Hum TV Awards Winners – Expectations Fulfiled?

Hum TV Awards Winners – Expectations Fulfiled?

Hum TV awards were the most hyped event of the season but did the winners fit into our expectations? The event was grand and it had all the elements to impress the viewers. I am looking forward to see it on TV. Hum TV left no stone unturned to make the awards as splendid as possible, and you can see this by just looking at the pictures. Noor Ul Hasan was seen taking interviews of Celebs on the Red Carpet while Mahira Khan and Mikaal Zulfiqar were seen hosting the awards.

Many people were disappointed with the nominations when they were announced. But now the question is, did all the winners rightfully deserve the awards? I must say, I was shocked and a bit disappointed with a few winners. But, there were others that completely fit into my expectations. I will start with the awards that I felt were rightfully deserved:

The award for Best Model Male and Female were rightfully deserved by Ayyan Ali and Abbas Jaffri. Both of them are the current top rated models. Even the awards for Best Menswear and Best Women Wear were well deserved by Nomi Ansari and Deepak Parwani. These two are one of the biggest names of the fashion industry.

Now coming to the awards for the Television Dramas, Imran Aslam won the Best Actor Daily Soap Award and I think he truly deserved it. Imran Aslam is an underrated actor and now he is finally being appreciated for his talent. Another award I am very satisfied with is the Best Actor and Actress in a Supporting Role. Mohib Mirza did a very god job in Shehr e Zaat and he deserved the award. I am also really glad that Samina Peerzada won the award! I do not think anyone deserved it more than her. She got it for Roshan Sitara but I personally wanted her to get it for Shehr e Zaat. Her character was beautiful in that show and will always remain in my memory. The Award for Best Writer was perfect! There is no one more deserving than Umera Ahmed for this award. Umera Ahmed has given Hum TV some of its top plays like Malaal, Maat, Zindagi Gulzar Hai and Qaid e Tanhai. The award given to Shehryar Munawar and Sohai Abro for the New Television Sensation was again well deserved. These two new comers have won the hearts of the audiences in a very short time. Another award I was extremely happy about was the Best Actor in a Comic Role which went to the very deserving Uroosa Siddiqui. I am a big fan of her as she is a wonderful actress. She sure can make the audiences laugh!

Now moving on to my favorite award of the night! Mahira and Fawad won the Best Onscreen Couple Award that they rightfully deserved. This award was very predictable as Humsafar was not nominated elsewhere. But they made all the Humsafar fans happy by giving Humsafar The Phenominal Series’ Award and it was given to the Humsafar team by Sultana Siddiqui herself. Another Award that was very unpredictable yet truly deserving was the ‘Special Recognition’ Award for Dastaan. I always believed that Dastaan was an underrated show and it definitely deserved this special award. Late Moin Akhtar was awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award presented by none other than Anwar Maqsood to his family. No one else deserved this award more than him. Moin Akhtar will always have a very special place in all our hearts!

Nouman Ijaz as the Best Actor was satisfactory considering the other nominations. His performance in Bari Apa was outstanding! I do not know how to feel about Shehr e Zaat winning the Best Drama Award. It had a neck to neck competition with Yahan Pyaar Nahi Hai and Maat and according to me, all three of these shows deserved the award. Fahad Mustafa winning the Award for the Best Host was quite predictable and I am glad that he won since he was not nominated anywhere else, and he did deserve some recognition.

Now coming to the awards that I was not satisfied with:

Mahira Khan as the Best Actor Female was very shocking indeed! She was good in Shehr e Zaat but she was no match for Saba Qamar in Maat or Yahan Pyaar Nahi Hai. Rumour has it that Saba Qamar is unhappy about not getting the award despite two nominations. She sure deserved it! Mahira Khan herself was very shocked to get this award.
Another shocking award was the Award for Best Director. Farooq Rind got this award for the show Sanjha. Seriously? What about the other directors of the popular shows like Maat, Yahan Pyaar Nahi Hai and Shehr e Zaat. I would have personally liked it if Sarmad Sultan Khoosat had won it for Shehr e Zaat because that show was directed brilliantly. Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar OST as the Best Orignal Song Tune was another shock. Out of all the beautiful OSTs, they chose to give it to this show. Very disappointing indeed!

I was surprised to see that the award for the Best Daily Soap went to Mujhe Roothne Na Dena when Nikhar Gaye Gulab Sare was more popular and deserving. Sumbul Iqbal as the Best Actor Female Soap was also surprising when the other nominations were just as talented.
Now coming to the Music category, Shehzad Roy as the Best Solo Artist was surprising when other nominations included names like Hadiqa Kayani, Falak and Farhan Saeed. I personally think Hadiqa Kiyani was more deserving.

I am really looking forward to watch the awards as it is always interesting to see the reaction of all the winners. I am also looking forward to the performances by different celebrities like Ahsan Khan, Mehwish Hayat, Humaima Malik and Fahad Mustafa!

Mariam Shafiq.

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