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HUM TV or ARY Digital-Who to Win the Race in 2013?

It is  difficult to analyse whether it is Hum TV or ARY  Digital that would take up the market this year. Both the channels are known for the quality dramas going on air through their platform and this year, both of them seems to have their strategies clear. It has been lately noticed that Hum TV has come up with some great dramas that are expected to enjoy a good business and ratings like Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Humnasheen, Tanhai, etc, while on the other hand, its ARY trying real hard to maintain its pace with serials like Silvatien, Siskiyaan and Parchaiyaan. It is  interesting to find that in this race of winning TRPs, Geo TV and Express entertainment seems no more interested and have decided to follow their own path.

2012 has recently come to an end, leaving the drama industry with some golden stars and again much of them belong to the two channels stated above. Now that people have started loving their own dramas in Pakistan, the channels and production houses are coming up with dramas that let people link to them. Taking a closer look of the strategy been adopted by ARY  and HUM TV this year, it can be  seen that both of them are all set to come up with reality shows, highlighting the talent of Pakistan. ARY, which has always been coming up with such shows like Nach Baliye, madventures and if not local, then the neighboring Big Boss has now again introduced the star talent hunt show, similar to that of Indian Idol, while  Hum TV has also got the Indian reality dance shows to keep your weekends occupied. Moreover, Hum TV’s new efforts of paying a tribute to its hits of last year, Hum TV Awards are again one of the opportunities to bring more popularity to the channel.

It was seen few months back that the foreign content, namely the Turkish Dramas kept the showbiz industry busy with controversies against few channels. Many programs were conducted where  the Pakistani Celebrities condemn the channels for promoting foreign content, leaving the rights and interests of the local artists, neglected. However, it seems like just like the common citizens of the nation, the Celebrities of this country has no say in their domain as the Turkish Dramas are still on air on Geo, It was only Noor previously, but the next Turkish Drama to go on air is leaked through its promo and is known under the label Rafta Rafta. Although Geo is  also offering local dramas like Viraasat, Ghao, Cindrella, etc, the channel has lost its charm in general.

Coming back the two channels that are high in the viewers choice, Hum and ARY are more or less following the same line where same actors are seen on both of the channels. 2013 can be  predicted as a lucky year for Adeel  Hussain, Azfer Rehman, Ayesha Omer, Ayza Khan, Sajjal and Adnan Siddiqui as all of these actors are seen in every next project going on air either on Hum TV or ARY-Good Enough!

Let us wait and watch that which of the two actually wins the race, There is one thing for sure that the audience is loving the the work been produced by the stated channels and want to see more.

Best Wishes

Nida Zaidi