Pictures From Last Episode Of Ehd E Wafa Go Viral

Ehd E Wafa, one of the best dramas of recent times and that too with a huge number of young audience is gradually nearing its end. The makers have tried their best to bring forward an engaging story with Ehd E Wafa, doing their best to present to the audience a story filled with intrigue and excitement. However, it seems, things haven’t been going in their favor lately.

Recently, pictures from further episodes, showing Dua and Saad together went viral. The pictures actually broke the suspense for the audience who were shipping for the couple to be together.

while this visibly destroyed the hard work of the makers and the interest of the audience, it seems the recently leaked pictures from the drama, will absolutely kill the investment for many.

The latest leaked pictures are from Ehd E Wafa’s last episode which is currently being shot in CMH. According to the leaked source, the episode will show Saad achieving shahadat (martyrdom).

Since there hasn’t been any official confirmation or negation of the fact, nor do the pictures show Saad as a martyr, one can only hope for the best for the coming episodes of Ehd E Wafa.

Meanwhile, the drama is shooting its final episodes as recently Zara Noor Abbas who plays Malik Shahzain’s (Osman Khalid Butt’s ) onscreen wife in Ehd E Wafa shared pictures from the sets of the play, sharing a farewell message.

“ANDDD the shoot wraps for Raani and Shahzain”, wrote Zara on her Instagram.

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