Humaima Malick Reveals Her Secret

Fatima Sohail’s account of domestic violence by her husband Mohsin Abbas Haider who is a singer and a famous actor raised an issue to debate on Women rights. We live in a society where men are considered superior. They have the right to do anything whether is right or not. But a girl doesn’t have any rights. She just has to keep her mouth shut and tolerate everything.

But it’s enough now! It’s 2019 and women know how to fight for their rights. They are brave enough to say No! Fatima gave courage to other girls to rise a voice for their justice. There are many girls out there who are tolerating cruel behavior of their husbands but couldn’t do anything.

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One of the girls who faced a similar situation like Fatima is non-other than popular Humaima Malick. She was married to actor and director Shamoon Abbasi when she was 20 years old. He uses to abuse and beat her but she kept herself quiet to save their relationship. She was just 20 and couldn’t share her screaming wounds with her family. She feels ashamed of herself for being quiet for so long but not she is not scared anymore. She is not feared by anyone now. She knows how to live a happy life without any fear of others.

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To every girl out there, you are strong, independent human. Don’t let anyone control your life or be harsh to you.

Here are some pictures from Humaima Malick’s instagram story.

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