Khuda Aur Mohabbat Episode 20 Review – Unconvincing Revelations!

Ohkay so, I am not sure how I feel about this episode, like I do understand that they tried to make it as convincing as possible but as the truth about Isaac was revealed & later when I saw his & Hammad’s confrontation, I found myself thinking that the exact same thing would’ve been so convincing if they had stayed true to the novel & had shown Isaac’s family to be Jewish. I do understand that they made some changes in the novel to fit the dramatization & also, may be because they didn’t want to bring any other religion into the spotlight but then again, I am not convinced, not because of what is being shown but because of the way Isaac is treating Hammad as now everything is looking forceful like as if Isaac has nothing better to do, no other activity to spent his time on, so he is tailing Hammad to kill his boredom. I definitely have no complains when it comes to Hammad & Sarah’s characters because to be honest, I am watching this drama because of them, but then again, seeing the coverage Isaac gets compels me to stare at the ceiling of my TV Lounge because I am neither interested nor convinced with how Isaac’s character & story has been dished out & this is something that makes me a little disappointed because this is not how I was expecting Khuda Aur Mohabbat would turn out to be.

So, Hammad left Sarah’s place on a bitter note but he obviously understood that it wasn’t Jenny or Sarah’s mistake that Isaac was such a paranoid. The news of Hammad visiting Sarah’s place didn’t sit well with Rebecca because she obviously has her reasons. For the first time Rebecca has told Kamran how she feels about Hammad but then I found Kamran’s response quite reasonable where he reminded her about the hardships that Hammad has been through, so she should take it easy & shouldn’t impose her thought process on him. To be honest, every time I see that bechari look pasted on Rebecca’s face with the title music playing in the background when she spots Hammad & Sarah together, I find myself smiling from ear to ear, lol! Also, I don’t understand what makes Rebecca think that Hammad will fall for her now when he never fell for her when he was in the US before leaving for Pakistan & before meeting Imaan? Rebecca should accept the fact that Hammad has friend-zoned her ages ago, so she shouldn’t bother!

Well, as much as Sarah is getting to know Hammad, she is finding herself getting more & more inclined towards him, that is the reason why she felt sorry for the way her father treated Hammad at the dinner. So, finally, the truth was revealed that Isaac/Ishaaq used to be a staunch practicing Muslim as well but just because he was imprisoned because of his friend due to 9/11, he grew out of all those feelings & emotions that he had regarding his religion, his ethnicity & his identity. Well, to be honest, as much as I wasn’t convinced with Isaac’s past, one thing that definitely made sense was that may be after getting imprisoned, Isaac lost half of his senses & sanity, that is why he has turned out to be one unreasonable soul whose only motive in life is to create trouble for Hammad otherwise who would tail a university student disguised as a man in black looking like an FBI agent? LOL! Seriously, the only emotion I am feeling right now for Isaac’s character is that of pity, because he has unwillingly turned into a lunatic & he still is oblivious about it!

As far as they were trying to show that Isaac had his inhibitions when it came to Hammad, it was fine but to see him recording Hammad’s conversation with Behzaad & trying to use it against him just because he visits Masjid regularly & gives Azaan over there was pretty unconvincing, like at that moment I felt that it would’ve been so much better if they had shown Isaac to be a non-Muslim by birth because these sort of accusations coming from a Muslim made things look amusing rather than serious or worrisome. To see an ex-practicing Muslim associating someone with fundamentalism just because he gives a call for Fajr prayer made him look stupid rather than racist or Islamophobic, only because he himself has all the knowledge when it comes to religion so some logic & sense was definitely expected from Isaac. Yes, I do understand that Isaac is just insecure & he is concerned for his daughter but then again, now that the truth has been revealed that he himself is a Muslim, I am not sure if all this makes as much sense as it would have if they had shown him as a non-Muslim right from the start.

Anyways, the only good bits of this episode came from Hammad & Sarah. I can’t wait to see how Sarah will once again try to protect Hammad from her lunatic father. I am wondering just like how she took out those books & notes from Hammad’s bag, will she be able to delete the video from her father’s cell-phone when he’ll be asleep, lol!!! Another sight that made me actually giggle was when I saw Isaac in black suit, black sunglasses, acting like an FBI agent, while completely being oblivious of the fact that he looked like those paid-actors who dress themselves up to scare someone. Now that the cat’s rather Isaac’s out of the bag, I can’t wait to see how Hammad will tackle him & change his perspective but I seriously wish that they don’t shift the entire focus on Isaac’s character like they did in this episode & keep it more on Hammad & Sarah’s developing understanding & relationship because that is far more important & interesting. Some amazing acting there by Imran Abbas & Kubra Khan & some really thought-provoking dialogues by the writer there. While looking at Isaac as a villain of this half of the drama, I was forced to remember how convincing Molvi Aleemuddin was as the villain of the first half, like there’s a drastic difference between the two halves of this drama but the only thing that thankfully & fortunately has remained consistent & has kept the interest of the viewers alive in the show is the character of Hammad, so I’m so much thankful for him! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat.

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