Humayun Saeed’s Latest Interview

Being one of the most well-loved celebrities, Humayun Saeed needs no introduction at all. The ‘revival of Pakistani film industry’ is something all the people in the industry are working for, and of all the celebrities involved in this much talked about revival, Humayun Saeed has been the most active in this whole process. His film, Jawani Phir Nahe Ani is the highest grossing Pakistani film worldwide, and at ARY Film Awards, it received a total of 29 nominations, winning 18. After a break from TV, Humayun Saeed has made his comeback with ARY’s Dillagi, which is being followed and praised by the viewers.

In a recent interview with Dawn Images, Humayun Saeed talked about Jawani Phir Nahe Ani and his comeback.


About Dillagi, “Dillagi does have its fans. Viewership ratings are great and it’s getting a lot of attention on social media. I had been very busy with production and Dillagi is the first drama that I have acted in the past four years. It’s the kind of role that I enjoy doing, subtle and romantic and it’s brought my fan following back in full force.”
Talking about fitness, ”I have just been watching my weight and eating healthy, and it helps. I am not against artificial procedures but I am scared by some of the results I have seen on people. A slight overdose contorts their faces into strange expressions. I am worried that the same might happen to me.”

jawani phir nahi aani

Proud of his film, Jawani Phir Ani, Humayun says, ”JPNA was an ARY movie but I don’t think there was any bias at the awards. The jury consisted of industry professionals and, as I told Wajahat, there was no other movie that deserved to win in all those categories.”

When asked if he’s interested in Bollywood, “I am just not interested. I have so much work here as an actor and producer, I really don’t have the time.”

Humayun Saeed’s production house, Six Sigma Plus, churns out many drama serials every year, so when asked about the representation of women as weak, helpless beings, “It is never a priority to show women crying, but inevitably a lot of stories are like that. And there’s no denying that such dramas are hits. This, sadly, is the life that a lot of women in Pakistan live. They see the same happening to a woman on TV and they enjoy empathising with her. Eventually, there’s also a happy ending which makes them feel optimistic about their own lives. It’s a sad truth.”


Viewers are waiting for the dramatized version of Bin Roye. “There is so much crying in it and it’s very well-crafted. People are going to love it!”


And they are right when they say, 'Writing is a form of therapy'.

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