Humayun Saeed Rejected News Of Joining Netflix Money Heist Team

Money Heist is one of the most-watched and popular TV series on Netflix. With its 4th season coming, rumors started circulating that Humayun Saeed will be part of its new season’s cast.

This news took social media by the storm but Mere Paas Tum Ho actor Humayun Saeed came forward and rejected all the news regarding his role in the upcoming season of widely famous TV series Money Heist.  He also promised people that he will come up with his own version of Money Heist.

He took to Twitter and wrote, “Relax guys this is just SATIRE. @parhlo team may be you need to go a bit easy Insha Allah apna Money Heist banayen gay.

With its 4th season coming people actually believed that Humayun Saeed was contacted by “Money Heist” producer Alex Pina to join Professor in Season 4 as ‘Islamabad’. Furthermore, it was circulating on social media that Humayun Saeed will be facilitating and running Professor’s operation from Pakistan as ‘Islamabad’.

Well, the fourth season of Money Heist is coming soon on Netflix and it will release on 3rd April 2020. Stay tuned!

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