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Mirat-ul-Uroos Episode 18 – What Goes Around Comes Around

When Hamnah went out of her way to make Aima feel like a lesser human only because she did not have a grand wedding and her husband wasn’t earning enough to spend on Hamnah’s wedding, she had no clue that very soon she will be facing a very tough time in her own In Laws’ house because of this very reason. Although Hamnah’s parents did everything they could or more in order to pleaser her in laws but it was quite apparent right from the onset that Hamnah’s Husband and his mother were very materialistic. The way Hamnah’s Mother-in-law was being nice to Ayza on the wedding and totally ignored Aima went to show that the woman was very shallow. While Aima is trying very hard to be a good wife and Daughter in law in a very hostile environment, Ayza has everything going for her. Rather than trying to make things easier for her sister, Ayza only wants to make her stay in the house more comfortable by making sure that she lives up to the impression that she has made in her new house. Akbari gives Ayza’s parents a never-ending list of gifts which are to be given to every member of Ayza’s new family as part of the celebrations on the arrival of Ayza and Hammad’s son.

rafia hammad

The post wedding discussion that took place right after Hamnah’s marriage was very relatable. Everyone shared how they felt about Hamnah’s In Laws and the conversation ended with Ayza’s “expert opinion”. Hashim’s attitude towards Aima today was beyond wrong and he really is turning out to be one of those people who cannot take responsibility for their own actions. I was surprised though that Aima did not see that coming because even before marriage Hashim was very careless.  I know many girls and boys though who know their fiancés or their spouse to be before marriage and think that all of the faults in them will magically go away once they get married. I think what is happening to Aima should serve as a good lesson for many girls out there who think that a man will change after marriage. I really like Aima’s character and feel for her too but it is partially her mistake too, she should not have expected Hashim to turn into a very responsible person solely because they were getting married. Hashim did nothing more than blame Aima for his troubles and treated her like a punching bag today. I really liked Aima’s discussion with Daddi, it is so good to know that there is someone in the house who understands her and with whom she can share things. I found it rather odd when Hashim and Aima were arguing with each other at the top of their voices…that is obviously something that is not possible in a joint family!

Rafia has such a soft heart when it comes to her own daughter but she does not stop to think for a second the effect her stone hearted attitude must be having on Aima. Even when Askari tries to make her realize that she was wrong in holding Aima responsible and for treating Hahsim and Aima as outsiders, she was not convinced at all.

hashim aima

Ayza’s advice to Hammad that he should not share the news about his new job with his parents went to show just how selfish Ayza is. I am waiting to see just how far this attitude of hers will take her because it is so wrong. The episode ended with Hamnah coming back to her parents, yet another car issue that needs to be resolved. Hamnah’s problems will serve as an eye opener for her family members and they will realize what parents go though when In laws demand such things from girls’ parents.

I am really looking forward to the next installment especially due to the scene between Hashim and Hamza….This drama definitely teaches young people out there some very valuable lessons if someone is paying attention. This episode was directed very well; in fact I think it was the best one so far as far as direction is concerned. All the scenes were short and to the point and there was no repetition whatsoever. Definitely looking forward to more.


Fatima Awan.