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Opening Thoughts – Quality Entertainment:

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Meer Abru were brilliant as usual. While watching these episodes, I could totally feel that they were now wrapping the story up & getting us ready for the final episodes. This drama has been such an amazing journey & I was wondering how much they have showed us in these episodes that it just doesn’t feel like we have watched this drama for so long. Meer Abru is a quality entertainment & I am sure once it will end, I will watch its rerun!

The Luck Is On Abru’s Side:

Abru had everything working in her favor. Even though Abru tried to backtrack from quite a lot of things that were being dished out to her, because she wanted to prove things to Zaibi, Haya & even Waleed, she had no idea that Jamal & Meer were adamant to give her the status & position she deserved. Abru has been through so much but she has picked herself up. However, she still is emotional & gets overwhelmed thinking about Saim. Abru finally came back to Saim’s home & she remembered that everything was just the same but it still wasn’t because Saim was not there anymore. I liked how Jamal & Abru had a conversation but then Jamal knew exactly what Abru was going through mentally & emotionally. Abru has to prove herself & her innocence to everyone in the family who doubts her intentions & this is why Jamal just wanted to do everything properly to put a message across that Abru was not going anywhere.

Jamal found out about Waleed & before confronting him or Zaibi, he decided to do things right. Jamal has now gotten totally involved in the business because he can not see it getting ruined because of his wife’s selfish reasons. Jamal & Meer are on the same page & it was nice to see that Jamal had confidence in Meer that he won’t do anything wrong from now on. Meer has done everything to redeem himself & that is something that even Jamal acknowledges but when it comes to terrible trio as well as Abru, they are still not too convinced about Meer & his changed attitude.

One of the most interesting things that happened in this episode was the change in Waleed’s behavior. He started putting two & two together only to find out that his mother was lying to him as well as Haya. Haya thought she was securing her place in this home by going against Abru but little did she know that Zaibi was against her too. Haya insulted Abru yet again but then, it turned out to be another favorable situation for Abru because then Waleed & Haya got to see the real picture & understood that Zaibi had been lying to them all along.

Maha’s reentry was another blessing for Abru because she told Waleed & Haya everything that they wanted to know about Zaibi. Maha actually exposed Zaibi in front of Waleed & Haya but they didn’t confront her just yet. Zaibi has totally lost the sense of right & wrong, that is why she couldn’t stand the fact that Waleed was now trying to lead a normal & happy life with Haya. I am not too keen on Waleed because he was shown to be like this, he was emotional & someone who didn’t really think much or analyze things but when it comes to Haya, I am not going to ever like her character ever again. Now Haya will make sure to seek forgiveness from Abru but then, I don’t think she deserves to be forgiven because she had seen how Abru was always a mother figure to both Sana & her, so for Haya to actually go against Abru & judge her, based on a little bit of brain feeding makes her a bizarre character!

Sana’s involvement in this entire equation was very interesting. I really love how she always makes sure to uplift Abru when she is feeling down & always lends emotional support to her. Sana had started to feel that Meer loved Abru & she wanted to know more about it but then Abru silenced her. Sana had a chance to speak to Meer directly. It was nice to see Meer coming to rescue Sana, it was now Meer was being a brother figure to Abru’s sisters just like Saim used to be. Meer helped Sana but then yet again, Abru misconstrued & Meer didn’t tell her what the truth was until Sana did. Abru had slowly & steadily started to see the difference there was in Meer’s attitude. How he had changed & how he was going out of the way to do things right. Abru will slowly realize that her feelings for Meer had never died & they will resurface yet again & I can’t wait to see that happen.

Closing Thoughts – Complete Drama:

Meer Abru is such a complete & perfect drama. It has so many flavors & that is what has made this journey so interesting to watch. I have absolutely loved Abru’s character & it is a treat to see such a dignified female lead like Abru in a Pakistani drama. The actors have done a brilliant job in elevating the level of this drama, just everything about Meer ABru is absolutely perfect. Please share your thoughts about these episodes of Meer Abru.

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  • Meer Abru has been a nice watch throughout. However, the latest developments are bit rushed and bizarre especially Abru going back to in laws home when Saim is no more there. In fact, his father should think about her second marriage while she stays at her fathers home. If Jamal and co wanted to give her the position she deserved, still there was no reason for her to move to In laws while she spent her iddat in her fathers house.

    • I totally agree. I mean this is a perfect drama but I think the latest two episodes were not good. I mean things are not being explained. Firstly I do not understand how did Jamal all of a sudden come up with the idea of getting Meer married to Abru. Next the Sana scenes where the car stopped and Meer came to rescue and started beating the bad guys those scenes were quite dramatic and unrealistic plus Sana asking Meer also did not make much sense. The sudden change in Waleed did kind of make sense but then the change in Haya suddenly even after whatever Maha confessed was so sudden.

  • Another Bizaar plot was when Haya said Abru was trying to kill her and her baby. *Cue laughter*
    Apart from that, the drama has been a delight to watch. Thank you for the two episodes a week! Wohoo!

  • lovely review just like the Meer Abru i’m going to miss this drama when it finishes, the only thing I didn’t like was when Abru talked & treated to Sana so harshly, Sana supported her all the way through & if she saw her arrive with Meer then she should have just asked her outright, also she must have known that Sana’s car broke down & Sana always calls Meer when their is trouble so what’s the big deal just because Abru doesn’t like Meer it doesn’t mean that Meer can’t come to the rescue
    too bad that Waleed didn’t make Haya sweat a bit but then he’s no angel either