ahsan khan's performance. he was really TRYING to give his best. u can easily see this kind of effort in indian dance competitions with new upcoming talents. i totally agree on whatever saud wrote in his above article.
      by the way: "Madam Mahira Khan" is YOUR fan. i didn't know that u are a celebrity :)

  • You've every right to vent your feelings and reaction. It is not going to work. The simple truth is that our culture is changing faster than we expect. It is a BUY & SELL culture. The current thinking is how to join the list of rich & famous by using all means based on profit & loss. People don't mind trying to sell themselves openly. It is known as marketing skill, sell their sex appeal in show business, weddings, public events & work place to attract attention. The marriage market is a forced Len-Den, just a an investment since long. Simple & average looking girls are labelled Behan ji, there is no demand for them in this market, unless their Parents 've enough money to buy a husband. I understand how frustrating it is for ordinary people like us.

  • oh my God,so many comments,Budhi Ghori lal lagam,Bushra Ansari,kia ho gya inbori aurtun ko,sharm Karen

  • srif nach gana hee sub kuch nahee hey ….ager iskey baghair yeh sab hota or + dressing….mrey allah …haya katam ho ker rahgaee hey….ALLHAMDULLAH kam uz kam main yeh kah sakty hoon key main koi kananey nahee sunti……ALLAH HAM SAB KO HIDAYAT DEY…..HAM ACCHEY TO HUKMERAIN ACCHEY……..OR PAKISTAN ACCHA …INN SHAA ALLAH

  • mera khiyal tha k Hum TV itna acha entertainning channel hy., to wo Pakistani culture ko dikhaye ga, lakn mujhy ye dekh k shock laga wo Pakistani se zida Indian show lag raha tha…….Pakistan ka itna khoobsorat culture , dresses or style hy ….lakn pata nhi kion apna culture dikhaty huwe in channels ko sharam aati hy…….buhut mayoos kia Hum Tv ne

  • Mahira pe Pakistani dressing itni achi lagti hy… Indian dressing krne ki kia zaroorat thi

  • sirf buddhon ko hi nahin sari urton ko sochna chahya ky moot ka koi waqt nhin hai. marnay ky baad tu ma'afi nhi hogi

  • A very very written review Saud..
    i totally agree with U. Our industry is totally forgetting it'x values and culture in showx like these..
    they should jsut get out of this stupid and cheap bollywood influence because it really didn't suit them and they were making a complete fool of thmselves i must say..

  • Very well written SAUD,
    But the fact is keh ye indian songs humary zindagi ka aik eham hisa sa ban gaye hain and no body enjoyes awards without them.Aap ne koi indian award funtion agar dekha ho tou ho tou uss mai lataad songs and performances hotiin hain jo agar humaray awards mai na hotiin tou koi bhi enjoy na karta.So to make it interesting & enjoyable(also long) they did all this naachna gaana.Lekin agar aap kehtay ke un ki dressing unappropriate thi tou ye baat tou thi cuz when foreigners would be seeing us they would be laughing at us kiun ke we're representing pakistan and what the dressing was…….it was horrible,awful & cheap.uuuuuuuh!(specialy mehwish hayat and humaima malick).Jo bhi hai,the article was worth valueable!
    BTW it's Ahsan Khan and Mehwish Hayat not Ahsan Hayat and Mehwish Khan

  • hamare pakistan ka ye culture hy hum foreign countries main rhne wale apne bachon ko ye dikhain k ye hy hamare pakistan ka culture.kya difference reh gya hy hum main aur westren culture main.hum muslims hone k sath sath pakistani bhi hain.hum apne bachon ko apni values sikhate hn jb wo ye sab dekhte hn to question krte hn k ye hain apki values apka culture.western karain to sharmindagi nhi hoti q k unka to ye culture hy.pata nhi hamara pakistan kis tarf ja raha hy bahir rhte hn to boht pareshani hoti hy dil dukhta hy kahan gai hamari values hamara culture.

    • So true shazia ridiculous, here in uk m teaching my dauters to cover their selves ..wen my dauters ask me why ,i answer them we are muslim and our background is pakistan and islam teaches us to cover ourselves .hw embarsed i was to watch hum tv awards:( is this wat m going to show my girls this is our culture:(((((

  • Aaj kal tu pakistani drama b iss qabil nai raha k bachun yaa bazurgun key sath behth ke dekh sakain…

  • Why was shehnaz sheikh , marina and the mention of hasina moin and serials like dhoop kinare , tanhaiyan…. IGNORED??????????/

  • Totally and absolutely agree with the review above… the pak media is riculously n blindly influenced by the indian culture not only loosing its own identity but also giving the world out there a chance to further humiliate the pakistani reputatuion …definitly this could have been a hit if the non sensical bollywood tunes would have been replaced by our pak pop, classical or sufiana tunes which are recognized all over the world as our own earned achievement!

  • hae bat to thek hy ap ki.millions time agree krty hen.ab kon inhe smjhaye is me tabahi ka elawa kuch nh


  • I don't agree with the vulgarity aspect but c'mon… Why do we always have to copy Indians and watch their T.V shows(star plus etc..)
    Indians do not even show a single pakistani drama on their tv channels then why should we promote their culture instead of ours!!!!????

  • You guys are all hypocrites!!! Honestly u are!!! Non of u have he gutts to accept that u loved the Awards!!! Yeh jo "Pakistani culture bhool gaye aur indian culture apna rahe hain" rubbish likh rahe hain, somebody should ask them what the hell do u do behind closed doors? wohi indian gaane sab sunte hain aur apni weddings mein bajate hain!!! Grow out of it people!!! Aur please religion jaisi pak cheez ko beech mein na he lao to acha hai, kyoun ki ham sab ne gunha kiye hain, aik wahid Khuda ki zaat ke ilawa koi Pak nahin!!! Culture ka dhindora peetna hai to stop watching indian and western movies and start watching PTV, ohh magar woh bhi ab modern hota ja raha hai tum jaise hypocrites ke liye!!! Most of u have spoken about Bushra Ansari in quite an abusive way, i have a question, Please muijhe bataye kaun se culture mein likha hai ke aap apne se badi umer ke logon se iss tarha mukhateb hosakte hain? She is an asset to our country,unlike u hypocrites! Aur Mr.Saud kya aap ke paas kuch aur behter kerne ke liye nahin tha? I admit sab ke apne views hote hain, lekin kisi aur ke expense per iss tarha unko public kerna kaun sa aur kahan ka culture hai? Please stop misleading people :(__A Proud Pakistani Girl,_Hayat!!!!

    • ye apnay buhat sahi baat ki ! main jis shadi main jata hun wahan ye gana zarur chalta hai "teri meri meri teri prem kahani…. do lafzoon main ye bayan na ho paye " chahay dulhan dulhay k aaba baray busines man ho ya puhanchay huay molana !

    • Agar aap proud Pakistani ho tooo phir I think you should have been little disturbed by Pakistanis promoting Indian is good to raise voice if you see your Pakistani brothers doing something wrong. Thanks saud!!!!!

  • I agree with some of your points but i really liked the show! Our industry did something good and i think we should appreciate it rather than point out the flaws! And about the Performances!! don't we all listen to these Indian songs? play them in our cars etc? so wats wrong if they too did that? its not like they performed on only Indian.. like u said.. there were Pakistani performances too… think of it this way.. Bollywood too adopts from Hollywood… i think we really need to let go of this matter and broaden our horizon! they did a wonderful job and it should be appreciated! And like someone already pointed it out! leave Islam out of it! If we look at it from that point of view then many more arguments can arise… BTW about the dressing…. Our normal girls now a days prefer sleeveless… (not that i support the idea) so if our stars too wear it i think that shouldn't be THAT much of a deal!

    • We Pakistanis r hypocrites..tht is enough to say…i loved whole show..only one thing that i have problem with is indian songs…our music industry is dying day by day…so instead of performing on indian songs i think they should have chosen Paki songs….baki i loved it…..

    • miss rimsha we r nt saying about bollywood songe they play nd performe …….we r talking about their dresses …about bushra ansari dresses nd other actreeses too

    • Well my dear v hav lost our own identity because we are letting go all such important things in our life! Indian stuff is being imposed on us all the time and as a result………most people hav started thinking like u. At leat v hav to say WRONG wat is going Wrong!…..our new generation is least bothered about our own heritage!…its only restrictedf to Lawn prints!!!……… if like a pigon ull close ur eyes than ………. the rest is in front of our eyes ! How our own Pakistan is turning rather TURNED into dust and ashes!!!……..its really SAD and cause of our DOWNFALL…….

  • Pakistan ke syasatdanon ne isko bhooka to kar diy tha in tv atresson ne Pakistan ko nanga bhi kardiya kisi ko apne mulk or qaum ki izzat ki parwa nhi India ne humein hamare ghar mein ghus ke shikast di hai hosh karo Pakistaniyo ab bhi wakt hai….

  • gud effort but must sayy not as gud as we all were expecting!!shame on all of them who appreciate this progamme!!!

  • I wish kay hum parday ki ehmiyat ko samajh sakein. ALLAH nei aurat ko saat pardon me chupa rehnay ka hukm dya huwa hai or hum log apni akhrat ko bhool kar dunya ko mustkil thikana smjh bethay hain. ALLAH sab ko hidayet de. Ameen

  • those guys dont know what is the moral values of islam .these girls specially fascinate the laws of their own religion .doesnt belong to pakistan and islam . cheer guys we know how they reach there.specially short clothes shows they are good preachers of their family . we must give noble prize to all of them for giving so much information for giving their family background where they belong .

  • Ye konsa pehla award show ho rha tha Pakistan mn K jis mn agr indian songs ko shamil na kia jata to log daikhty nahi PTV Awards, LUX Style Awards etc . huy hain kya un mn aisa kuch tha kya????????
    ni na agr hum aisy he is award show mn krty to hr kisi ny appreciate krna tha aur kisi ny b aitraz ni krna tha…
    aur jahan tk baat hy Bushra appa ke dressing ke to wo hum sy behter smjh skti hain k unko kya pehnna hy aur kya nahi…
    umeed krty hain k dobara aisa show ni hoga…
    ALLAH hamary mulko quam pr apna kram frmaye AMEEEEEEEEEEEEEN…..

  • song selection was totally cheap…indeans hm se hmari culture identity lainy ma kamyab ho rhy han aur yeh private channels unko is kam ma kamyab kr rhy han through dressing and dancing style.

  • moreover cheap jokes n rubbish songs made this function totally of indian style….pakistani actors dont look good doing all these things…:S

  • as a muslim shame on them. if they little bit feel shame but it is only dream we have some time even now to say sorry to allah.He give us peace with sharm as well

  • m agreed wid u saud…….i waz also really dissappointd 2c their dresses,the songs and the prfomnces……
    v,ve our own music… actually v dnt have self respects…in any indian award show they wnt play a single bewat of pakistani song thn y we did that so easily……
    as th actresses came i waz jst wndr 2c their sleevelesses….

  • well i gues what there is no sincer policy present for private channels,and even ptv has relaxed the policy so much.with out chek and balnc every thing gets distorted ,every type of media do have a strong effect on the society,and that is why the media should b utilized very wisely.other wise complete destruction of ethics,values,culture and integrity of any nation.

  • yes… v v disappointing n cheap show… this n this kind ov all show… pvt channels should not destroy the culture n values of our society n ISLAM…

    • we agree that hum tv is one of the most brilliant channel our most favourite but only problem is that after seeing this function no one can recognize that this is pakistani award function r indian award function pakistani actresses cross the limits while wearing their dresses plzzzzzzzzzzzz think where is our islam???? india to phir kush kese na ho??? mahira u r so pretty so plzz cross ur limits by expossing ur body……. dnt forget that god have given success to hum chaneel>>>>

      • islam sirf namaz aur masjid tk rah gaya hay bss…agar koi quran o sunnat ki baat karay toh we r like ….paindoo soch hay eski…:(

  • i agree ,it was a bakwas show,nothing our own,only bollywood copy,if this trend continued our drama will also be destroyed too

  • dear readers assalam-o-alaikum!It is always shocking and very annoying to see that our channels being so much in dire need of indian cruthches although they are producing most outstanding dramas and quality programs….but I am disappointed so deeply so to see that no channel is solely and purely a Pakistani channel all need at least one or two indian filthy dramas four days a week,a reality show and two or more stupid and meaningless movies every week………I am a die hard Pakistani drama supporter since childhood and my heart bleeds when I see that our channels give us the impression that they cannot or should I say do not want to survive without promoting indian filth.Above all some of our actors lose their charm,dignity and identity dancing to their vulgar songs….moreover our senior actresses should be role models for their fans rather than adopting their scanty Pakistan and everything genuine that is MADE IN PAKISTAN

  • AOA to all of you As i am in shock and you will be after seeing such a shameless function.Look Bushra Ansari ;how old is she but has no shame for her age. Simple is the way in the life and at the end Man will be with his companions inshallah. so they are practicing ,they will be with them.Indian Muslim actors say they are not practicing islam but they are muslims.They are happy with their deeds and Pakistani actors are also happy to do this.Kindly pray to Allah show them the true path for all these.

  • to phr zalazaly kyun na ayn is mulk main….?phly hi itni kharabi hy is mullk ma atleast kch to islam ko follow kar lain.ALLAH hum sb ko hidayat dy.(ameen)

  • Mein ne show dekha hi nhi aur ye article parhne k bad sochta hn k acha hua nhi dekha, ye bat bhi sahi hai k majority viewers khud ye dekhna chahti hai lekin hamare actors aur actresses khud to organizers ko keh sakte hain na k bajae Indian show dikhane k humein aur Pakistani talent ko promote karo lekin ye khud hi har cheez mein un ko involve karte hain to kon in ko itna dekhna chahe ga jitna Indians ko dekhta hai in ko to chahye k shart rakhen k har cheez in se related ho jokes, quotations ya dramas aur programs k bare mein batein.

    • First of all, let me admit, I watched the show and I loved it. Mahwish Hayat (who is otherwise my favorite) was wonderful and looking gorgeous so were many others. Mahira was stunning and many others were equally so. And all those people, who are trying to condemn, they watch the same thing on Indian Channels and on abroad channels. They gladly watch it. So, it is not forbidden there and here it is considered forbidden. All of you who are condemning this show, have been watching all such things on other channels then why these double standards.

      I was amazed to see, Pakistan mein itnay nek log bastay hain. Every one trying to codemn the show and prove that he is Mr Right. Yet, Pakistan is one of the most corrupt country of the world.

      And which culture are you talking about. Dont you know that your, so called, shurfa (shreef zaday) were trained at the place of prostitutes in the best days of Ilsam. They were taught how to talk and behave, at the kothas, besides enjoying all kinds of
      activity available at those places. And dont you know, that your nawabs and so called all flag bearers of Islam used to hold mujras and these were watched by the families also. Of course not all families allowed their ladies to watch it but many did. This was Muslim culture in India.

      And do you know nearly all the Muslim Caliphs (leaving the first four) used to have umpteen number of kaneez and londees in their haram and they drank and did all those
      things much more than the people do them today. So, what culture are you talking about.
      And zalzlay is liey nhee attay, kih people show their skin or they dance to stage.
      Wo is liey attay hain, because we respect wealth today, earned by corrupt means. We
      dont care, how this person became wealthy by corruption, by smuggling, by tax
      evasion by being Qabza mafia or what. But we respect him because he has got wealth.

      My request to you, that showing skin or wearing half the clothes is not real issue. It
      was there in the days, when Islam was at its prime and was a super power. The real
      thing, is that you should be honest, uncorrupt, do justice and decide and do things
      on merit. Why is Army still considered to be the best organizaion in the country
      because it is the only organization which is being run on merit.

      We get irritated by dances and songs, but we dont get irriated by bribery, nepotism
      and corruption. These are our real issues. Our emphasis is wrong. Look at Nawaz Shareef
      family, their each descendent is trying to become a leader. Seems they are all princes
      and princesses trying to run this state. Look at Bhutoo family they are doing the
      same thing. Look at jatois, how did they save their son from the long hand of law. These are our real issues. Not the one, whom all of you are trying to show anger

      India is much advanced in such glamour and dances. But it has not hindered their
      worldly progress. They are beter than us in every field of life, science, technology
      development and everything. So, it is not nudity or glamour which retards your progress. It is your values of honesty, working hard and working in fair means. This is what we lack and this is what makes nations make and break. That should be our emphasis.

      Let me say I loved the show, and I would love to see more of them. And I am a muslim
      and an honest and noncorrupt muslim.

    • First of all thank u for writing on such a big issue. I must say writer of this article has describe true picture of this so called Pakistani biggest award function. It is really regretful that HUm tv's statement of being a major player for revival of Pakistani dramas has been decreasing day by day. All boring and rubbish idian reality shows and some pathetic indian plays are being on aired by Hum tv. Even some of their Pakistani drams are bold enough that they are seemed to showing vulgarity. Except Zindagi Gulzar hay all other dramas are not worth seeing and their award function was really dis pointed. Ahsen Khan, Mehwish Hayat, Umamia showed their life's wort performance.

  • Thanks a million Saud for writing this article.I had my surgery on Fri,was at the hospital at the time of show.I asked my son to change the channel to Hum,but could not tolerate seeing Bushra Ansari wearing such a dress not to mention others.My son who came from abroad could not believe that was a Pakistani Award Show.What a waste of money!I felt so bad that had to shut the TV.Hum Tv is my favourite channel,aftr this show don't know.

  • Hello main ye kehna chahti hun humari actress ne indian songs pe dance kiya i want to say k jab dance perform kerna nhn ata to kia zarurat thi khud ko kat ,karina aur jacqeline samjhny ki ..apny songs pe kuch perform ker letay like humayu …aur agr kr bhi liya indian songs pe to apny ideas use kerti same wesy step kyu kiye jo kr nhn paai ya achi terah sikh leti indians ain k dance perform dekh kr has rehy hun gay..baki show acha tha except dance performances.

  • bullshits…. sorry to say mine dear
    all the peoples who are crying on indian songs and bala bala
    i am sure that they must love to watch indian movies and to listen indian songs…
    well am also sort of country loving person..i dont listen to indian songs nor i watch Indian movies.
    i saw the whole show and i enjoyed pretty well..
    so dont make it an issue.. .. first go and stop watching indian movies,indian channels,indian songs..
    then you can pass such comments.!
    good luck

    • dosent matter koiu indian movies dekhy ya na dekhy….but ye hamara culture nahin hai ke hamari ouraten bazoo khuly libass pehnennn…hum muslaman hen kuch nahin to apny apkodhap kar fashion kar sakty hen..
      aj kal long shirt or full sleves main bohat stylish or expensive dress available hen…zaroori hai ager indian movies like karty hen to namaz rooza choor den?> ya libas utar kar phaink dennn…being a muslimmmm think about it…kya jawab den gy khuda ko hum ne kya kiya dunya main????? BURAI ko BURAI nahi samjha….?
      dont be angry plz think…ye show humko nahin ghair mulk ko reperesent kar raha hai…indians bhi thookty hongy ke ye musalman hen.???? hum apna culture follow karty hen or ye musalman hamara…. thoo aisy fasion peeee…

  • pakistani punjabi movies ke naseebo laal ke gaye hue songs ke wording itni cheap hoti hai ke un per to perform kia hi nahi ja sakta reh gaye old pakistani songs to un per shayed is liye perform nahi kia ke wo boht baer kia ja chuka hai ab wo kya karte

  • Saud,,, wateva u hv written thts realy a bitter truth,, even whn i was watching ths show,,the dance performances of ahsan and the last humaima,, they seems to be xtremely cheap and vulgar, espcialy humaima's, and u hv used a vry correct word, it was realy looking tht she z doing an item number,, apart frm tht all, whch u hv written about the beginning words of the show, as i hvnt seen the show from the beginning,, iqlaqiaat n saqafat, to ye i dont know k kis saqafat ko promote kr rhe hain and iqlaqiat ka word to kahin bohat peeche reh gya tha in ths (indian influenced) award ceremony,

  • the awards show was very bakwass because of cheap performance by ahsan khan, mawish hayat ,humaiema malik on indian songs.. and behayie bahut thi yo keh hamary pakistan ke culture ke khilaf haiii…

  • I only saw clips of the show, from clips I came to knew abt valgarity.those ppl who r ssayng tht v listen indian songs and watch movie etc, yes v saw and listen bt yet v love our culture and country, being a muslim v can't see all thisl,v have at if as lam,rahat fat eh ali khan,ali afar and others too. They can perform on their songs.those who r saying hypocratic to the write. Those ppl r actually hypocratic in themselves cuz they love to watch such things.v should nt give chance to non muslms to make joke of us by doing such perfrmnces. I agree wth the writer.

  • you'll destroy pak earlier.please promote conventional and muslim-like properties.i hate hum tv and all its contents.

    • I agree with you. We have our own culture and music, why we fallow all the time Indian music and their dresses

  • I absolutely agree with the writer. had the show been an indian tv show I wouldn't have had the feeling of uneasiness, disappointment and lil anger while watching the Hum show. Ladies' dresses, be they old or young, the songs, the dances, the extras attires, all was beyond my understanding! This was NOT Pakistani! if one calls that progressive, we are not far from women showing up in minis (especially after Ayyan's dress).

  • unfortunately the show by hum tv smashed the two nation theory , our meaningful dramas and shows promoting
    our inspiring & clean culture . most of the indian even western people inspired from our dramas so, v shd be very careful of that …..

  • Agreed indeed! I couldn't digest the way they represents themselves. They should have followed and promoted our own culture, THE culture that has its own unique significance and identity. It should rather be far more better if they could include our own talent like *Atif's Aslam live performance or Jal group's act on stage and even more we have a very vast performers that could make this show far far more better than it was……Moreover we should represent our own culture.

  • toba ha hmara media azad ho kr b abi tak zehni gulam ha smajhtay hn shayad hm log un ki nakal kr k un ki tara hi bn aen gay in ko yaqeen kun ni ata k hmaray log apnay tradition ko apnay culture ko un ki nisbat khin zyzda psand krtay hn agar usya shi tor pay represent kya gya ho to ye un ki traa adhay kapray phn kr or dance kr k pta ni kya sabat krna chahtay hn .agar apny culture ko promote krain to in k dramas and shows sari families bath kr tahykhain


  • totally agree with the author….our media is just portraying Indian ideology and thinking which is harmful for us and so as for our kids because how will our new generation identify the true ideology of Pakistan.

  • we don' tknow why pakistani media copy the indian "s media :( jab hum logo ko itna pyar culture mila ha to hum pir bi :(
    i strongly agree with u :)
    so plz be careful…….. we should feel proud to pakistani culture:)

  • i also disappiont when i saw bushra ansari
    in semi-naked drees :(
    …………. yeh to hamray seniors han jab yeh log asay kartay han to bhot dhuk hota ha :(

    • i totally agree to Mr. Saud who wrote this article.. its like u have written my words.. its a shame..when we have so much ORIGINAL talent of our own n yet we follow the Indians

  • Hum Indians hamare channels ki gandagion se pareshan the ab ye Pakistan ka award function dekh kar bahut takleef hui. Indian culture ki tarah Pakistani culture ganda hota ja raha hai. Hai affsos. Pakistani actresses jis tarah apne dramon mein characters portray karte hai bahut qoob hai lekin is function mein jis tarah apne aap ko pesh kiya hai, dekh kar sharam se sar jukh gaya. Allah in sab ko hidayat de. Aameen.

    • So true… India has completely powered our media….. Did anybody notice about the map of Pakistan they show on any TV channels… there's no Kashmir showing in Pakistan Map….?

  • I JUST SAY THAT THEY ARE SHOWING THEIR INFERIORITY COMPLEXES.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • i also agree with you and did not watch this show. A total disappointment as pakistani.

  • in sub ny bht fazol dresses pahy thy jis ki ijazat humara islam nhi deta uf kya bny ga pakistan ka………………………..

  • i agree… mujhe pakistani actress or indian actress me koi fark nazar nahi aa raha …. jab hamari pakistani actress hi is tarah ki dresses pahne gi to hum me or indian actress me koi fark nahi raha…is ki ijazat to hamra islam bhi nahi deta …. i was very disapointed

  • 100% agreed….. pakistani actress or indians me ab koi fark nahi raha …. i can't believe this k hamari pakistani actess is tarah ki dresses pehan sakti hain…hamara islam bhi is tarah ki dressing ki ijazat nahi deta but i thing k ye apna deen bhol chuki hain … i wass very disapointed…

  • hi guys.m happy to know that still in pakistan there r people who r not suffering from inferiority cmplex.our dramas r best and v should stick to that.unless v boycott these bukkshit things it il spread like a cancer in our society which has already been done.v al shud stand up and resist it forcefully.stay united

  • One thing made me laugh when I read all the comments. Do u really think Momina Duraid is a sensible producer.Go watch "ishq junoon dewangi".It was like a "Indian charba movie".Just because she produced "hums afar",we cannot call her sensible.Everybody knows to get a good drama u need a good writer.Umeera Ahmed is a good writer,was established when PTA made a drama based on Umeera Ahmed's story long before Momina picked Umeera's script.


  • Dear author you are right all we agree with that but but but such type of function was just a dream for us first for all secondly we should remember humaiyo bhoom bhoom fahad mustafa performance umer sharif fairy dance and many more were outstanding and totally mind blowing yes influence was there reason is that the impact of them we cannot over come at once gradually it will be vanished because every one appriciated those performances which were our cultural related and bolly wood performance no one like that so next time inshalah people try to avoid such type of performances you criticise it this is good but this this would be wrong to say that totally it had indian influence.

  • pikstanio kush sharm kro had hia baghariti ki kam za kam apna libsa hi thek kr leny or to kuch kr ni sakte


    • Sorry to rain on your parade Balcoh seem to be one of those cheap, myopic and bigoted Pakistani muslims..You people as a nation don't believe in looking at the ills of your own society and its culture, warts and all..instead you conveniently, blame everything on people of other religions like the cheap Hindus and the blaspheme Christians..Blaming them or their culture will not change anything, nor you, nor your society nor your culture..what you see in Indian films is pure Punjabi culture, which I believe is similar to our Punjab..see the hilarious and the ironic part is that you find it acceptable to watch the so called muslim oriented turkish dramas , where people drink, women wear skirts and both men and women cheat..but that is ok, WHY? Because come on, these come from Turkey which has a Muslim population.(for the moment, lets keep aside the fact that Turkey is a SECULAR country much like India which once again boasts of a higher Muslim population then Pakistan)!!! pathetic that all that matters to you is religion!!! So why don't you do one thing, why don't you take up the traditions of Somali muslims and circumcise your daughters, why don't you take up the muslim tradition of 'Muta Marriage' where a husband can sell of his wife for a period of time in exchange for money…and why not teach them the tradition of sabotage!!! after all these are more worthy traditions then simply talking about clothes and dancing!!! lol!!! why don't you take up the tradition of the Afghani Taliban of 'Bacche Baazi'!!! need I go more!!! it is because of generations of people like you who have been so thoroughly brainwashed that you as individuals, as a society and as people of the religion create nothing but hatred!!yet never change because to change you need to see and acknowledge the ills of your society warts and all!!! If you want to change, start the change with yourself, as a person and as a human being as 'Allah' intended you to do!!! First fix your own self before you start sermonizing and demanding change from others!!!

  • totally agree wid ur article, i was too disappointed as im one of the patriotic people n love to promote our own rich culture rather than other's vulgar,confused culture. it cud have been much much better if we'd have seen much of PAKISTANII <3 in hum awards. Just dont kno y this happens here :/..n luved ur article btw its just my words, stay blessed :))

    • hum musalmano k naam dhabaa bantey jarahey hein our hum saab samjty hein kay hum saab tarqqi karey hein per hum yeh bhool gay hein allah paak un logo ko berbaad kar deyta haye jo apni limit toortey hein ajj kaa midia bus yoth ko galat rasta dekha raha haye/////

  • each n every word of ur article is true n comes directly from the heart of all patriotic pakistanis.i hate hate hate india n indian culture.they'v been killing our people since 1947 n we still look upto those bloody faces like they'r our mentors or doubt there fashion n film industry z far far ahead of us in all aspects but yessss we'v the best drama industry n they can't beat us in that.sab se pehle hmare actors ko apni individuality pe fakhar karna chaheye n then is indian race ke complex se baher nikalna chaheye.

    • agree with u but the thing is our institutions are also poor they are not focusing on these cultural issues…

  • i agree disgusting show…………….we r muslimsand should behave and dress like muslims…………..
    sultana appa say aisee umeed nahi thee ky wo apnay channel par aisay show kaeway gi

  • i thinking we should leave to allah and let him decide………………and before talking about someone else we should look at our self coz they might be better muslim then us

    • manahil dun mind but agar hm kisi ki buri baat ko usay batatay hain toh it doesnt mean k hm boht achay muslim hain aur wo boht buray….insaan ko har waqt dosray ko yaadahani karvatay rehna chahyay…aaj agar hm khamosh hain toh hm say b poucha jay ga …aik comment say kuch b nai ho ga but it mean we dun want that pro islamic vulgur entertainment….

  • What a joke. Everyone is complaining about how it was so influenced by Indian culture, if it was influenced by Lollywood instead of Bollywood then there would have been no clothes at all, and only vulgarity. Everyone watches Indian movies, everyone's favourite desi song is Indian, majority of the people if asked who their favourite actor is would say Sharukh Khan or someone similar. Our industry is finally starting to pick up yet people complain, they have no problem with the plethora of Turkish or Indian soap operas but hold ours to a double standard. In the end we will be left with nothing but 'Lollywood' movies which you'd be ashamed to even call 'Pakistani'.

  • kisi b channal ki onwer aur admin ki mentalilty dekhni ho to uska award show dekh lain ya dusray lafzoun mi soch aur palicies.darmy bana kar ji image banya tha hum tv ni wo khud hi tor dia. indian awars mi pak singer jaty hain aur yahan? mera khayal hi inhoun ni atif ,rahet fath ,ali azmat aur hadiqa kiyani ko na bula kat pesy bahain hain.

  • I fully endorse the views expressed by Saud. While the show was well organized , the copy of Indian awards did leave a very bad taste in the mouth. Hope such follies will not be repeated. I assure you that our audience would much appreciate an original effort conforming to Pakistani culture and traditions.

  • Sometimes I wonder what (almost all of) our leading channels are trying to achieve. They started with a pro-pakistani image and are now (may be on purpose) looking to promote indian content and their mindset. An average Pakistani can find it very hard to support them.

  • Mahira khan ko to dekhen ek taraf hamsafar, shehr-e-zaat jaise dramay bana kar logon ko Allah Ki taraf raghib kar rahee hain or doosree taraf awards ki hosting men apne jism ki numaish kar rahee hain. ap inhen hamsafar k last episodes men daikhen jab ink sar say dopatta hi naheen uttarta or bataen k kiya inhen khoobsoorat lagne k liye jism ki numaish karne ki zaroorat hai??? pata naheen kiya ho gaya hai hamaree pakistani actresses ko. zindagi gulzar hai men kashaf ko daikhen k paison or shohrat k liye Allah k bare men kis qadar bakwas ki hai. sharm say doob marnaa chahiye aise logon ko…


    • y dont you people understand that these actresses are only acting in these dramas and they are not portraying themselves at all… if mahira wore very suitable and covered clothes in humsafar that doesnot means that she is doing in her real life as well because she only wore those covered clothes because the character of Khirad demanded such outfit… and regarding kashaf as well , us ne koi bakwaas nhi ki, the novel had a story of how a girl who was so unthankful to allah changes into a women who then knows as time passes on that allah has many blessings on she just said what was in the drama script and that doesnot means she is so bad and unthankful to allah in her real life..
      so please guys think before you object on totally unnecessary things about these actresses..

    • kbi socha ha k aesa a3ward kiu bnaya y gye kiu k hum log isi chiz ki demand krte hain hum ne kbi simple or islami culture ko wel come kha ha???????????????????????????????? or tmam tv orgnaizaton dekhati wo hi hai jo hum dekhna chahte hain

  • Hum apnay lai Allah kay azzab ka bundobuns kernay hai.hum tv sub sai aagay or leader sultana saddiqui.

  • Yeh show function dekh ke tho dil chaha rha tha ke abhi t.v thor doun,Like bollywood ko again chance mil gaya ham pe hasne sarey pakistani songs khatam ho gaye they?
    Hamayun Saeed did well.THANK GOD.
    but vry disgusting and upseting.
    I hope yeh messg in kko miley.

  • Ppl have much leisure time to discuss these craps on this platform……. i just browsing web pages and see the healthy discussion on this page …. Guys spend some time to discover what is actual Islam said & what is motive of Islam instead of passing comments on these "Shaitani discussions"

  • jab awam hi aesi hai to in mein aqal ki kami to kya khhoob dikhai daeti hai pakistani culture of which culture u all are talking the clothes which they are wearing that is too common in today's life , u all can see in all malls cafe cinemas markets etc and u all are saying they are influenced by indian culture have u all gotten blind cant u all se indians what reshami pajama and short shirts they have wearing in dramas and also shows and after all these are actresses its there profession the clothes which they have wear that is not jusity or capable regarding to islam rulesand in islam no showbiz is allowed for women and men plssss broad ur mind and look whts is right and wht is wrong look from islam point of view not from indians and also if this show is compare to competition then pls jyust avoid its not a copy of indians only songs they have taken from indians and so what if they have taken because pakistani sons no one listens atif and rahat song can be tolerable but no one can dance on rahat and atif song pls remember that also remember that indians is also using rahat and atif songs alot in their filmsss

  • Thank u Urvashi, it is exactly these sentiments we share & why we love Pakistani dramas… However it IS SUCH A SHAME, that the actors & actresses playing these roles, single handedly take the dignity away of the entire production & writers enormous effort away by agreeing to conduct like cheap 'Murjra walis' on stage. I cannot get over what 'Bushra Ansari' was wearing. Living in the UK I know Asian girls do not dress or act like this. Our Pakistani actresses think this is forward… Well let me put it out there… ONLY CHEAP WOMEN dress like this in public…. Any of you who think covering up is backward… Then NO, taking your clothes off & dancing in front of men is backward… As far back as cave women.. This is 'Gavaar' behaviour … Please for the sake of Pakistan's future get some class… It's free! Ps… I'm not a hijaabi just incase you want to use that as a self convincing excuse. NAJ.

  • I wish hum tv network to read all comments, we will be more happy to watch Pakistani culture on your next award show. Plz promote your culture n put better foundations, so that you can be tracked, Hint is enough for wise men.

  • i hope hum realizes that the originality has its own beauty "humsafar " and other darmas that were a hit were because the mentioned real issues beautifully not because they relied on indian influence just because we listen or see indian movies . as a channel its your responsibility to bring forward good pakistani culture viewers have proved they like decent pakistani culture , hum should not enter into rating game and lose its identity those who like the bolly wood can tune in any time there but hum has always made a differenve but hum awards no good in the rating race dont follow bolly wood

  • oookayy, i read all the reviews and i think that our award shows should reflect our culture and we shouldn't act like wannabees. This award show was reaallyyy good but i really criticize Bollywood like wearing and performance on Indian songs- sooo not pakistani…….

  • Pta nehi jo jitna bay haya hota ha wo khud ko itna he zayada modern kyu samjhta ha. . . . agar kapray utarna he modern hona hota to Janwar hum sab se zyada modern han . . .
    wo Shaitaan he tha jis ne Adam AS aur Hawa ko jannat se nikalwa dia tha… un ka libaas chin gya tha. . . aur aaj bhe wo bohat kamyaab ho raha ha apnay usi waday pe k main Insanoon ki bari tadaad ko gumrah keroonga. . .
    ALLAH hamain hidayat day… aaj k dour k fitnoon se hamain aur hamari uladoon ko mahfooz rakhay ameen . . .

  • It's soo sad. I live in the uk. Who was born and bred in Islamic values . I appreciate the good dramas that have a good moral and I feel ashamed to think why is Pakistan no different from India why did Pakistan call itself paak sar zameen? If India and Pakistan follow the same disgraceful cinema. Shows even cat shows ?
    Hijaab has decreased.

    Life is unpredictable and Islam is a brilliant way !
    Why do we need to be separated land from India if people want to live like Indian ? Why ?
    It's embarrassing seeing the woman degrading themselves on these shows and you feel disgusted being called Pakistani at times.

  • muje to dekh k herat hoti hai apni accteress ko k ye waqi musalman hai in mai se ek ko bhi namaz parhna nhi ati inhony dupaty ka riwaj hi khatam kr diya hai lekin kafan me to zarur mily ga dupata in ko jb farishty hanse gy in ko dekh kar mera dil chahata hai k jb ye mare to in ko dafnaya na jy balke in ko hindo ki tarha jalaya jay Q k ye in ki copy krte hai

  • ab awam se coment mangne se pehle sb ko darusat simat daikhna chahea jb 1 cheaz on air ho jati he to pher apka asal me teer Kaman se nikal jata he
    ye sb onair ker k HUM ne dunia per ye sabit ker dia he k PAK media INDIA se ikhlaqi or tehzeebi etbar se apni jung medan me utre bagair he haar gia he LAAANAT to boht choota lafz he PAK media ko sharam delane k lie I think me to speechless hon k konsa intehai nazeba lafaz bol ker HUM ki iss representation ko behayaii k agent kahuun?????????????????????

  • kya hamara apna culture ni ha. kahen ak din aisa na aye k…………….. i like mehwish hayat bt mehwish ap achi hu bt

  • ALLAH pak hi in ko hidayat day samjh nahi ata kia show karna chahtay hain…kia ye uratain musalman b hain ya nahi mujy to nahi lagti hain kia in k bhai in ko nanga dekh kar khush hoty hain kia in k fathers b in ko dekh kar fakhir karte hain in ko ALLAH ka khof hi nahi na jahnam ki aag ka na azab e qabar ka na dubara uthaye janay ka phir ye kesay ho saktay hain musalman….jago utho apna QURAN pak parho jiss main kia kia bayan kia hay ALLAH pak nay kuch khof karo us RAB pak ka….ek bar phir sawal karon gi kia ap log musalman ho?????nahi ap ko dekh kar to mujy sharam araha hay k mere islam ki uratain ye hain mera ALLAH hi ap par koi reham kare baki to ap k aimal aisay nahi hain jo choray jaon…astagfirillah

  • you are right, your each and every word seems to be stolen from my own heart. I really feel down after the telecast of this show, we did what we are not built to do! :(

  • stop criticizing people !! this show was really fun..i dont want to see Mullahs and boring preachers on live shows..Bollywood is fun and India is also fun..wish Pakistan was fun..:(

  • its so funny that these criticizers are all dreaming of a life in Europe and talk bad about European culture..die in pakistan

  • I was astonished to see half naked female actors, indeed it was looking more like an Indian award ceremony. And one the most indecently dressed up, desperate if she wouldn't have even worn the bit she was wearing was Mohib Mirza's wife Amna.

  • kia ye comments un tak pohnchtay hain jin ko hum samjha rahay hain musalman or islam ki values kia hay ya bus hum sab yahan khud hi comments parhtay hain khud hi daitay un ko b to pata hona chahiye k hum kitni nafrat kartay hain jo humare islam k khilaf kar rahay hain jab k hain wo b musalman par afsos unjo ye b humain samjhana par raha hay in ko ahsas b hua hay ya bus wohi apnay behaya kamon main masrof hain akhirat ko bhula kar kuch to maan rakh lain humaray islam ka hum auraton ki izat ka in ki wajha se jo naik auratain hain jo deen islam par chalnay wali hain un par kala dabha laga rahay hain doosri qoum k log to ye hi kahain gay na k ab masalmano ka ye hal raha hay k apnay hi jismon ko numaish karti hain jab k hum pak hain is behayae se…ALLAH pak hi in ko hidayat day,,,ameen

  • I'm an Indian and huge fan of Pakistan (shocking for u guys). but yeah everything about Pakistan intrigues me and i love your shows, your novels, your dresses,your music industry everything. I know few pakistani ppl and i lobe them from the bottom of my heart. to be frank i really have no such thing as hatred for u ppl. i dont even dislike you. Anyway, back to the topic, i was really waiting to watch the award show but I was disappointed, i didn't laugh at you guys (as you had presumed) but i felt sad cz i wanted to see how you guys would do it. I didn't like how humtv tried doing it in indian way. I think if they had kept it the way as mahira had said, it would have been hit,even here across the border. They could have used to Pakistani songs as well, theres no shortage of good party numbers by Pakistani actors. Everything could have been better only if they stuck to their originality. Khair, All the best for coming shows. Peace!

  • For gods sake ! People it a acha award show tha I'm a true Muslim but being liberal this is fine with me seriously stupid minded people what do u want ke auratein parra kar ke gear bethi rahein . Please Indian songs Sunna koi ghunaa nah in hai khodd har waqt Indian songs Suntay ho or agar humari actresses in par dance karien to bohat atraaz hota hai aap logo on ko plz aap mullahs ko har waqt tv par dekha chahtey Haines kya

    • its not abt any1 person itx abt the whole country…hum log bhi bht shoq sy indian songs sunty hain but vo hum individually krty hain but ye award show to puri dunya ne dekha hai logon ko to ek example set krni chahye thi pakistani culture ki….duppata choro atleast proper dress to pehan leti k pata lagy k hum apni limits me hainn…bht dukh huya ye dekh kr even mene to 5 min sy zyada show dekha hi nhi usi me sb pata lag gaya…

    • you must not forget the difference between you and hindus … ur culture is greatly different from them .. the dancesxx were not less then any item .. encouraging them is just insulting ur religion … u must not forget the difference between listening and doing something…we are not criticizing that why are they dancing ..we just want to criticize the way they dance …just take a look .. the way humaima danced…if u r encouraging them u r just insulting ur self ..the way ur comment is it shows ur mentality dear … and I think u are a big fan of india …


  • Off coarse i am a huge fan of Mahira khan and i love her a lot mgr me esi larkiyon k boht sakht hilaf bhi hoon logon ko Allah ki batain btati h mgr kya shehr e zaat me jo jo b batein ki theen us se khud b kuch sabaq seekha h mahira ne she is very beautiful lady mgr kya jism ki numaish krne se is ka husn double ho jai ga pta ni kya ho gya h pakistani actresses ko dunya ki ranginion me aakhrat ko bhool chuki hein wo apna chehra beshak na chupayen ku k un ka passion hi esa he lekin kamazkam jism ka to prda krein behayai ki to had khatam krdi h Allah in sub ko hadayat de specially Mahira khan ko

  • Sharam se doob kr mrna chahiye asi larkiyon ko lgta h kpra km hojata h in k pas dress bnwaty waqt how cheap apni izat khud km krwati hein muassray me apni dunya r akhrat brbad krne ka zyada shoq h

  • Muslim hone k bawajood hm itne behaya ho chuke hein very shamefull for Pakistanis and in my view Mahira khan ko khubsurat dikhne k liye apna jism zahir krne ki zaroorat nhi wo wese hi boht khubsurat he or dobatay k sath wo zyada pyari lgti h agr Mahira ye comment pr le to meri us se request he k plz mahira apni dunya or akhrat brbad mat kro roz e akhrat Allah ko kya jawab do gi apni in harkaton k baray me me sab k liye dua krti hn k sb seedhy rasty pr ajain mgr special request meri sirf tm se h ku k jo tmari value h mere liye wo kisi or ki nhi h is liye plz meri request man lena i love u a lot<3

    • TO,
      1. The Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan
      2. Chairman PEMRA
      Respected sir it is to submitted that Pakistan is a muslim counrty and its constitution is based on Islamic Laws so Pakistan is also named Islamic Repulic of Pakistan, nowadays Electronic media is on Peak in shape of Computer /Internet, Mobile & TV channels.
      I only complain agaisnt Pakistani TV because Pak TV chanels play Bollywood/Hollywood romantic news (i-e Geo News, Geo TEZ), some play Bollywood/Hollywood romantic /sexy songs specially 8XM channel, some channels play romantic movies. Some channels have started Turkish dramas in which females wear inapproriate dresses, Turkish dramas mainly played on (Geo Kahani and Urdu1, Hum Tv) channels. Sir I remember when I were child it was 90/80s era, that time female anchors on PTV cast news with scarf on her heads with proper clothes, in dramas no male actor touch any female actress in any scene.But now in Pakistani dramas and in songs there is no name of morals and shame, in many dramas very inappropriate dialogues are spoken. Now we can not see Pakistani TV channels together with familymembers, Sir this is not forwardness but it is backwordness.
      Sir I request you that please ban on such material as I mentioned above, and issue an order of playing five time AZAAN on every Pakistani TV channels. If any channel do not obey your order cancel the registration of that channel and an legal action taken agaisnt them.

      your name

      meine ye complain ki hey plz ye complain aap zaroor karo aur apne doston ko bhi kaho ke ye complain karein,

  • pakistan has no song of its own to perform on a pakistani award show..they are using hindi/indian songs as if they are pakistani songs…even indian school competitions have better standard than the show HUM award…pari dance was suitable for lkg

  • hya reh sakafat,,,kahan gya ikhlaq aur konsi qadran……..shayed app ka script ma yeh ghalti sa kisi na likh lya…….

  • upper say lay kar neechay tak sub beseram begerat hain sadar say lay kar cheif justice and all actors agr ya islamic republic of pakistan hai to main ya advice karunga k isko change kar k fahashi republic of Pakisatn rakh lain…Media ko aik limit main rhna chaye un k uper koi check n balance nhe k woh entertainmen k naam per kia fahahi farokht kar rahy hain kal ko woh sex scene dramas main commercial main dikhaingay to phir hum kahan k muslman bechain gay hamain marna bhe hai aur aik din is dunia say chalay jana hai phr kia mou dikhain gay.. ab mujhy ya baat samjh aai k Allah nay Jhanum kis k lye plane kar k rakhi thi Think about your act … :)

  • Wt dy want to prove through ds kind ov vulgar shows v all know that they all hav crossed all the limits Allah ny inki rsi ko dhela chora h jj khenchy ga barbad ojae gy islam kisi tor behayaie ki ijazat ni dyta ye sb habasat dikha ry h

  • pakistan k private channels walo ko koi pochny wala nai reh gia in ka award show ka myar ghir gia.

  • excellent review,this cannot be stressed enough how misguided everything is becoming in time for us Pakistanis. i guess the issue remains of us wanting to be open minded and modern while upholding our Islamic values. in the process of which events like these have been slipping for quiet sometime. for instance i am not an avid watcher of every kind of drama being aired, but the few that i did follow for their story line have every now and then disappointed me. why has it become so important to express the 'husband/wife' love by unnecessarily touching and dialogues that make us blush in front of our very own family? slowly they are heading out of our comfort zone and hence not fulfilling the wholesome family entertainment package. But yes, reading through the comments above i do feel that none of us over here should frown upon or look down upon the 'nangay parangay' Muslims of our industry, Its their choice, not ours but yes i feel the message cannot be conveyed enough to them to strive to promote our culture in a fresh and exciting way that entertains us all.

  • sb s zyeada bkwas to inki dressng h ghtya tareeen r isi wja s awam kharab hoti ja rahi h isy rokna hoga

  • I dont know y pakistani actor & actress didnt huv their own identity y they never permote their cuture their dresss annd etc…

  • hamaain her chiz apni had me karni chahiye . . hum ku akhrat ki azab ko bhul bhatain hain . hamain apne islam ne kia sikhaya he aur hum kr kia rahain hain . bus yahi dua he ke allah pak hamian sudhe raste pe chalne ki tofik ata kare

  • i just loved your review about the awards. All we can do is pray for these people to represent our country way. Allah inhain hidayat day or pooray kapray or sar dhanknay ki tofeeq ada farmaye. (Aameen)

    • Meray bhai baat to tumhari theek hai mgr yeh un ka qaam hay wo ser dhanp ker dance to ker nhi skti so change yourself with time you are not a little baby i think wo khud hi allah ko jwaab day lay gee

  • all pakistanies condemed this fustrated show which was contained only indian culture mafia and you know that our artists are in inferiority complex so pity ppl are they …..

      • dear friends.. why do you hold soo much negatigity for india? .. it ia nt them who did it.. it is us who chose to copy it! indians show their culture. that is their job. we copy them that is where we are wrong. people calling indians’kanjar’ excuse me sir. but india had muslims living on the land. mind ur language on a public post! i am proud of my country. but kindly because of this issue there is NO need of INDIA vs PAKISTAN!

  • Agree 100%…. I kept thinking what’s with all the Bollywood and Hollywood influence? I know from my personal experience that Pakistanis are famous for copying and imitating ideas of others…but this is just pathetic…. They present it as if this amazing achievement is all down to them… Constantly trying to look, sound, and behave like Americans …. Especially the women…. It’s disgusting to see them say Salam to each other with sleeveless dresses and massive cleavages…… I have stopped watching these stupid award shows now……

  • I feel funny as Indian that the culture which you are referring to as Indian from movies is not Indian at all. Much western culture really.

  • hmmmm sahi kaha pakistani apni pehchan bhulatay ja rha hain kia humaray paas apnay songs nhi hain jis show ma jaha dekho indian songs lagay hotay hain pakistanio na apna mazaq hud hi bnaya ha

    • Sister sobia lux style awards.tarang housefull awards.ptv awards.pas awards may mein ne to koi indian song bjtay nhi dekha so stop negativity and love our country which indians do with their country and if you want paki songs on the stage than watch lux style awards 2013 and later on every year

  • These artist screamed when Turkish Dramas were aired and called them vulgar and there was so much fuss but for what?So ,they are telling us to watch Pakistanies doing and wearing what Turks are doing.These artist are telling us they are quite talented and capable of doing all that is “obscene” in Turkish and Indian dramas.

  • most of the Pakistani channels are under command of india”indian Kanjars”.indian media pays them heavy amounts to show their bloody indian stuff. india is the biggest enemy of Pakistan and every Pakistani should know that indians makes us their slaves by transfering their culture in plz stop promoting indian shit.

  • Pakistani actresses please stop showing your skins, stop wearing semi nude clothes. You all are so beautiful, enhance your gift of Allah by obeying the rules set by Allah. Remember firstly you are Muslims, proper dress code is important. You can still look very beautiful by wearing clothes, but not reveal the skin, especially the arm pits, belly buttons and the cleavages. Secondly you are proud Pakistanis. Please do not copycats. You have been gifted with originality and creativity. Your award ceremomies are much superior unique and creative than the Indian or western award ceremonies. For years Indian filmfare awards look the same ……………………………. with one dancer coming down and with funny extras dancing at the back, same stage ……………………… too boring and hilarious. Our people have a class …………. keep it up with keeping the iSLAMIC CODE IN MIND. Thanks

  • Wesy pakistan ki pehchan hy kya?kya hy pakistani culture? Hm sirf ek ghul qoam k siwa kch nahi phly azadi to hasil krlo phr dunia ko batana k hmara culture kya hy

  • Mje Award show Ki pics dkh akr bht sharmindagi horh hai ka ya hmara mulk hai Itni behayai india nd paksitan mn kia farq rah gayia pakistan islam ka name par bana tha ur itna fahshi Astagfirullah

  • Mehwish hayat is becoming the next veena if she continues with this badmaashi! Ahsan pappu should really get a reality check, what is wrong with him? After his show “hayya alas salah” I really became a fan of him, but after this performance I doubt his sanity.

  • I agree.

    Pakistani culture and heritage is full of depth and poetic beauty. Alas – the idea of modernization in todays so called modernity and foward thinking pakistani society is – nudity and speaking in english …

    unimpressive and fake – fail!

  • >