Mana Ka Gharana – Episode 02!

Ohkay so, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this episode of Mana Ka Gharana as well. Even though they are taking things forward slowly, I somehow like the pace for now because they aren’t giving everything away just yet & it is building the curiosity in me to find out more about all these characters.

I really like the relation both Mana & Khizer share. They are so candid & comfortable with each other & they somehow depict how best friends are & how best friends should be. I really like how at such young age they both are so mature & are always concerned about the well-being of their family. I loved the way Khizer persuaded Maalik to come back. Considering how rigid Maalik is, it was interesting to see him getting convinced by a guy half his age because he actually made sense. During their one on one conversation we also got to know that Khizer’s parents died when he was only 11 & that is why he is more responsible & even more mature than guys at his age are as he understands that he has to reciprocate the consideration his uncles showed towards him when he was a child & was facing such a tragedy in his life.

Even though this aspect got covered by the end of the episode but throughout the entire episode, I actually felt that Zarri was a bit too interested in Maalik & his personal life. Yes, some curiosity is good but the way she has started interfering in his life doesn’t seem appropriate. She is quite opinionated & doesn’t hold back in making it all about herself. Even though she did sound reasonable at times, but I don’t think I like her character for now. Yes, I did feel bad for her when Maalik told her off & gave her a reality check but I guess when she knows that Maalik doesn’t like to have a candid conversation with her, then she shouldn’t push the wrong buttons. She initiated an argument & he responded back. I felt bad for her when she cried over what Maalik said because I feel she has been through a lot in her life & she doesn’t want people to step a foot on her Achilles heel that is why she keeps on blabbering things about others to keep them engaged in explaining themselves because that way no one even thinks about asking her what she is going through or what forced her to come to this point in her life where she is finding a shelter in other people’s home.

I really like the concern each & every family member shows towards Maalik. It’s like they have this undeniable understanding about his nature & character that they like to keep things his way in order to make him feel better & comfortable. The sympathy Saleha has for Maalik is quite sweet actually. She takes care of him like an elder sister because I feel she not only knows what Maalik has been through but she also knows how hard things have been on him. The thing that surfaced about Maalik was his insecurity & the complexes he might have because just when he heard Zarri talking about all that, he went into a deep thought & indirectly ended up asking Khizer if he felt that way about Maalik as well, which showed that Maalik himself might be a bit aware of his shortcomings but doesn’t have the strength to deal with it.

The new character that got introduced today was of Gul Bahar (Ayesha Toor) who happens to be Maalik’s wife. They didn’t give away much details like whether they have been officially divorced or they are just separated but at least for now we know that the reason why Maalik as gone into this shell is none other than Gul Bahar. I thought it was totally inappropriate that Zarri not only went into his room but also searched through his stuff & ended up breaking Gul Bahar’s photo frame. It was obvious that Maalik would be ticked off but her reaction to it was quite odd. I think Zarri is someone who only believes in doing what she feels & has a huge ego problem where she fails to admit that she has committed a mistake too. It is so obvious that Saleha is also feeling a little awkward with Zarri’s presence because she can see that Zarri is not only ticking Maalik off but is causing distress to him by meddling in his personal life. Even though, I could feel it but Maalik confirmed that Zarri was once interested in him & he actually chose Gul Bahar over Zarri, which I am sure is still something that Zarri hasn’t gotten over with considering the fact that she is still unmarried & is still quite curious about him.

Overall, it was a very interesting episode & I love the music they have used in the background, it is quite soothing & gives a very nice feel to the drama. I feel each & every actor is doing a commendable job. I love how they are revealing little details about all the characters slowly & steadily like this time around we got to know that Mana dreams big & she wants to settle in a big city because she is bored of living a simple life in a small town. I must say, they really have uplifted the level of the drama by choosing such a beautiful location & also, the way they have added some comic relief in every episode is commendable too. It shows the level of friendship & the wavelength both Mana & Khizer, being cousins share. I am looking forward to the next episode. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Mana Ka Gharana & let me know how much did you enjoy watching it?

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