“I am really happy that the film industry is back on its feet”, shares Shiraz Uppal

Shiraz Uppal is a famous playback singer, a pop star and a music composer. Recently, he gave an interview to Dawn Images and we bring you the most interesting bits.

Upon being asked that how did he manage to pull of such successes when it comes to movies like Bol, Bin Roye, 3 Bahadur, Lahore Se Aagey and Dobara phir se, he said:

“It just happens,I am really happy that the film industry is back on its feet and people are recognising the film songs, something we lacked in the past. Indian musicians learned from our pop music while we looked down on it. Our music was much superior to theirs and if we want to revive the music industry, we must make good, listenable songs.”

Uppal doesn’t agree that his song Kalabaz was inspired by the Indian song, Ghagra, as he said:

“It’s a mujra kind of a song, which is the same in India and Pakistan. It belongs to the same genre as ‘Ghagra’ and ‘Kajre Re’ but isn’t the rip-off of any other song. We have made it a fast-track so that it’s both appealing and danceable.”

It warms our heart to see that Uppal survived the bad days of our pop industry as he himself said:

“The end of pop music didn’t end my career. I went to Bollywood and came up with ‘Roya Ray’ which was praised by many. ‘Rabba’ was included in three separate albums, including Best of 2009 (as introducing Shiraz Uppal), Unkahi (his fourth album) and as one of the promotional songs for Aashayen. The song also won me a trophy at the Mirchi Awards too, for which I thank the listeners and those who believed in me.”