HUM TV Awards – An Inside Story.

Well, here’s the status update of Ali Gul Pir’s manager, who happens to be spreading the word about what happened with Ali Gul Pir & his team at the award’s night. All I know is that from the past few months I have read a million posts related to “Saeen & Saeen ka stuff” but just because I am not connected to Pakistani channels 24/7, I had no idea who the mastermind was behind this concept? I went through this Facebook post & searched about this person & it was amazing to know that he is a person who has produced such songs which have hit a million views on YouTube within the first few days of publishing.

Clearly, not everyone in this industry earns a name & fame on a decorated platter & have to work hard. Some people are only left with a bad taste in their mouth because of the recognition that authorities fail to give to such people in particular. It’s just a matter of your on-screen presence & about what actually sells, that’s it. Deviating away from the topic of the post, I’d like to mention that we see so many dramas go unnoticed & fail to get the acknowledgement they deserve, same is the case with these artists as well. Fit yourself according to their standards & it pays off but if anyone does something on their own, they do not get praised & are blatantly ignored.

So here’s the inside story, updated as a status from the Ali Gul Pir’s team:

“Unprofessionalism at the HUM TV awards!!!!

What happened at the 1st first Hum Tv awards last night was not a show of grandeur or splendor but the display of utmost unprofessionalism and irresponsiblility by the one of the biggest networks of Pakistan. My friend/artist Ali Gul Pir was nominated for “Best new sensation-music” category and had been called a dozen times to confirm his presence at the ceremony. Despite suffering from an acute stomach infection he and his team went to the Hum TV awards only to realize that the organizers have skipped the category.What was funnier was that they didn’t even “realize” that they had skipped the category untill I personally went back backstage .Maimoona Siddiqi the GM programming HUM TV along with a very senior producer Ather Waqar Azeem was busy noticing the perfection of Fahad Mustafa’s “thumkas” on an LCD. Without causing a lot of commotion I had barely introduced my self as Ali Gul Pir’ manager when she said “Sorry, Beta youre too late”. Perhaps she knew why I was there as she humbly silenced my inquiry into ignorance, I waited. When I thought I had been as professional as on could be when on the recieveing end of himiliation I finally said “Agar aap logon ko yahi karna tha,tau aap bulatay hee nahin, he is not feeling and has been waiting for more then three hours now” and she replied ” haan theek hai theek hai..I can’t help its been skipped”. I was not worried that Ali didn’t win a award or couldnt give an acceptance speech or something because for someone whose video has been watched almost 5million times within 5 months of release, no trophy was worth it. I was dissaopinted that Ali came to the awards because he respected their courtesy to call him at such an occasion but left right after my talk with Maimoona because respect, professionalism and courtesy becomes insignificant for the organizers as soon as their seats are filled. If these are the people who run the show of our entertainment industry and this is the way to behave then we are glad that we left the occasion and will make sure we don’t commit this mistake again.After suffering through their unpressionalsim I was reminded of the way we used to rehearse for the ZAB FILM FEST at my university.We as students displayed more maturity and professionalism as comepared to such a big network. Not once in the two festivals we organized was there something as disrespectful or unprofessional.
There is also another moment of relaization for all of the young artistses like us out there;new comers are not respected in this industry , make a mark for yourself as Ali did and don’t expect the industry to support you but expect it from the your viewers and fans,people who accepted and recognized you as you were. We still owe them a lot.

Please spread the word around!!!!
Via Rafay Mahmood”

Have your say on it folks.

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Zahra Mirza.

Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.

  • Zahra thank you so much for the post. I feel for Ali Gul Pir and all those who were completely ignored by the Hum Tv authorities. sadly, the channel seems to be promoting a few chosen ones and rest are ignored on purpose, that is how I feel. I wonder what the Hum Tv administration has to say about this.

      • Thank you Fatima & Mariam. I know, the moment I read about it I felt really bad, even though HUM TV is my favourite channel but their idea of these awards was too controversial to begin with, ignoring people & dramas & people behind those dramas left, right & centre. I wonder, why they did this?

  • oh my God…. u ppl are still optimistic abt the systems in pakistan…… Ali Gul Pir shud know more than us as he made songs abt these thngs….. HUM tv wait for ur turn…. lol


  • Well, I don't want to sound too sarcastic or pessimistic but we all should have learned by now that's how sick our system has been from the beginning.

    This is outrageous and barbaric.

    I feel sorry, not for ALI GUL PIR but for Hum tv for not missing the prestige to honor such a geniune and sterling talent.

    And by the way Hum tv administration thats simply cruel and horrendous what you did!

    ALI GUL PIR you have a long way to go!!! keep IT UP :)

  • its ok if a few chosen ones are being promoted more than others—-because i am sure they have worked hard as well to reach where they are and completely deserve the stardom(although its understandable why some1 deserving, who did not get recognized at all would feel bitter against the undeserving and deserving who are lavished upon) but not promoting an amazing(and if he werent)newcomer is no fairness at all–that sort of behavior was extremely unprofessional.if the ali had shown them the courtesy of coming despite being sick—the least they could have done was just announce that a category like this exists without showing any nominees and any1 could have presented the award–maybe the hosts themselves—they should have extra trophies ready but if they didnt have any.they could have apologized and could have given it later–obviously there ego didnt let them do that—but i

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