Sounds Of Kolachi’s Elhaam will make you press the replay button

Sounds of Kolachi’s first album called Elhaam is here. The album covers theme of frustration and passion complementing the city life of Karachi. The symbolism between the music and the name of the band is intriguing and interesting.

In all honesty, their sounds remind us of legendary rockstars like Kurt Cobain.

Chakardaar and Laakh Jatan would speak to the angry part of your soul or the part which is just ready to take a step and bring its thoughts and words into action. It might just bring out the hidden revolutionary within you with its powerful tune and overpowering tones.

However, Laakh Jatan is more on the sweeter side.

Man Mora will remind you of sad winter evening remembering a lost memory or person.
Allah Hi Dayga, Nain Laagay Ray and Aey Ri Sakhi are very soft songs and are perfect for a peaceful lonely night.

All in all, the soulful tunes mixed with drums and other heavy instruments have made a perfect end product and we can’t help pressing the replay button.