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Humaima Malick Is Back In Action

After doing a few projects in India, Humaima Malick is back in Pakistan making her presence felt. Few days back Humaima Malick posted a picture of herself with the famous and talented Shaan Shahid on the sets of Arth 2 which is an upcoming film that is going to be the first film of its kind because it will be made in collaboration with India.

Humaima Malick has always been known for her bold stance. She has never let any of the criticism around her effect her in any way. Humaima Malick also took part in the recently held Bridal Couture Week. She walked the ramp as a show stopper. Humaima Malick was the showstopper for the famous designer Nilofur Shahid. Humaima Malick takes pride in the fact that she is a self made woman and she also believes that a woman is no lesser than a man. Humaima Malick has always maintained that she is fierce and strong and she says she is not in love with anyone else but she is in love with herself.

Here are some recent pictures of Humaima Malick from the sets of Arth2 and others from the backstage, red carpet and ramp of Bridal Couture Week.

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