Hum TV Disrespects Legends

Hum TV is one of the leading channels of Pakistan. They paved their way to success by reviving the Pakistani dramas which were suffering during the mid 2000’s when everyone was watching Star Plus dramas. Hum TV is run by Sultana Siddique, Moomal Shunaid and Momina Duraid. These are three leading ladies that are behind every drama that goes into production under the banner of Hum TV.

In the last couple of decades, Hum TV has produced some superhit dramas and as a result, those dramas have given out some big names to the industry. Hum TV’s constant support has earned these actors massive popularity and star status. Among those stars, the biggest names are Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan. Although it is good to see Hum TV going out of the way to promote new talent but the precedent they are setting to achieve that is wrong on so many levels. Channel heads like Sultana Siddique and Momina Duraid have proved it time and again that they will do anything to please their favorite stars. The drama industry evolves but in the field of arts, newcomers learn the craft and skills from their seniors who have left behind their legacies. Hum TV has time and again proved that at the expense of senior and veteran actors, they will do what it takes to please the stars from their lobby.

These are the look at the two major incidents which show how Hum TV has disrespected the legends:

Badar Khalil And Fawad Khan (2014)

In 2014, Badar Khalil was invited to attend Hum Awards as she was receiving The Lifetime Achievement Award. After the function, she let everyone know how Sultana Siddiqui humiliated her, only to accommodate Fawad Khan. Badar Khalil clearly stated that it was not Fawad Khan’s fault to demand to be seated in the front row. According to Badar Khalil, she could hear Fawad Khan on the phone call to Sultana Siddique, where he told her that he will not attend the function if he will not be seated in the front row. Sultana Siddiqui asked Badar Khalil to vacant her seat and sit somewhere else. Badar Khalil left the award she had received on the seat and chose to walk out of the function. Badar Khalil left for Canada after this incident, but after she came back, she spoke to Faysal Qureshi in detail and explained what had happened. She stated again that it was not Fawad Khan’s fault, however it was the responsibility of Sultana Siddique to make sure to not hurt her or Fawad’s feelings. Badar Khalil said that Sultana Siddiqui’s daughter in law Momina Duraid was also seated next to her, but she didn’t ask her for a favor, rather told Badar Khalil to do so.

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This entire statement of Badar Khalil sparked a debate back then and almost everyone came in support of Fawad Khan. Very few actors spoke in favor of Badar Khalil. She also compared the treatment she received when she got the same Lifetime Achievement Award from PTV. Badar Khalil has given 50 years to the industry but the owners of Hum TV made it very obvious that for them, the fresh talent was far more important than these of legends of the industry. No apologies were issued by Sultana Siddiqui to Badar Khalil. Sadaf Fawad claimed that everything that Badar Khalil told was a lie.

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Firdous Jamal and Mahira Khan (2019)

In Faysal Qureshi’s show Salam Zindagi, Firdous Jamal shared his opinions about Mahira Khan and that sparked a huge controversy. A lot of actors like Asma Abbas, Gohar Rasheed, Mawra Hocane, Fahad Mustafa, Shehryar Munawwar, Humayun Saeed etc have spoken in favor of Mahira Khan and they all were of the opinion that being a senior actor, Firdous Jamal should not have passed such remarks about his junior. Mahira Khan didn’t say much but posted a hand-written letter where she spoke about spreading love. Mahira Khan got a good response for tackling this issue with maturity.

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This entire controversy took an ugly turn when Momina Duraid of Hum TV shared her sentiments and clearly told that she was putting a ban on Firdous Jamal. According to Momina Duraid, she is ashamed of the fact that Firdous Jamal is a part of this fraternity and that he had no right to pass such regressive remarks about Mahira Khan. Momina Duraid has proved that for her, Mahira Khan is far more important and the amount of work Firdous Jamal has done over the past 45 years is not worth being respected for.

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This statement by Momina Duraid has now sparked another debate and actors like Mishi Khan, Feroze Khan, Hamza Firdous are openly speaking against Momina Duraid. Mishi Khan has called it a mafia because for everyone this is unfathomable that based on an opinion of Firdous Jamal, his status and respect is being dragged down like this. People are also questioning that Mahira Khan spoke about spreading love but why is she not telling Momina Duraid to backtrack from her decision? In the past, celebrities like Nadia Khan and Veena Malik have also shared their opinion that they don’t see Mahira Khan as an amazing actor.

Hum TV is setting the wrong precedent. In this era of freedom of speech, the owners of Hum TV are making it very obvious that they will not hold back in disrespecting the seniors for their favorite actors. Being one of the leading channels of Pakistan, the owners of Hum TV also has a responsibility to maintain balance and neutrality. If they want to support or promote their favorite stars, they are free to do that but definitely not at the cost of disrespecting the legends who have given their entire life to Pakistani drama industry.

Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.

  • Please stop saying anything bad about Mahira khan and Firdous Jamal. Both of them has been doing well in their own craft. C’mon People do not pass the statements by simply taking the reactions from other people’s remarks. You have to be people of your own opinion. Everyone who is justifying the comments of FJ sir is wrong and should refrain from spreading the negativity. But i think HUm TV’s approach to tackle this issue is totally wrong. First of all let’s accept this Mahira khan is a brand now. She is good actress and trying to improve herself and it is evident from the trailers of PHL and Superstar where she has successfully understood the demand of big screen and she looks film material now. On the top of that MK is very humble person she has not asked anyone to take stand about her against those comments came from FJ sir. It is wrong that people from our own fraternity keep attacking her and question her acting skills. this is not right. FJ sir is legend without any doubts and has given more to this industry than his last statement. But at least he should have stayed quite instead of passing those remarks about her . But our host are corrupt as well why they put their guests in a situation where they have to go out of limit. Faisal himself started off saying k Mahira khan ki koi film tu hit ho. This statement set the fire and put FJ sir in a situation where he could not restrained himself

    On the other hand Momina stance is wrong. Hum tv has not done anything about FJ. He is a PTV STAR. They should have given respect to his talents and acting skills. In Hum TV dramas they sometime show how to bear patience and respect others. Is this only limited to dramas? why they can not superimposed that into reality? tolerate this HUm tv and show some respect……

  • I am not getting why every one is getting so emotional regarding Mahira Khan, what’s so special about her that every so called celebrity is coming forward in her support.

  • I don’t agree with Firdous jamal’s opinion but i still respect him alot. We all should respect him. Even i have an opinion that Mahira is overrated but she has the potential to be achieve where people already rate her. I am sorry to say but instead of staying neutral this so much looks like an act of ass licking. ‘Shah se zyada shah k wafadar’. Everyone has the right to state their opinion. I am extremely ashamed of Asma Abbas as well because the way she responded. Today i was reading Nadia Afghan’s comment as well and even she supported Momina because even she thinks he is misogynistic and doesn’t respect female stars. I don’t know whether it’s true or not but i certainly believe he deserves respect for his work. We need to start to differentiate between the work of a personality and personal conduct or behavior. If Asma or Nadia has problems then don’t work with him. Everyone has flaws but this doesn’t mean you come out all guns blazing. Nobody asked you for what Zara did or why she got divorced to marry Asad? These are your personal matters and we respect that so we expect that you should respect Firdous jamal sahab not as a human being but Firdous jamal the acting institute. How many times people have said that Humayun saeed should play the roles of father but that’s not sexist then how come this is? Btw Humayun saeed have said that he will continue working with Firdous jamal because it’s a wrong to banish him from the industry. He is big enough a star to get work Even without MD productions. Btw i am not going to buy the superstar ticket which i was gonna before

  • Thank you for being the voice of reason Zahra. I’ve completely stopped hoping in our future if this is how we’re building it, by disrespecting our legends. I was so put off by HUM TV’s statement regarding Firdous Jamal. What’s more hurtful was the fact that so many celebrities came forward in support of Mahira Khan, and not the other way around. Even Bilal Ashraf, who seemed like a decent fellow shared that screenshot! I guess at the end of the day, what really matters to some of our celebrities is stardom. Ethical values can go in the trash! Sad!

  • Well I would say that in past Meets Ji, was criticized in every worst way, people were doing parody, use to copy and accuse and all that. if Firdous SB have given his views regarding her junior what’s a big deal. Nowadays we have forgotten our ways what we use to do in past ie giving respect for elders. listening their critics about our work whether they were muhalay k uncle or our parents but now we cannot listen a negative word for our self …
    I strongly condemn Momina and Sultana shba behavior against our legends… Without these people you are nothing…
    Now whenever I start watching him TV I remember recent controversies due to which I switch channel to another channel… If you cannot respect others how can we do so

  • Seems to be double standards a male actor well into his 40s can play the college/uni hero and a woman in her 30s must play a mother role. I am sure Firdous himself played roles which he was too old more as well but no mention of that and all the other males that play such roles. Seems very sexist remark which has no relevance in today’s society.

    Seems like Mahira is an easy target to get yourself publicity off the back of her name.

    There was no real reason for Firdous to give his opinion on Mahira. Seems his attitude and the rest of the Botox clan are simply jealous of Mahira’s success.

    Momina’s stance is harsh but acceptable as why should woman put up with these double standards. So what if he has given 50 years service his attitude stinks and why should woman put up with it.

    Bit pathetic his son asking for Mahira’s support but yet no apology for your fathers sexist remarks.

  • I did not like firdous jamal sahab’s comment about age and i think it’s not a good thing to pass such remarks about what kind of role others should play.
    it’s also true that Firdous jamal sahab is among the legends of our industry and should Not be ridiculed in this way.
    We may disagree with his opinion but it’s totally Unacceptable to ban him or start a lobby against him. I don’t know what momina duraid think of herself. As if she is God of this industry. Fame has gone to their head.

  • You may be right in Badar Khalil’s matter and if what stated is right then Sultana appa was definitely wrong but in case of Mahirah you’re definitely wrong. These days everyone is using Mahirah to get easy publicity yasir hussain, veena, meera, firdous jamal to name a few, because of the fact that she’s first Pakistani actress who got immense fame all over the World and she’s super kind and humble and doesn’t react to all such remarks on her. Firdous Jamal used disgusting remarks on her age and roll which he had no right to and was in shamelessly saying that there were 1.5M tweets in his support. Respect is a very valuable thing and it cannot be given just because you’re old. Momina’s stance in this regard was absolutely right. And if Firdous sahab gave 45 years yet his work gave nothing to industry yet Mahirah’s work is popular all over the World and it was Mahirah’s drama which gave birth to hum tv and it’s popularity all over the World gave recognition to Pakistani industry and she’s the first to attend huge huge huge stages like Cannes and Paris Fashion Week and yet she is so humble so I think it’s about time people start respecting her and these actors and blog pages stop getting this cheap publicity using her name because she’s only one and Pakistan is not giving birth to one more Mahirah ever again

  • >